First 2D Atomic Piezoelectric Discovered
CommsDesign, 17 hours ago
The world''s first 2D monolayer material has been shown to be piezoelectric, enabling a new era of super-sensitive sensors, and when stacked, a new power source for wearables and IoT.
Spansion Expands MCUs With IoT on Its Radar
CommsDesign, 17 hours ago
Spansion has unveiled 96 new MCUs, additions to the company''s FM4 family based on the ARM Cortext-M4F core. Running at 200MHz, they offer up to 2MB flash memory, a large set of interfaces, security, and 5V I/O.
Computer Vision Opens New API
CommsDesign, 17 hours ago
The Khronos Group has officially released OpenVX, a high-level applications programming interface for computer vision apps.
IoT Group Turns Off TV Band
CommsDesign, 17 hours ago
The Weightless SIG is turning away from its TV White Spaces effort and moving up-band to 900 MHz with the help of NWave Technologies, which joins the Internet of Things effort.
IBM, GF Strike Historic Fab Deal
CommsDesign, 17 hours ago
IBM will transfer its two loss-making fabs to GlobalFoundries along with $1.5 billion in cash and related patents in a deal that could take a year to get regulatory approval and even longer to sort out its implications for both companies? roadmaps.
CodinGame Helps Hone Programming Skills
CommsDesign, 17 hours ago
CodinGame''s forthcomoing challenge will involve developers from around the world competing in the creation of a tool that gamifies the process of recruiting and interviewing for high-tech jobs.
As Revenue Dips, China Mobile Pushes 4G
CommsDesign, 17 hours ago
China Mobile''s 2014 nine-month income fell by 9.7% compared with the same period a year ago, and profits dipped for the fifth-straight quarter.
Understanding Peak Floating-Point Performance Calculations
CommsDesign, 17 hours ago
FPGAs with hardened floating-point DSP blocks are now available, providing up to 10,000 GFLOPs in high-end devices.
Swapfests: Good Sources of Used Test Equipment
CommsDesign, 17 hours ago
You can always find vintage test equipment such as meters and oscilloscopes, many from companies that are long gone.
The Best of the Best Videos on YouTube
CommsDesign, October 18, 2014
If you were compiling a list of ''The Best of the Best Videos on YouTube, which ones would you choose?
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