Mechanical Force May Help HIV Invade Cells
ACS - NanoFocus, October 21, 2014
Cell Biology: T-cell receptors involved in the first step of HIV infection are sensitive to mechanical force in the lab
Nanovessel Host Leads To Retention Of Configuration In SN2 Reaction
ACS - NanoFocus, October 16, 2014
Organic Chemistry: Unexpected reaction may arise from unprecedented supramolecular chemistry
New Method Yields High-Quality Graphene Aerogels
ACS - NanoFocus, October 15, 2014
Nanomaterials: High-temperature annealing gives aerogels that could be used for energy storage and catalysis
Microscopy Method Goes Deep
ACS - NanoFocus, October 13, 2014
Atom-probe tomography reveals the 3-D positions of atoms inside hard-to-analyze materials
Alumina Coating Tames Nanotube Toxicity
ACS - NanoFocus, October 13, 2014
Mice show less lung damage after inhaling carbon nanotubes coated with aluminum oxide
Researchers Design A High-Power Paper Battery That Bends
ACS - NanoFocus, October 08, 2014
Materials: Flexible batteries made from cellulose and carbon nanotubes require fewer components and could power portable electronics
Shaking Up Electron Microscopy
ACS - NanoFocus, October 08, 2014
Materials Science: High-resolution vibration information now comes with atomic precision
Molecular Mixers
ACS - NanoFocus, October 06, 2014
Scientists engineer light-driven molecular motors to create a stir
Researchers Use Synthetic Biomarkers To Catch A Clot
ACS - NanoFocus, October 06, 2014
Medical Diagnostics: New nanoparticle-based assay provides extremely sensitive test of blood clotting in mice
Engineers Build Ultrasmall Organic Laser
ACS - NanoFocus, October 01, 2014
Photonics: A novel structure forms a tiny organic laser that requires little energy to begin emitting light
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