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Verizon: Who Needs the iPhone?
BusinessWeek Online -- Technology, 3 hours ago
To stay ahead of AT&T and Apple, Verizon is placing a big bet on Android smartphones and other new gadgets
Effect of Contour Shape of Nervous System Electromagnetic Stimulation Coils on the Induced Electrical Field Distribution
Source, 3 hours ago
Background: Electromagnetic stimulation of the nervous system has the advantage of reduced discomfort in activating nerves. For brain structures stimulation, it has become a clinically accepted modality. Coil designs usually consider factors such as optimization of induced power, focussing, field sh...
FDA Approving Devices Faster
DeviceTalk, 3 hours ago
TESTIA to commercialise Structural Monitoring Systems' aircraft cracks monitoring technology
Aerospace Technology, 3 hours ago
Structural Monitoring Systems (SMS) has partnered with TESTIA, to commercialise its Comparative Vacuum Monitoring (CVM) technology for aircraft.
Northrop Grumman and Aerovironment are developing a new naval drone for DARPA
Defense Update, March 24, 2015
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Robust phase-based texture descriptor for classification of breast ultrasound images
Source, March 24, 2015
Background: Classification of breast ultrasound (BUS) images is an important step in the computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system for breast cancer. In this paper, a novel phase-based texture descriptor is proposed for efficient and robust classifiers to discriminate benign and malignant tumors in BUS ...
Newswire: 10 March 2015 - Fermilab: Scientists find rare dwarf satellite galaxy candidates in Dark Energy Survey data - Particle Physics News, March 16, 2015
Scientists on two continents have independently discovered a set of celestial objects that seem to belong to the rare category of dwarf satellite galaxies orbiting our home galaxy, the Milky Way. Dwarf galaxies are the smallest known galaxies, and they could hold the key to understanding dark matter...
Crashing the third-party - Why mixed-vendor BEMS will leave you with an uncontrollable hangover
Engineers Edge - News, January 23, 2015
There may be short term cost benefits to using a hybrid BEMS plant, but the long term costs may leave you wishing you''d initially opted for a single vendor''s solution.