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Megapixel lens series
Optical Design & Engineering, February 24, 2015
CMOS and CCD cameras
Optical Design & Engineering, February 20, 2015
Allied Vision Technologies
Increasing light-induced forces with photonic crystals
Optical Design & Engineering, February 19, 2015
A new structure of free-standing 1D porous silicon foils is configured to produce forces that are 500 times greater than conventional optical tweezers.
Optics cleaning guide
Optical Design & Engineering, February 12, 2015
Optical Surfaces Ltd.
Plano-concave micro lenses
Optical Design & Engineering, February 06, 2015
Ross Optical Industries
Fast 3D imaging in optical microscopy
Optical Design & Engineering, February 04, 2015
A new spatial-spectral technique based on volume holographic methods can be used to acquire resolved images from multiple depths simultaneously.
Increasing satellite communication range
Optical Design & Engineering, February 02, 2015
A high-power laser diode has been demonstrated that will provide an order of magnitude increase in brightness compared with conventional devices.
Finalist proposals named for photonics manufacturing institute funding
Optical Design & Engineering, January 30, 2015
SPIE Newsroom 30 January 2015
Compact optical probe for inner profile measurements of pipes
Optical Design & Engineering, January 30, 2015
A new instrument can measure objects with apertures that range from 20 to 200mm or more, and consists of a laser diode, a conical mirror, and a miniature CCD or CMOS camera.
Laser pioneer Charles Townes dies at 99
Optical Design & Engineering, January 28, 2015
SPIE Newsroom 28 January 2015
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