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E-cast: Addressing Hardware Obsolescence for VxWorks(tm) 5.x Based Systems
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, 3 hours ago
Hardware components are no longer available for many legacy systems running VxWorks 5.x. A schedule- and cost-friendly solution is needed that allows current systems to be updated and fielded without requiring a full development and internal certifica...
Have you implemented a process to ensure security?
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, June 26, 2015
Last time, we chatted about the #1 problem for security in the embedded world – there simply isn’t one overarching governing body that oversees security. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, this factor is going to pose more and more problems down the road. However, there...
E-cast: Navigating agile automotive software development
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, June 24, 2015
With many automotive organizations transforming development efforts towards agile methodologies, the need to redefine and establish security, safety, and quality standards and testing methods is more important than ever. How do we fit safety and secur...
E-cast: ARMv8-A: Meet the experts A tour of the new GICv3 architecture
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, June 23, 2015
Learn how the GIC, that supports and manages interrupts for processors, will handle next generation designs with larger core counts. The webinar will start with an introduction to the GIC followed by an overview of the recently released GICv3, and ex...
E-cast: Autos, Wi-Fi, and IoT
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, June 23, 2015
Automobiles are incorporating a sophisticated mix of connectivity, driver assistance, and consumer device integration. Capabilities for integrating smart devices and utilizing Wi-Fi connectivity for wide area connectivity on the road is proliferating....
Designing the dream dev board
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, June 22, 2015
What makes the perfect development board? There are thousands of dev kit solutions on the market today, yet engineers around the world are still seeking the perfect one that meets all of their design needs. The element14 Community is trying to find that perfect board with the DreamBoard project R...
Living in a multi-processor world
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, June 19, 2015
In days past, processors hung out with their own kind. I got out of school in the early 80s and worked at the new Microprocessor Group at Signetics, a now defunct semiconductor company. Very early in the game – starting in 1975 – Signetics had its 2650 processor, but by the time I got th...
A solution for standards overload
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, June 17, 2015
One year ago, I would have told you, “We need standards! There are no standards!” It was the Wild West of the Internet of Things (IoT) and people were running in opposite directions, doing their own thing. In the past year, however, there has been rapid expansion in IoT standards. In som...
SV's New Website and Product Search Function
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, June 16, 2015
SV Microwave launched their new ultimate user-friendly Product Search Function
Antaira Launches High Gigabit Bandwidth 12-Port Unmanaged PoE Switches-LNP-1202G-SFP/ LNP-1204G-SFP series.
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, June 16, 2015
Antaira Technologies'' is proud to announce the expansion of its industrial networking infrastructure family with the introduction of the LNP-1202G-SFP and LNP-1204G-SFP series.
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