Is this the end of the 9-5 working day?
CNN Technology, 4 hours ago
Business Talent Group, founded by Jody Miller, seeks to help workers who are after a project-based career.
An open letter to texting-mad teenagers
CNN Technology, 4 hours ago
Put your phone down for a second, teen texters -- there are some things you''ve got to hear.
Five texts you should never send
CNN Technology, 4 hours ago
We''re texting more than ever, and, like society, the texts themselves are getting worse and worse. Read on to learn just how terrible silent cell phone users are these days.
10 smartphone habits to avoid
CNN Technology, 4 hours ago
How annoying and rude and antisocial have we all become with our smartphones? We''re embarrassing ourselves all over the place. Please stop.
Netiquette: Saying farewell
CNN Technology, 4 hours ago
So many folks manage to lose their netiquette heads when they scramble, legs flailing and akimbo, toward the denouement of events and life chapters. So here is the ultimate (get it?) digital-etiquette guide to a polite big finish.
Mystery spaceship returns to Earth
CNN Technology, 4 hours ago
The X-37B space plane has returned to Earth after a two year secret mission.
See Apple''s new iPads in :60
CNN Technology, October 17, 2014
Apple is releasing two new iPads: the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3.
Germ-zapping robot targets Ebola
CNN Technology, October 17, 2014
Gigi the robot looks like a skinny, harmless cousin of R2-D2, but the machine is a cold-blooded killer for hire, a germ zapper that could become an important weapon in the fight against Ebola.
What is the mysterious Magic Leap?
CNN Technology, October 17, 2014
It may have more than a half-billion dollars in the bank and the backing of tech titans like Google, as well as the investors with some of Silicon Valley''s deepest pockets.
App helps find woman trapped in ravine
CNN Technology, October 16, 2014
After becoming trapped in her car, a woman was airlifted out of a deep ravine after police used her iPad to find her.
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