Got torsional machine vibration? Map and address it with symbolic and numeric software analysis
Machine Design - Basics of Design Engineering, 8 hours ago
Dr. Thanh-Son Dao, Application Engineer, Maplesoft of Waterloo Maple Inc., Waterloo, Ontario Software can generate lumped-mass models with symbolic and numeric inputs to predict whether machines will propagate or damp vibrations. Lumped-mass models can be combined with experimental measurements for ...
Are Smartphones The Future Of Thermal Imaging? - Headline News, 8 hours ago
Thermal imaging has been found to have numerous applications within various industries - within the manufacturing world, it has been widely utilised for predictive maintenance. The infrared image can instantly detect if a system is overheating, therefore problems are caught early, and pre-emptive ac...
Slide show: Scenes from the SAE World Congress 2014
Machine Design - Industry Applications, April 11, 2014
Interesting technologies on display at the Society of Automotive Engineers show this year ranged from piston engines without connecting rods to dual-clutch transmissions and A/C evaporators that work even when the engine is off. read more
Marine and Offshore CFD Simulation
Desktop Engineering Magazine, March 28, 2014
IV&C Video Systems Monitor Pipeline Operations, June 14, 2013
IVC video systems are used by several large natural gas producers to monitor a variety of facilities in their pipeline operations including pump stations, compressor stations, delivery terminals, and receiving terminals for an array of pre-refined crude and refined hydrocarbon products.