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Amazing Mars Photos by NASA''s Curiosity Rover (Latest Images)
image-albums, 20 hours ago
NASA''s Mars rover Curiosity is beaming home amazing photos of the Red Planet.
Best 3D View of Deep Universe Reveals Astonishing Details (Video)
science-astronomy, 20 hours ago
Astronomers have just released a brand-new, best-ever 3D view of the deep universe, and it''s a doozy.
Cosmonaut Alexei Gubarev, Led 1st Multi-National Space Crew, Dies at 83
spaceflight, 20 hours ago
Soviet-era cosmonaut Alexei Gubarev, who trained to fly to the moon but instead led the first multi-national space station crew, died on Feb. 21. He was 83. Gubarev logged 37 days in orbit during the Soyuz 17 and Soyuz 28 missions.
Ground-Based Telescope Peers Further Than Hubble | Video
science-astronomy, 20 hours ago
The European Very Large Telescope''s MUSE instrument took a deeper dive into the famous Hubble Deep Field and discovered more galaxies than the Hubble Space Telescope. MUSE data also reveals elements of galactic motion.
NASA Celebrates Crawler-Transporters'' 1st 50 Years with Test Drive
spaceflight, 20 hours ago
With an eye towards the future, NASA has marked the first 50 years of its two rocket-moving crawler-transporters by taking one of the newly-upgraded massive machines out for a test drive to the launch pad.
LISTEN LIVE @ 2 pm ET: NASA Update on Earth Science Missions
spaceflight, 20 hours ago
NASA launched five Earth science missions in the past 12 months. Today (Feb. 26), space agency officials will host a teleconference explaining what those Earth-watching projects have found during their time in space.
Spring Constellations, Planets and a Solar Eclipse - March 2015 Skywatching Video
skywatching, 20 hours ago
The Gemini Twins and a dimmer Cancer constellation make their way into the night sky in March.
US Needs a Mars Colony, Buzz Aldrin Tells Senators
spaceflight, 20 hours ago
Going to Mars without setting up a colony - round-trip manned missions, in other words - would not be enough for the U.S. to reclaim its leadership in space, nor would setting up human outposts on the moon, Aldrin said.
The Father of SETI: Q&A with Astronomer Frank Drake
search-for-life, 20 hours ago
An interview with Frank Drake, who conducted the first search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) experiment in 1960 and came up with a famous equation that estimates the possible number of alien civilizations.
New Space Telescope Tech Could Be 1,000 Times Sharper Than Hubble
tech-robots, 20 hours ago
The Aragoscope would consist of an orbiting space telescope sitting behind an opaque disc up to 0.5 miles (0.8 kilometers) wide. This disc would be made of a black plastic material, similar to a garbage bag.
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