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Miniature droplet lenses for mobile microscopy
Optical Design & Engineering, May 09, 2015
Harnessing millimeter-sized liquid droplets enables fabrication of high-power solid lenses of varying focal lengths for use in mobile devices.
Piezo mirror tilting system
Optical Design & Engineering, May 08, 2015
piezosystem jena
Focusing ultrashort laser pulses with achromatic doublets
Optical Design & Engineering, May 06, 2015
Spatial-temporal spreading dramatically increases pulse duration and spot size, and decreases pulse intensity.
Comment period open on munitions export rules
Optical Design & Engineering, May 05, 2015
SPIE Newsroom 5 May 2015
Transparent conductive film
Optical Design & Engineering, April 30, 2015
Simple super-resolution biological imaging
Optical Design & Engineering, April 29, 2015
High-index microspheres embedded in elastomer or immersed in liquid allow straightforward super-resolution imaging of biological, metallic, and semiconductor structures.
Watching photons on the fly
Optical Design & Engineering, April 21, 2015
Combining a new computational optical imaging method with a streak camera enables 2D ultrafast photography of nonrepetitive events at 100 billion frames per second.
Optical mounts
Optical Design & Engineering, April 17, 2015
Siskiyou Corporation
Static real-time capture of 3D microscopy images
Optical Design & Engineering, April 16, 2015
Inserting a liquid lens at the aperture stop avoids mechanical movements in widefield microscopy.
Eliminating light leakage in a liquid crystal display
Optical Design & Engineering, April 16, 2015
Using pairs of orthogonal wave plates can eliminate light leakage from liquid crystal displays to allow higher-quality dark images.
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