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Climate Forecast: More Southwest Droughts and Australian Floods
National Geographic News, 14 minutes ago
A new study says global warming will lead to more extreme swings of the El Ni?o-La Ni?a cycle.
New Proposal to Protect Alaskan Wilderness Most Sweeping in Decades
National Geographic News, January 25, 2015
President Obama''s proposal to designate 12.3 million acres of oil-rich land as new wilderness in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is likely to stir an explosive federal debate over energy and conservation.
Mass Death of Seabirds in Western U.S. Is ''Unprecedented''
National Geographic News, January 23, 2015
Thousands of dead auklets are washing ashore from California to Canada. Will other species be next?
How Reducing Food Waste Could Ease Climate Change
National Geographic News, January 22, 2015
The energy used to produce wasted food generates more than 3.3 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide.
Norway Offers New Arctic Leases, Stoking Polar Energy Rush
National Geographic News, January 22, 2015
For the first time in two decades, the nation is expanding its oil leases even as prices plunge.
5 Energy Innovations Dazzle at Detroit Auto Show
National Geographic News, January 21, 2015
Annual auto show reveals what cars and trucks of the future might look like.
Thermos-Like Passive Homes Aggressively Save Energy
National Geographic News, January 20, 2015
The passive-building standard is catching on in North America, but it also faces challenges.
Oil Spills Into Yellowstone River, Possibly Polluting Drinking Water
National Geographic News, January 20, 2015
The Yellowstone River oil spill raises drinking water alarms but is unlikely to affect Yellowstone National Park.
California's Forests: Where Have All the Big Trees Gone?
National Geographic News, January 19, 2015
Half the state's big trees have been lost since the 1930s, in part because climate change has cut their water supply.
Solar Panels Floating on Water Will Power Japan''s Homes
National Geographic News, January 16, 2015
Floating solar panels are increasingly common-and a new project in Japan is about to make a splash.
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