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PC/104 Consortium's OneBank Unites Saving, Performance and Compatibility for Embedded System
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, January 23, 2015
The PC/104 Consortium, the organization that maintains standards and provides information about PC/104 and related small form factors, has today announced the latest revision of the PCIe/104-ExpressTM specification, rev 3.0, that sports a new variations that is called OneBankTM.
Beyond the Internet of Silly Things
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, January 23, 2015
When Samsung CEO BK Yoon delivered the keynote speech at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, he pronounced a grandiose vision of the Internet of Things (IoT): IOT technology is not about things. Instead, it is about people? Each of us will be at the center of our very own techn...
A fresh look at kernel ticks, part 1: The tick handler is not the scheduler
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, January 20, 2015
Real-time kernels normally use a timer or a similar source of periodic interrupts to implement delays and other helpful services for multi-task applications. Although the code needed to take advantage of such services often involves little more than calls to kernel API functions, it seems that the p...
ETL Systems to Make its Debut at Convergence India Showcasing New RF over Fibre StingRay Product
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, January 19, 2015
The latest in RF over fibre products will be among technologies showcased by ETL Systems, a global designer and manufacturer of RF distribution equipment for satellite communications, as the company makes its debut at this year''s Convergence India exhibition between 21 and 23 January in New Delhi.
Avnet Joins OpenPOWER Foundation
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, January 19, 2015
Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), a leading global technology distributor, today announced that it has joined the OpenPOWER Foundation, an open development alliance based on IBM''s POWER microprocessor architecture. Working with the OpenPOWER Foundation, Avnet will help partners and customers innovate across...
Aldec Delivers Unprecedented Scalability and Verification Acceleration with the Latest Release of HES-DVM
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, January 19, 2015
Aldec, Inc. delivers new functionality to existing hardware resources and enables unprecedented scalability with the latest release of its hardware emulation solution software, HES-DVM 2014.12.
Cradlepoint and Zscaler Strengthen Retail and Branch Office Security with Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise Solution
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, January 19, 2015
Joint solution helps retailers protect their employees, customers and IoT devices from malicious cyber attacks, threats and malware
Custom Veroshield 19-inch rack from Verotec case helps the BBC improve codec
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, January 19, 2015
The UK''s BBC Research and Development department is at the forefront of the global broadcast industry''s mission to improve programs'' quality of both video and audio. Their recent research into further improvements in the performance of the widely-used NICAM Codec has been supported by a customize...
MitySOM-5CSx Family Expands Flexibility and Lowers Cost
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, January 19, 2015
The newest addition to the Cyclone V SoC-based family, the MitySOM-5CSE, is projected to have broader market appeal given its enhanced flexibility and lower price point than the original MitySOM-5CSX.
STARCHIP(r) Announces Its Third Generation of SIM Controllers
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, January 19, 2015
StarChip(r), experts in designing, qualifying and industrializing Smart Card integrated circuits (IC), today announced the addition of a new generation of controllers intended for SIM/USIM/M2M applications. The SCFXXXI series is the third generation of StarChip controllers optimized through enhanced...
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