Hiking Inca road informs engineer''s research, teaching
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, April 13, 2014
Can modern engineers learn best practices from ancient road builders? Modern road construction often relies on modifying the landscape by blasting through rock, which can result in landslides. Because the Inca relied on working within their environment, following the contours of the land and control...
At long last: Concrete that''s nearly maintenance-free
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, April 12, 2014
A cement composite that is durable, water-resistant and malleable has been created by engineers. It has such a high level of "crack control" that the researchers estimate it has a service life of 120 years or more. To compare, the average life span of concrete roads falls in the 40-50-year range, wi...
Impact of the 1,000 mph supersonic car predicted
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, April 12, 2014
What are the aerodynamic characteristics of traveling at 1,000 mph? Simulations have looked at how the car will cope with the supersonic rolling ground, rotating wheels and resulting shock waves in close proximity to the test surface at the record attempt site in Hakskeen Pan, South Africa. Where, i...
Expanding particles to engineer defects: Adding larger particle to crystalline system can create order rather than distortions
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, April 08, 2014
Materials scientists have long known that introducing defects into three-dimensional materials can improve their mechanical and electronic properties. Now a new study finds how defects affect two-dimensional crystalline structures, and the results hold information for designing new materials.
Ocean-going freighter without crew
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, April 04, 2014
Ships of the future will soon be steered across ''the Seven Seas'' - autonomously. A new simulator is helping propel these plans forward. The core of the autonomous freighter is served by a centralized software application. It analyzes the data from all sensors and determines, for example, if and ho...
Strain can alter materials'' properties
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, April 04, 2014
In the ongoing search for new materials for fuel cells, batteries, photovoltaics, separation membranes, and electronic devices, one newer approach involves applying and managing stresses within known materials to give them dramatically different properties.
Materials, electronics that dissolve when triggered being developed
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, April 04, 2014
An research team is developing "transient materials" and "transient electronics" that can quickly and completely melt away when a trigger is activated. That could mean that one day you could send out a signal to destroy a lost credit card, or when soldiers are wounded, their electronic devices could...
Steel-fiber reinforced concrete for conventional construction work as well
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, April 03, 2014
When adding steel fibers the size of a clip, concrete is less prone to cracking, an engineer demonstrates. What the study shows is that this material has certain advantages over conventional reinforced concrete, and it can be used for purposes like the manufacture of cylindrical holding tanks.
Secrets of a mollusk''s unique bioceramic armor
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, March 31, 2014
The secrets behind a marine creature''s defensive armor -- one that is exceptionally tough, yet optically clear -- have been revealed by scientists. The shells'' unique properties emerge from a specialized nanostructure that allows optical clarity, as well as efficient energy dissipation and the abi...
First phononic crystal that can be altered in real time
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, March 31, 2014
Using an acoustic metadevice that can influence the acoustic space and can control any of the ways in which waves travel, engineers have demonstrated, for the first time, that it is possible to dynamically alter the geometry of a three-dimensional colloidal crystal in real time. The colloidal crysta...
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