Being Gullah or Geechee, Once Looked Down On, Now a Treasured Heritage
National Geographic News, October 17, 2014
The Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor links historic African-American communities in four southern coastal states.
Stinkbugs Have Spread to 41 States; Can We Stop Them?
National Geographic News, October 17, 2014
Scientists are looking to parasitic wasps to control brown marmorated stinkbugs, which have now spread to 41 U.S. states.
Search Widens for Nepal Blizzard Survivors
National Geographic News, October 17, 2014
Rescue teams have found dozens of missing trekkers in Nepal, even as the death toll mounts from the week''s deadly blizzard.
Two Years After Hurricane Sandy Hit the U.S., What Lessons Can We Learn From the Deadly Storm?
National Geographic News, October 17, 2014
In an era of extreme weather, we have to keep the risk of weather disasters in the front of our minds, author says.
Opinion: Yes, We Can Solve the Problem of Hunger
National Geographic News, October 16, 2014
Building community is the best way to make sure people get enough to eat, says the fashion designer.
4 Places Where Hunters Are Working to Protect Game Animals
National Geographic News, October 15, 2014
In Washington State, North Dakota, South Carolina, and the western U.S., hunters and fishermen are working to ensure the survival of the very species they target.
In Texas, the Art and Science of Building a Better Cow
National Geographic News, October 15, 2014
Can animal geneticists breed-or clone-a cow that will taste great and have a smaller environmental hoofprint too?
Dozen or More Feared Dead in Himalayan Blizzard and Avalanches
National Geographic News, October 15, 2014
Disaster struck on on the Annapurna hiking circuit, which is popular with casual hikers.
Opinion: Want to Make a Dent in World Hunger? Build Better Roads
National Geographic News, October 14, 2014
The absence of quality roads leads to hunger, poverty, political instability, and even terrorism.
Can Egypt''s Crisis Help Clean Energy Gain Traction?
National Geographic News, October 03, 2014
Mired in a debilitating energy crisis, Egypt looks to wind and solar as the answer to some of its longtime woes. But will it work?
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