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WATCH LIVE TODAY: Space Station Closet Makes a Move @ 8 am ET
spaceflight, 17 hours ago
Astronauts on the International Space Station will move the orbiting lab''s closet to a new docking port on Wednesday, May 27. Watch it live beginning at 8 am ET.
Destination Pluto: NASA''s New Horizons Mission in Pictures
image-albums, 17 hours ago
See photos from NASA''s New Horizons mission to explore the dwarf planet Pluto.
NASA''s Next Mars Lander Begins Tests for 2016 Launch
science-astronomy, 17 hours ago
Engineers at Lockheed Martin Space Systems have finished building NASA''s InSight Mars lander and have begun testing the finished spacecraft, to make sure it can handle the rigors of launch and the harsh environment of deep space.
Milky Way Glows Over Maine Beach in Stunning Photo
skywatching, 17 hours ago
Astrophotographer A. Garrett Evans took this image of the Milky Way over Popham Beach State Park in Maine the morning of April 18, 2015 as a 9-shot panorama.
Amazing Video Gives Dragon''s-Eye View of SpaceX Capsule Test Flight
spaceflight, 17 hours ago
The 2-minute video integrates footage taken by cameras aboard Dragon during its key launch-escape test, showing key events such as parachute deployment up close - and providing great Dragon''s-eye views of the Space Coast landscape.
NASA''s Last Space Shuttle External Tank to Complete Endeavour L.A. Exhibit
spaceflight, 17 hours ago
It is a sight no one thought possible again: a complete NASA space shuttle standing vertical as if poised for launch. But that''s exactly what the California Science Center will do. NASA''s last shuttle fuel tank is headed to L.A.
Black Holes' Jets Herald Galaxies' Mergers | Video
science-astronomy, 17 hours ago
The appearance of high-power, super-fast jets of plasma from supermassive black holes at the core of galaxies is a sign of recent - or presently continuing - merger with with another galaxy. Such jets emit powerful radio waves in opposite directions.
Nebula''s Crimson Heart Revealed in Breathtaking Images, Video
science-astronomy, 17 hours ago
Bright red veins lace the sky and feed into enormous crimson clouds that look like living hearts, in this breathtaking view of the Gamma Cygni nebula and its surrounding region as seen by veteran astrophotographer Terry Hancock.
Space Station Module Move Makes Room for Private Spaceships
spaceflight, 17 hours ago
Astronauts on the International Space Station moved a closet-like storage module to a new spot on the orbiting lab Wednesday (May 27) to make room for a new docking port to welcome private space taxis in 2017.
Where''s Pluto? How to Find the Dwarf Planet in the Sky
skywatching, 17 hours ago
Amateur astronomers are interested in seeing Pluto with their own telescopes, and this is what we will discuss here. Pluto is at present around 14th magnitude, requiring a telescope with at least 8 inches (200mm) aperture.
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