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Chemical Exposure Linked to Billions in Health Care Costs
National Geographic News, March 05, 2015
Chemicals that mimic estrogen and other hormones are costing the EU $175 billion per year in health care, according to new research.
Lack of Snow Leaves California''s ''Water Tower'' Running Low
National Geographic News, March 04, 2015
Rising temperatures and declining snowpack in the mountains mean that the drought across the western U.S. is about to get even worse.
As Smog Thins in L.A., Dramatic Evidence of Kids'' Healthier Lungs
National Geographic News, March 04, 2015
New study shows Los Angeles-area kids have fewer breathing problems now than they did in the 1990s.
How Volcanoes Could Help Power the Planet-But Barely Do
National Geographic News, March 03, 2015
The Earth''s heat could power homes and businesses worldwide, but it''s barely been tapped. Indonesia is trying to change that.
Arctic Ship Breaks Free of Ice for Historic Expedition
National Geographic News, March 03, 2015
A Norwegian research vessel will spend six months on the sea ice to study the changing Arctic.
Dramatic New Video Shows Volcano Forming an Island
National Geographic News, March 02, 2015
A fast growing island off Japan is seen in new video from the Japanese Coast Guard.
What You Don''t Know About History''s Most Famous Scientists
National Geographic News, March 01, 2015
In the 11th and 12th centuries, Muslim scientists were way ahead of contemporaries in Christian Europe.
Corn for Home Heat: A Green Idea That Never Quite Popped
National Geographic News, March 01, 2015
Some enterprising Americans burn kernels to keep warm in winter, but there''s a reason the green heating concept hasn''t taken off.
New Theory Behind Dozens of Craters Found in Siberia
National Geographic News, February 28, 2015
Scientists say melting pingos, and not methane hydrates, are likely to blame for the dramatic craters.
Quirky Winds Fuel Brazil''s Devastating Drought, Amazon''s Flooding
National Geographic News, February 26, 2015
With severe water shortages in Brazil''s cities and destructive floods in the Amazon, the boom-and-bust phenomenon may be South America''s new normal.
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