Manganese Dioxide Nanoparticles Increase Tumor Vulnerability To Radiation Therapy
ACS - NanoFocus, 14 hours ago
Nanomedicine: The particles react with hydrogen peroxide to increase oxygen levels and pH in tumors
ACS Meeting Fifty Years Of The James Flack Norris Award In Physical Organic Chemistry
ACS - NanoFocus, April 13, 2014
On anniversary, awardees reminisce on the award and the field it honors
Drug Release In Hot Water
ACS - NanoFocus, April 13, 2014
Near-infrared light heats water molecules inside polymer particles, triggering the tiny capsules to deliver payload
Boosting Copper's Catalytic Conversion
ACS - NanoFocus, April 13, 2014
Oxidizing then reducing the metal enhances its ability to convert CO to liquid fuels
Toughening Up Elastomers
ACS - NanoFocus, April 13, 2014
Materials Science: Inspired by hydrogel synthesis, two-part strategy yields strong yet soft elastic polymers
New Brominated Flame Retardant Found In Electronics
ACS - NanoFocus, April 11, 2014
Environment: Manufacturers may be using the compound as a replacement for toxic PBDEs
Polymer-Peptide Conjugate Redirects Amyloid Fibril Growth
ACS - NanoFocus, April 10, 2014
Self-Assembly: Researchers design a macromolecule that causes amyloid-? peptide to assemble into discrete nanostructures instead of fibrils
Memory Device Created From Polymer Pair
ACS - NanoFocus, April 09, 2014
Organic Electronics: Two functional polymers form the heart of a high-capacity, low-power memory device
Carbon Dots For White LEDs Made In One Step
ACS - NanoFocus, April 08, 2014
Nanotechnology: Simple, low-cost process yields carbon nanoparticles that emit bright white light
Thin Metal Organics Join 2-D Club
ACS - NanoFocus, April 07, 2014
Transmetalation increases the members of a family of ultrathin crystals
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