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IBM Bullish on Flash Storage in 2015
InfoStor - Top News, 5 hours ago
An IBM insider offers a peek into the IT giant''s flash storage playbook for 2015.
The Importance of Serial Interfaces in FPGA Designs
Design News - Software & Hardware, January 27, 2015
NexGen Debuts New Hybrid Flash Arrays in Wake of SanDisk Spin-Out
InfoStor - Top News, January 27, 2015
The newly-independent company announces new hybrid flash storage arrays and ioControl storage software.
HGST Hard Drives the Most Reliable: Backblaze
InfoStor - Top News, January 26, 2015
The cloud backup company ranks HGST as the top provider of reliable 4 TB hard drives.
Kaminario''s Latest Funding Round Swells to $68M
InfoStor - Top News, January 23, 2015
The data storage systems provider adds another $15 million to its most recent funding round as demand for its midrange all-flash arrays picks up.
Egnyte Embraces Big Data Analytics for Smart File Sync and Share
InfoStor - Top News, January 20, 2015
New analytics capabilities offer enterprises data-driven insights into their file sharing environments.
How Do You Get Started Designing with FPGAs? Here?s How
Design News - Software & Hardware, January 16, 2015
EMC Unveils ViPR and ScaleIO Software Updates
InfoStor - Top News, January 16, 2015
The data storage giant rings in 2015 with new flash management, data protection and virtual SAN capabilities.
9 Storage Startups to Watch
InfoStor - Top News, January 15, 2015
The data storage sector is hot – and these storage startups are set to grab a piece of the expanding market.
CommVault Tackles Endpoint Data Protection, Unveils New NetApp Backup Appliance
InfoStor - Top News, January 14, 2015
The cloud backup specialist turns its attention to laptops, desktop PCs and mobile devices a day after introducing a NetApp-based backup appliance.
Dell Sets $25K All-Flash Array Entry Fee
InfoStor - Top News, January 13, 2015
New, lower-priced SC Series arrays allow businesses to add flash to their storage environments for less.
SanDisk Spins Off NexGen Hybrid Array Unit
InfoStor - Top News, January 09, 2015
Focusing on its SSD business, the company has decided to let its hybrid storage array division stand on its own.
IoT Kit Fast Tracks Product Design
Design News - Software & Hardware, January 09, 2015
Asigra Brings Cloud Backup to Docker Containers
InfoStor - Top News, January 07, 2015
Company delivers the "industry first" enterprise cloud backup provider for Docker''s white-hot virtualization technology.
Cloud storage: Is It All About Cost?
InfoStor - Top News, January 06, 2015
Choosing the optimal cloud storage solution requires looking at many variables, far beyond mere cost.
Seagate Slims Down External Storage at CES
InfoStor - Top News, January 05, 2015
The hard drive maker debuts a svelte new 500 GB external drive and more storage options for the digital home.
Last Word: Connect(); the Past to the Future
MSDN Magazine, January 03, 2015
It''s been years in the making, but MSDN Magazine Director Keith Boyd says that Microsoft has made the transformation from PC and server software company to a true cloud-first, mobile-first innovator.Keith BoydMSDN Magazine Special Issue 2014
Editor''s Note: Building on Connect();
MSDN Magazine, January 03, 2015
The Visual Studio 2015 and Microsoft Azure special issue of MSDN Magazine offers a glimpse at the broad and deep innovation unveiled at the Microsoft Connect(); event in New York City.Michael DesmondMSDN Magazine Special Issue 2014
C++: Visual C++ 2015 Brings Modern C++ to the Windows API
MSDN Magazine, January 03, 2015
Kenny Kerr shows you how to implement IUnknown and IInspectable entirely in modern C++, without any language extensions, interface tables, or other macros.Kenny KerrMSDN Magazine Special Issue 2014
C# and Visual Basic: Use Roslyn to Write a Live Code Analyzer for Your API
MSDN Magazine, January 03, 2015
Can the .NET Compiler Platform change what it means to write a Microsoft .NET Framework API? Learn about diagnostic analyzers, a key new feature of Visual Studio 2015 that lets a NuGet package introduce custom warnings and errors to your build.Alex TurnerMSDN Magazine Special Issue 2014