An open letter to texting-mad teenagers
CNN Technology, 12 hours ago
Put your phone down for a second, teen texters -- there are some things you''ve got to hear.
Five texts you should never send
CNN Technology, 12 hours ago
We''re texting more than ever, and, like society, the texts themselves are getting worse and worse. Read on to learn just how terrible silent cell phone users are these days.
10 smartphone habits to avoid
CNN Technology, 12 hours ago
How annoying and rude and antisocial have we all become with our smartphones? We''re embarrassing ourselves all over the place. Please stop.
Netiquette: Saying farewell
CNN Technology, 12 hours ago
So many folks manage to lose their netiquette heads when they scramble, legs flailing and akimbo, toward the denouement of events and life chapters. So here is the ultimate (get it?) digital-etiquette guide to a polite big finish.
U.S. military wanted a moon base
CNN Technology, 12 hours ago
The U.S. military races to the moon to build a base -- to beat the Russians to the punch. Maybe test a nuclear weapon on the surface. Consider a lunar-based bombing system to target earthbound foes. That was the plan in the 1960s, according to declassified national security documents released this w...
Teen invents hot car alarm device
CNN Technology, 12 hours ago
A New Mexico teen invented an alarm to alert people if they leave their children in hot cars. CNN affiliate KOAT reports.
Robot furniture that builds itself
CNN Technology, July 25, 2014
Researchers are creating robots that are building blocks for furniture that moves and assembles itself.
Self-healing buildings, bodies, and machines
CNN Technology, July 25, 2014
Crumbling buildings, burnt-out PCs, potholes, and cracked smartphone screens -- all these damaged goods could soon be distant memories, as a new generation of "self-healing" technologies emerge.
See through walls on ... your iPhone!
CNN Technology, July 24, 2014
Invasive or awesome? A new device turns your iPhone into a thermal imaging sensor.
NASA tackles new space threat
CNN Technology, July 23, 2014
Seems NASA''s fascination with the moon is in the past. It''s focused on something far more menacing: incoming asteroids
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