The hidden world of the IIoT: Between sensors and the cloud
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, December 24, 2014
When you think about the Internet of Things (IoT), chances are that you think about sensor-enabled devices or cloud-based applications. But what’s happening between the sensors and the cloud? The answer: complicated and necessary processes that turn lots of small data into big data. These proc...
Protecting the IoT and connected automotive systems against purpose-built attacks
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, December 23, 2014
By now we’ve all heard the astounding statistics – Gartner is forecasting that the Internet of Things (IoT) will include 26 billion units installed by 2020. IoT product and service suppliers will generate incremental revenues exceeding $300 billion with a $1.9 trillion global economic va...
Five Minutes with Jack Ganssle
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, December 23, 2014
Sensor-enabled nodes support the IoT for smart buildings and smart transport
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, December 23, 2014
The global Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon is opening?unparalleled opportunities for sensor technology. A recent presentation at the IDTechEx?Conference claimed that the bill of materials (BOM) for an IoT node is?split evenly between sensors and transceiver (at 45 percent each), with a small?par...
Reshaping vehicle insurance with telematics sytems
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, December 23, 2014
Usage-based insurance (UBI) is a hot topic: it delivers tangible benefits to consumers, the insurance industry, and society, but despite the huge potential the market is largely untapped. Right now the number of UBI policies in the world is a mere 5.5 million, with the majority in North America. How...
White Paper: Top 3 Strategies to Reduce Risk In Automotive/In-Vehicle Software Development
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, December 23, 2014
Developing in-vehicle embedded applications is a safety, security, and quality challenge. Given that cars and trucks are increasingly connected to each other and to the devices around them, it’s becoming harder and harder to ensure that software is functional and free from risk. Development te...
Edge Management System missing link in IoT chain?
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, December 23, 2014
Earlier this week, Wind River announced a new platform for Internet of Things (IoT) device management, the Wind River Edge Management System. The cloud-based platform facilitates device management through a centralized console, and will be integrated into Intel's IoT Gateway Solutions. This announce...
Multicore goes mainstream
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, December 23, 2014
Today, the Linux kernel runs on a wide array of computer?architectures and in various types of devices, from mobile phones to?supercomputers. The versatility of this operating system (OS) enables it to be?deployed across embedded single-core chips to server systems on chip (SoCs)?with several proces...
Optical sensor integrates touchless gesture detection and Mobeam technology
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, December 23, 2014
ams, the company formerly known as Austria Micro Systems, recently released a family of intelligent sensors that integrate six key sensing functions, including gesture detection and Mobeam barcode emulation. The TMG399x product family is suited for touchless gesture control and display management in...
OTA update possibilities put automotive on the road to V2X
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, December 23, 2014
From recall remedy to feature enhancement, auto manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers have been investigating the possibilities of over-the-air (OTA) vehicle software updates as a way to reduce maintenance costs and improve functionality. But while automakers such as Tesla, General Motors, and Audi are...
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