WATCH LIVE @ 3 pm EDT Wednesday: Experts Discuss Exoplanet Hunt
science-astronomy, 3 hours ago
Three astrophysicists will discuss the latest exciting discoveries in the field of exoplanet science Wednesday (July 9), and you can follow along live here at - and ask questions if you so desire.
WATCH LIVE FRIDAY @ 4 pm ET: News Conferences for Cygnus Launch to Space Station Saturday
spaceflight, 3 hours ago
Orbital Sciences is expected to launch their Cygnus capsule on a robotic cargo run to the International Space Station Saturday (July 12).
Capturing a Comet-Galaxy Conjunction
science-astronomy, 3 hours ago
A comet-galaxy conjunction is a rare opportunity for amateur astronomers.
Comet-Chasing European Probe Photographs Its Lumpy, Icy Target
science-astronomy, 3 hours ago
Recent photos snapped by the European Space Agency''s Rosetta spacecraft suggest that its target comet, known as 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, is a lumpy object sporting three large structures, or perhaps a deep hole.
Surfin'' on Sunlight! Privately Funded Solar Sail to Launch by 2016
tech-robots, 3 hours ago
On Wednesday (July 9), the Planetary Society announced launch dates for its LightSail-1 spacecraft - a possible test flight in 2015 (LightSail-A) and a full mission the next year (LightSail-B) with nearly identical hardware.
Private Cargo Ship Launch to Space Station Delayed to Sunday
spaceflight, 3 hours ago
With storm clouds still lingering over the foggy Eastern Shore of Virginia today (July 11), the private spaceflight company Orbital Sciences Corp. again postponed the launch of its second unmanned mission to the International Space Station.
Buzz Aldrin Visits Monday for Apollo 11 Google Hangout
spaceflight, 3 hours ago
Do you want to know what it''s like to walk on the moon? On Monday (July 14), find out what it''s like to bounce on the lunar surface from someone who has actually been there: Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin.
Spectacular Night Sky Photos by Stargazers (July 2014)
image-albums, 3 hours ago
See stunning photos of the night sky and sun as seen by stargazers around the world in this photo gallery for July 2014 made up of images sent in by readers.
Soyuz Rocket Launches 4 Communications Satellites Into Space
spaceflight, 3 hours ago
A Europeanized Russian Soyuz rocket successfully placed four O3b Networks Ka-band broadband satellites into an unusual medium-Earth orbit on July 10, 2014.
Flaming Rocket Debris Over Australia Is Russian | Video
skywatching, 3 hours ago
Australians saw what looked to be a glowing meteor flying through the night sky. But experts confirm it to be re-entering debris from a Russian rocket.
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