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WATCH LIVE FRIDAY: 1-Year Crew Launching to Space Station
spaceflight, 14 hours ago
Watch live Friday (March 27) as a crew of three launches to the International Space Station. Two of the crewmembers will spend one year on the orbiting outpost.
European Space Agency''s Mars Express
references, 14 hours ago
Mars Express is the European Space Agency''s first spacecraft to fly to another planet.
A Year in Space: The Science Behind the Epic Space Station Voyage
science-astronomy, 14 hours ago
Science experiments conducted on the International Space Station during the orbiting outpost''s first yearlong mission could help open the door to deep space for NASA.
Hubble Space Telescope Successor on Track for 2018 Launch, NASA Tells Congress
science-astronomy, 14 hours ago
NASA''s successor to the Hubble Space Telescope is on schedule and budget for now, space agency officials told members of Congress today (March 24).
SpaceX''s Next Dragon Spaceship, Rocket-Landing Site Sign Star in Photos
spaceflight, 14 hours ago
The private spaceflight company posted a photo of a SpaceX sign at Florida''s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station that reads "Landing Complex 1," and also released images of a Dragon cargo vessel about to leave SpaceX headquarters on Feb. 23.
Solar Eclipses: What is a Total Solar Eclipse & When is the Next One?
references, 14 hours ago
Total solar eclipses are one of nature's grandest events. What is a total solar eclipse? How do they work? And when is the next one? We explain.
Black Hole Winds Quench Star Formation in Entire Galaxies
science-astronomy, 14 hours ago
Giant winds from black holes can blast gas through galaxies at extraordinary speeds, pulling the plug on star formation, researchers say.
Length of Saturn''s Day Measured Like Never Before
science-astronomy, 14 hours ago
The 15-minute uncertainty of how fast Saturn spins may have been put to rest, using mathematics.
Astronomers On the Hunt for Exomoons That May Host Alien Life
science-astronomy, 14 hours ago
The search for alien life doesn't end within the boundaries of our solar system. Scientists are now search for moons orbiting alien planets that might play host to extraterrestrial life.
''Astronomical Time Machine'' Stars in NYC Museum Video Series
entertainment, 14 hours ago
A recent episode of a fantastic video series called "Shelf Life," produced by the American Museum of Natural history, explores how an archive of astronomical images can help astrophysicists look back in time.
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