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Verizon: Who Needs the iPhone?
BusinessWeek Online -- Technology, 13 hours ago
To stay ahead of AT&T and Apple, Verizon is placing a big bet on Android smartphones and other new gadgets
The Latest Example of Wearables Moving into Clinical Realm
DeviceTalk, 13 hours ago
Nasa selects instruments for exploration of Jupiter''s moon, Europa
Aerospace Technology, 13 hours ago
Nasa has progressed its mission to Jupiter''s moon Europa with the selection of scientific instruments to study whether the icy moon is suitable for sustaining life.
Bear scurries around Wyoming city, falls asleep, gets caught
AP Top Science News, 13 hours ago
CASPER, Wyo. (AP) -- After leading wildlife officials on a daylong chase through a Wyoming city, an exhausted young black bear fell asleep under a tree....
Biological effects of exposure to magnetic resonance imaging: an overview
Source, 13 hours ago
The literature on biological effects of magnetic and electromagnetic fields commonly utilized in magnetic resonance imaging systems is surveyed here. After an introduction on the basic principles of magnetic resonance imaging and the electric and magnetic properties of biological tissues, the basic ...
A New Amphibious 6?6 Armored Vehicle to Replace the BRDM-2 in Polish Army Service
Defense Update, May 27, 2015
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First images of collisions at 13 TeV -- Large Hadron Collider: $150 million upgradation by CERN delivers exciting promises and new future of science -- First high powered particle collision photos from CERN -- Large Hadron Collider busts energy-level benchmark -- CERN''s Large Hadron Collider breaks...
Development and performance analysis of Si-CaP/fine particulate bone powder combined grafts for bone regeneration
Source, May 22, 2015
Background: Although autogenous bone grafts as well as several bone graft substitute material have been used for some time, there is high demand for more efficient and less costly bone-substitute materials. Silicon-substituted calcium phosphates (Si-CaP) and fine particulate bone powder (FPBP) prepa...
Crashing the third-party - Why mixed-vendor BEMS will leave you with an uncontrollable hangover
Engineers Edge - News, January 23, 2015
There may be short term cost benefits to using a hybrid BEMS plant, but the long term costs may leave you wishing you''d initially opted for a single vendor''s solution.