The Strangest Alien Planets (Gallery)
science-astronomy, 10 hours ago
Among the nearly 2,000 planets found beyond our solar system, there are volcanic super-Earths, gas giants that dwarf Jupiter and worlds with multiple sunsets. Here are some of the most incredible.
Image of the Day
image-albums, 10 hours ago
Crater Li Po on Mercury appears in a newly released photo by MESSENGER spacecraft.
Amazing Photos: Titan, Saturn''s Largest Moon
image-albums, 10 hours ago
See stunning photos of the cloud-covered Titan from NASA''s Cassini spacecraft.
Celestial ''Wild Ducks'' Soar Through Space and Time | Video
science-astronomy, 10 hours ago
Stunning new imagery of the galactic cluster Messier 11 has been captured by the MPG/ESO 2.2-meter telescope at ESO's La Silla Observatory in Chile. It was nicknamed the "Wild Duck Cluster" due to its brighter stars loosely forming a triangle.
October Skywatching: Lunar & Solar Eclipses, a Meteor Shower and More
skywatching, 10 hours ago
October brings a number of stargazing treats, including eclipses of the sun and moon, a dependably dazzling meteor shower, and good opportunities to view planets such as Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.
Stunning Photo Captures ''Wild Duck'' Star Cluster in Flight
science-astronomy, 10 hours ago
The ESO's 2.2-meter telescope at La Silla Observatory in Chile captured a spectacular image of the Wild Duck Cluster.
US, India to Team Up on Mars Exploration
spaceflight, 10 hours ago
NASA and the Indian Space Research Organisation will investigate ways to collaborate on future Mars missions, officials said Tuesday. The two agencies also laid out their roles on the NISAR Earth-observation mission, which is due to launch in 2020.
How to Launch a Space Startup in 2 Days (First Person)
tech-robots, 10 hours ago
An inside look at a recent space-startup competition in Silicon Valley.
''Strikingly Geometric'' Shapes Hidden on Moon''s Surface
science-astronomy, 10 hours ago
The moon''s Ocean of Storms was previously thought to be a round crater left after a giant impact, but now researchers surprisingly find it is underlain by a giant rectangle created by cooling lunar lava as the moon formed.
Huge Cloud on Saturn''s Moon Titan Is Made of Toxic Cyanide
science-astronomy, 10 hours ago
A giant cloud that covers the south pole of Titan, Saturn''s largest moon, has a surprisingly poisonous nature: It''s made of cyanide. The giant cloud, first spotted by NASA''s Cassini spacecraft in 2012, is the size of Egypt and covers Titan''s south pole.
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