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Navy Demonstrates Fuel From Seawater Production
EcoGeek, May 07, 2014
A team of US Navy research scientists has developed a method to produce liquid fuel from seawater, using CO2 and hydrogen extracted from the ocean and then processed with a metal catalyst to produce liquid fuel. As a demonstration of the concept, an unmodified scale airplane has been flown with the ...
Ontario Completely Off Coal
EcoGeek, April 15, 2014
The Canadian province of Ontario has officially shut down its last coal burning power plant. Power for the province now comes from "emission-free electricity sources like wind, solar, nuclear and hydropower, along with lower-emission electricity sources like natural gas and biomass." The province ha...
CETO Produces Wave Power and Freshwater
EcoGeek, April 12, 2014
A new, grid-tied offshore wave energy project called CETO is being readied off the west coast of Australia, near Perth. Carnegie Wave Energy is installing what is called the "first operating wave energy array scheme in the world." The installation will consist of three submerged buoys 11 meters (36 ...
Nontoxic Flame Retardants from Whey
EcoGeek, April 02, 2014
Whey is generally a waste byproduct from cheese- and yogurt-making. Producers need to find ways to dispose of it, and often it is discharged into wastewater systems. Research at the Polytechnic University of Turin is being done to explore the use of whey as a replacement for toxic compounds used as ...
Making Bio-Based Rocket Fuel
EcoGeek, March 27, 2014
Rocket fuel is the latest in a long line of fuels being developed from bio sources instead of being produced from petrochemicals. Numerous other fuels have been developed from bio-diesel and synthetic gasolines to aviation fuels are now being made from microorganisms or from converting bio feedstock...
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