Computational methods for aberration correction in simple lens imaging
Optical Design & Engineering, 41 minutes ago
Modern convex optimization approaches for aberration correction enable high-quality imaging with simple lens optics.
Improving imaging system design
Optical Design & Engineering, April 10, 2014
A new system-level approach can be used to produce cameras with better detection range and reduced size, weight, power, and cost.
Deposition rate controller
Optical Design & Engineering, April 08, 2014
Generating light with control of polarization direction
Optical Design & Engineering, April 07, 2014
Group III-nitride semiconductor quantum dots on elongated pyramids enable direct generation of light with controllable polarization for imaging and display applications.
LED modules
Optical Design & Engineering, March 27, 2014
Game conference focuses on 3D
Optical Design & Engineering, March 18, 2014
Wall Street Journal 17 March 2014
Distortions to visual field expansion with high-power Fresnel prisms
Optical Design & Engineering, March 11, 2014
Directing prism serration outward rather than eyeward results in wide field expansion and fewer spurious reflections for patients.
Controlling liquid crystal defects
Optical Design & Engineering, March 11, 2014
A novel approach creates flower-shaped textures that can be used to grow lenses on curved surfaces.
A power stitching tool
Optical Design & Engineering, March 10, 2014
Using a Fourier-based phase correlation method and progressively coalescing strongly connected components permits terabytes of optical microscopy data to be assembled correctly more rapidly than previously.
Fabry-Perot laser
Optical Design & Engineering, March 07, 2014
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