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Colored Solar Cells Span The Spectrum
ACS - NanoFocus, February 17, 2015
Materials: Adding a photonic crystal to a perovskite creates solar cells in a range of colors
C&EN Talks With Green Chemistry Advocate Robin Rogers
ACS - NanoFocus, February 16, 2015
The Alabama chemist has taken his model for applied academic research to Canada
Understanding Tooth Enamel's Hardness
ACS - NanoFocus, February 16, 2015
Researchers discover how the noncrystalline components of enamel help keep the material hard and corrosion resistant
Cellulose, Kevlar, And Silk Fibers Get A Boost In Performance
ACS - NanoFocus, February 09, 2015
Chemical modifications endow textiles with novel combinations of useful properties
Nickel Forges Steel Improvements
ACS - NanoFocus, February 09, 2015
Small, brittle particles help make steel lighter, stronger, more ductile
Lightweight Lenses Made From Graphene
ACS - NanoFocus, February 09, 2015
Ultrathin carbon film can focus light for use in optical computers
Patterning Magnetic Graphene With An E-Beam
ACS - NanoFocus, February 09, 2015
Selectively removing hydrogen from partially hydrogenated graphene yields nanoscale patterns useful for microelectronics
Dissolving Disks Deliver Drugs To The Eye
ACS - NanoFocus, February 05, 2015
Drug Delivery: A water-soluble polymer wafer could offer a better alternative to medicated eyedrops
Two-Dimensional Silicon Makes Its Device Debut
ACS - NanoFocus, February 05, 2015
Materials: Silicene monolayers could help pave the way to faster, smaller electronics
C&EN Talks With `Queen Of Carbon Science' Mildred S. Dresselhaus
ACS - NanoFocus, February 02, 2015
MIT emerita professor recently received the Presidential Medal of Freedom
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