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Flooding of The Red River
Earth Observatory , 2 hours ago
Record-setting rainfall in the southern United States has sent several rivers and lakes over their banks and caused extensive damage in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and other areas.
Wolf Volcano Erupts
Earth Observatory , 2 hours ago
After 33 years of inactivity, Wolf volcano in the Galapagos has reawakened.
Fourteen Years of Carbon Monoxide from MOPITT
Earth Observatory , 2 hours ago
Concentrations of the gas, which is produced by burning carbon-based fuels, have decreased since 2000.
Good Air and Brown Water
Earth Observatory , May 31, 2015
Buenos Aires, the largest city in Argentina, sits near the outflow of the second largest river in South America.
Blooms in the Sea of Marmara
Earth Observatory , May 30, 2015
Freshened surface water and abundant nutrients lead to an explosion of algae in the inland sea.
Fires in Northern Canada
Earth Observatory , May 29, 2015
Fires burned in the Northwest Territories, spreading smoke across the region.
Just Another Night Over Java
Earth Observatory , May 29, 2015
This astronaut photograph includes lights from several sources: cities, roads, fishing boats, gas flares, lightning, and even glowing air.
Flooding on the Arkansas River
Earth Observatory , May 28, 2015
Record-setting rain has sent rivers over the banks in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.
Cirrus Clouds off the Coast of Chile
Earth Observatory , May 28, 2015
A striking display of high-altitude clouds over the Pacific Ocean are clearly cirrus, but further classification remains elusive.
New posts in the Earth Matters blog - April Puzzler Answer: Seaweed (and Oyster?) Farms
Earth Observatory , May 27, 2015
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