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Placemaking and Place-Led Development: A New Paradigm for Cities of the Future
Energy Bulletin, 17 hours ago
What''s the difference between "public space" and "place"?
Resilience Roundup - Feb 27
Energy Bulletin, 17 hours ago
A roundup of the news, views and ideas from the main stream press and the blogosphere.
Amsterdam is Now Europe''s First Named "Sharing City"
Energy Bulletin, 17 hours ago
As of February 2nd, Amsterdam is Europe''s first named "Sharing City."
Ancient Landscapes Point to Dramatic Climate Change
Energy Bulletin, 17 hours ago
Scientists believe Chinese civilisation could have been founded by climate refugees after the collapse of an Inner Mongolian culture over 4,000 years ago.
North Dakota Considers Weakening Standards on Radioactive Drilling Waste as Oil Prices Collapse
Energy Bulletin, 17 hours ago
As the collapse of oil prices threatens North Dakota''s shale drilling rush, state regulators are considering a move they say could save the oil industry millions of dollars: weakening the state''s laws on disposing of radioactive waste.
The Great Game in the Holy Land
Energy Bulletin, 17 hours ago
Guess what? Almost all the current wars, uprisings, and other conflicts in the Middle East are connected by a single thread, which is also a threat...
Real Food Media Contest Features Oyster Men of Long Island Sound
Energy Bulletin, 17 hours ago
The Oyster Men features the daily lives of baymen who handpick oysters from wild populations on the Long Island Sound.
The power of community - Feb 28
Energy Bulletin, 17 hours ago
 Mondragon / Linux / Syriza / Little libraries
Pulling the plug, part 1
Energy Bulletin, 17 hours ago
We all play the domination / submission game. But another game is afoot. The partnership game. The more you learn to play it, the less beholden you will be to the con-games of Babylon.
The Externality Trap, or, How Progress Commits Suicide
Energy Bulletin, February 26, 2015
Economic life in the industrial world these days can be described, without too much inaccuracy, as an arrangement set up to allow a privileged minority to externalize nearly all their costs onto the rest of society while pocketing as much as possible the benefits themselves.
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