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Cities with more transportation options most resilient
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, 5 hours ago
Researchers studying how the region would react to a sudden spike in gas prices, found those living closest to their work, in areas with more compact street networks and better multi-modal infrastructure, would be more resilient than others.
Silver nanowires demonstrate unexpected self-healing mechanism: Potential for flexible electronics
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, January 23, 2015
Researchers found that silver nanowires can withstand strong cyclic loads, which is a key attribute needed for flexible electronics.
Engineers develop world''s longest ''flat pack'' arch bridge
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, January 22, 2015
Civil Engineers and pre-cast concrete specialists have developed the world's longest `flat pack' arch bridge.
Scientists ''bend'' elastic waves with new metamaterials that could have commercial applications
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, January 22, 2015
Sound waves passing through the air, objects that break a body of water and cause ripples, or shockwaves from earthquakes all are considered ''elastic'' waves. These waves travel at the surface or through a material without causing any permanent changes to the substance''s makeup. Now, engineering r...
New composite protects from corrosion from high mechanical stress
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, January 19, 2015
A new composite material prevents metal corrosion in an environmentally friendly way, even under extreme conditions. It can be used wherever metals are exposed to severe weather conditions, aggressive gases, salt, heavy wear or high pressures.
Bicyclists willing to ride up to 3 miles to catch bus, train
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, January 16, 2015
Only about 2 percent of commuters in three metro areas - Atlanta, the Twin Cities and Los Angeles - reported pedaling their bicycles to the transit station, suggesting the need for better infrastructure, a researcher reports.
On-site visualization of planned buildings
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, January 15, 2015
Using a new system, architects, developers or their clients can view a 3D model of a building in its intended shape, precisely where the building is to be constructed. This will give them a much clearer, realistic impression of the design.
Crush those clinkers while they''re hot
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, January 15, 2015
Clinkers pulverized to make cement should be processed right out of the kiln to save the most energy. The environmentally friendly advice is the result of a recent computational study.
Urban stormwater management: Permeable pavements to reduce run-off from parking lots
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, January 15, 2015
Scientists have developed permeable pavements to reduce the problems caused by storm and runoff water in urban areas. The project also aims to prepare for the higher volumes of rainfall and more intense storms that can be expected in the future. The pavement solutions developed in the project are we...
''Kitchen of the future'' here, now
ScienceDaily: Civil Engineering News, January 15, 2015
Researchers have created innovative future of kitchen designs. The kitchen design is part of a research project exploring manufacturing strategies and the greater integration of technology with architecture or, in other words, the industrial production of smart homes.
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