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Artificial Photosynthesis Device Paves Way Toward Sustainable Liquid Fuel
ACS - NanoFocus, April 23, 2015
Clean Energy: Solar-powered prototype transforms carbon dioxide to acetate, a feedstock for making high-value chemicals
Perovskite Nanowires Win Laser Battle
ACS - NanoFocus, April 20, 2015
Semiconducting Materials: Chemists synthesize single crystals with `unheard of' performance
Wind And Rain Power Smart Windows
ACS - NanoFocus, April 20, 2015
Electrochromic Materials: Triboelectric nanogenerator harvests energy from motion to drive color-changing redox reactions in windows
Metal Switcheroo Tunes Selectivity
ACS - NanoFocus, April 20, 2015
Catalysis: Tuning metal concentrations in multimetal frameworks tailors reaction rates and product selectivities
Carbon-Nanotube Electrodes Make Better Brain Connections
ACS - NanoFocus, April 15, 2015
Neuroscience: Nanotube electrodes can stimulate and record from neurons without damaging brain tissue
Decorating Quantum Dots To Make Them Glow White
ACS - NanoFocus, April 06, 2015
Nanotechnology: Chemists produce white-light-emitting zinc sulfide nanocrystals by changing their surface chemistry
A Solution-Based Method For Making Black Phosphorus
ACS - NanoFocus, April 03, 2015
Materials: Solvent exfoliation is a way to make large amounts of black phosphorus for use in electronic devices
Borrelidin Jams Its Target By Multitasking
ACS - NanoFocus, April 02, 2015
Natural Products: New insights into how the potent antibiotic inhibits tRNA synthetases could lead to new therapeutics
Turning Packing Peanuts Into Battery Electrodes
ACS - NanoFocus, March 30, 2015
ACS Meeting News: Chemical engineers carbonize polymer packaging to make lithium battery electrodes
Copolymers Self-Assemble Multiple Times To Form Complex Structures
ACS - NanoFocus, March 30, 2015
ACS Meeting News: Scalable strategy yields structures on the micrometer length scale
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