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Electronic contact lenses may replace reading glasses
Optical Design & Engineering, January 19, 2015
Electronic contact lenses can switch between different focal powers, functioning similarly to putting on and taking off reading glasses.
Bi-telecentric lenses
Optical Design & Engineering, January 16, 2015
Infrared detectors
Optical Design & Engineering, January 16, 2015
Opto Diode
Quantifying thermal lensing in solid-state lasers
Optical Design & Engineering, January 16, 2015
Considering the three main contributors to thermal lensing in solid-state laser materials sheds light on conflicting earlier work, and enables direct comparison of various laser glasses.
A beam-splitting photovoltaic thermal receiver for solar concentrators
Optical Design & Engineering, January 08, 2015
A photovoltaic thermal receiver that separates incoming light energy by wavelength can produce electricity and thermal output of 150? simultaneously.
Extreme adaptive optics for the detection of extrasolar planets
Optical Design & Engineering, January 05, 2015
The new Spectro-Polarimetric High-contrast Exoplanet Research instrument on the Very Large Telescope in Chile has an unprecedented angular resolution.
Novel materials for improved photon upconversion
Optical Design & Engineering, December 31, 2014
A new solid-state-like material contains nanocellulose capsules embedded within a matrix of nanofibers, and can operate for long periods in a dry oxygen-rich atmosphere.
Increasing the sensitivity of future exoplanet observations
Optical Design & Engineering, December 29, 2014
A new high-contrast coronagraphic testbed has been developed to provide solutions for direct imaging of circumstellar environments.
Compound-eye-based multidimensional imager
Optical Design & Engineering, December 23, 2014
Compound-eye optics enable a simple and scalable 2D scanner to observe more than 2D optical signals without sacrificing spatial or temporal resolution.
Ion beam processing for ultra-smooth glass-ceramic optics
Optical Design & Engineering, December 19, 2014
A novel technique involves a deterministic material addition and removal method to enable sputtering of dual-phase materials.
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