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Quantum-like polarization metrology with classical light
Optical Design & Engineering, March 19, 2015
Light beams with nonuniform polarization patterns with the same properties as entangled quantum systems can perform tasks that are commonly believed impossible in classical optics.
First solid-state cooling below 100K
Optical Design & Engineering, March 13, 2015
Advances in material purity and laser light absorption offer new possibilities for vibration-free cryogenic cooling.
Screen-free display formed using retro-reflector
Optical Design & Engineering, March 03, 2015
An aerial display on which signage pops up has been realized using retro-reflective sheeting, an LED panel, and a half mirror.
Fabricating tools for optically actuated microrobotics
Optical Design & Engineering, March 03, 2015
Using focused light beams to suspend and autonomously control microscopic tools in 3D enables novel ways to investigate the microscale world.
Megapixel lens series
Optical Design & Engineering, February 24, 2015
CMOS and CCD cameras
Optical Design & Engineering, February 20, 2015
Allied Vision Technologies
Increasing light-induced forces with photonic crystals
Optical Design & Engineering, February 19, 2015
A new structure of free-standing 1D porous silicon foils is configured to produce forces that are 500 times greater than conventional optical tweezers.
Optics cleaning guide
Optical Design & Engineering, February 12, 2015
Optical Surfaces Ltd.
Plano-concave micro lenses
Optical Design & Engineering, February 06, 2015
Ross Optical Industries
Fast 3D imaging in optical microscopy
Optical Design & Engineering, February 04, 2015
A new spatial-spectral technique based on volume holographic methods can be used to acquire resolved images from multiple depths simultaneously.
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