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The most important thing to understand about the coming oil production cutbacks
Energy Bulletin, 8 hours ago
What the current oil price slump means for world oil supply is starting to emerge. "Layoffs," "cutbacks," "delays," and "cancellations" are words one sees in headlines concerning the oil industry every day. That can only mean one thing in the long run: less su...
Design for a Shared Future
Energy Bulletin, January 23, 2015
Sharing with others is one of the positive stories to tell in the face of a harsh future, but how we tell that story is paramount.
Resilience Roundup - Jan 23
Energy Bulletin, January 23, 2015
A roundup of the news, views and ideas from the main stream press and the blogosphere.
P6: Enacting Cooperative Values
Energy Bulletin, January 23, 2015
Principle Six (P6) provides a pathway for everyday people to use our cooperatively owned community institutions to move money into the hands of small, local, and cooperative businesses.
Hype, Broken Promises, and Shales
Energy Bulletin, January 23, 2015
The term shale revolution has been used so much that it almost has no meaning anymore.
Ptolemaic Environmentalism
Energy Bulletin, January 23, 2015
Neo-green environmentalism is holding onto the core belief in the rightfulness or inevitability of a human-governed planet.
Energy Crunch: Clean energy gains ground
Energy Bulletin, January 23, 2015
Ever since oil and gas prices started to plunge, speculation that cheaper fossil fuels would mean a serious setback for renewables has been rife.
The Mariner''s Rule
Energy Bulletin, January 22, 2015
One of the things my readers ask me most often, in response to this blog’s exploration of the ongoing decline and impending fall of modern industrial civilization, is what I suggest people ought to do about it all.
A tale of two gardening methods
Energy Bulletin, January 22, 2015
Now that I have worked with two different gardening methods, I look at each through the lens of soil fertility and how that affects what I grow.
Peak Oil Notes - Jan 22
Energy Bulletin, January 22, 2015
 A mid-week update. Oil has been trading in a relatively narrow range -- $46-$49 a barrel in New York and $47-50 in London since the first week of January.
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