Cosmic Playtime: Toys in Space (Photos)
image-albums, 6 hours ago
Disney''s Buzz Lightyear isn''t the only toy to actually fly in space.
WATCH LIVE NOW: Russian Cosmonauts Take Spacewalk Outside Space Station
science-astronomy, 6 hours ago
Two Russian cosmonauts will venture outside of the International Space Station on a spacewalk today (Aug. 18) at 10 a.m. EDT (1400 GMT), and you can watch the 6.5 hour trek live online via NASA TV at 9:30 a.m. EDT (1330 GMT).
In Conversation with Astronaut Chris Hadfield
science-astronomy, 6 hours ago
Through the creative use of social media, he's made space exciting and accessible to new generations of enthusiasts.
Russia Reignites Its Rocket Industry with New Angara Booster
tech-robots, 6 hours ago
Russia''s recent maiden launch of its new Angara rocket is a harbinger of bigger boosters to come. The successful test flight also marked the country''s first new launch vehicle to be built from scratch since the fall of the Soviet Union.
Rare Mid-Sized Black Hole Discovered In Old Probe Data | Video
science-astronomy, 6 hours ago
NASA''s decommissioned Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) satellite is still bearing fruit with the discovered of the object in the Messier 82 galaxy. The black hole (M82 X-1) weighs in at about 400 solar masses. Full Story:
Budding Night Sky Photographer Sees a Stunning Crescent Moon (Image)
skywatching, 6 hours ago
John Nelson took this image of the crescent moon from the Pacific Northwest. See how he did it here.
''Beam Me to Mars'' Lets You Send Martian Messages to Fund Space Exploration
science-astronomy, 6 hours ago
Uwingu launched its "Beam Me to Mars" project today (Aug. 19), inviting people to contribute, for a fee, to a "digital shout-out" that will send messages from Earth to the Red Planet on Nov. 28 - the 50th anniversary of Mars exploration.
Supermassive Death: 3 Stars Eaten by Black Holes
science-astronomy, 6 hours ago
Astrophysicists have analyzed two decades-worth of X-ray data and discovered three events inside galactic cores that can be interpreted in only one way: stellar destruction.
SpaceX''s Elon Musk Takes Ice Bucket Challenge
entertainment, 6 hours ago
Elon Musk, the entrepreneur behind the private rocket company SpaceX, has accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
Rats in Spaaace! NASA Wants to Put Rodents on Space Station
spaceflight, 6 hours ago
Call them the ''rat-stronauts.'' NASA is drawing up plans to launch a team of rats with the right stuff to the International Space Station as early as this year. You know, for science.
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