Dramatic Pictures of Recent Sinkholes Reveal Hazards Lurking Below
National Geographic News, 10 hours ago
Natural and human-caused sinkholes have swallowed cars and houses in Florida, Minnesota, England, China, Latin America, and beyond.
Report: Gulf and Atlantic Coasts Not Prepared for Sea-Level Rise
National Geographic News, July 23, 2014
The National Research Council warns that U.S. coasts are at risk of flooding and storm damage, thanks to climate change.
As Fiery Accidents Pile Up, U.S. Proposes New Rules for Oil Trains
National Geographic News, July 23, 2014
The U.S. Department of Transportation rolled out long-promised standards on Wednesday.
First Nation Tribe Discovers Grizzly Bear "Highway" in Its Backyard
National Geographic News, July 22, 2014
Canada''s Heiltsuk people discover more grizzlies living in their midst than they thought.
Causes of Deadly Washington Mudslide Revealed in Scientific Report
National Geographic News, July 22, 2014
The report says that logging in the area may have played a role.
What Do Wild Animals Do in a Wildfire?
National Geographic News, July 21, 2014
As summer wildfires burn a million acres in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, some of the wild animals that live there have evolved to cope with-and even thrive after-the flames.
Los Angeles River: From Concrete Ditch to Urban Oasis
National Geographic News, July 19, 2014
It''s mostly treated wastewater. The rapids aren''t much. But a $1 billion restoration offers hope for the river''s future.
Can Drones Fight Illegal "Pirate" Fishing?
National Geographic News, July 18, 2014
Conservationists test unmanned aerial vehicles in Belize and California.
Why Are Scientists Building an "Ocean" in the Middle of a Desert?
National Geographic News, July 18, 2014
Researchers are building a miniature version of the Gulf of California in Biosphere 2.
Q&A: The First-Ever Expedition to Turkmenistan''s "Door to Hell"
National Geographic News, July 16, 2014
Go along with explorer George Kourounis as he becomes the first person known to venture into Turkmenistan''s fiery, gas-fueled Darvaza Crater.
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