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Global Icons Go Dark for Earth Hour
MSNBC Science Headlines, 9 hours ago
Lights went out in cities around the world for Earth Hour to raise awareness of environmental issues.
Drought: ''Bathtub'' Ring Grows as Lake Powell Recedes
MSNBC Science Headlines, 9 hours ago
The man-made lake is at risk of recording its lowest level since its creation.
Lake Chad and a Bodele Dust Plume
Earth Observatory , 9 hours ago
Desert meets woodland in Africa, punctuated by an ancient lake.
Solar Cell Efficiency Could Improve with Moth-Iinspired Coating
9 hours ago
Researchers in Singapore develop an anti-reflective coating inspired by the compound lenses in moth eyes to help boost solar cell efficiency and sharpen the view of image sensors.
Powering the Future of Automotive Innovation
Invention Machine Blog, 9 hours ago
Last week, J.D. Power and Associates released its 2012 U.S. Initial Quality Study. The annual study, now in its 26th year, serves as the industry benchmark for new-vehicle quality measured at 90 days of ownership. The study is used extensively by manufacturers worldwide to help them design and deliv...
Before You Develop Your Next Product, Tune into Your Customers
Invention Machine Blog, 9 hours ago
Study after study finds products failing in large numbers and largely due to products insufficiently meeting the wants and needs of consumers. Listening to customers does not mean bowing to their every request.  But it does mean understanding: What customers like or dislike about your current p...
The Connected Enterprise: Making Information Actionable to Drive Innovation
Invention Machine Blog, 9 hours ago
For most global manufacturers, connecting innovation teams to one another –  and to the information and insights necessary to advance innovation – remains a critical and unmet challenge. And, despite the growing availability and amount of data around the globe on the Internet, ...
Empowering Knowledge-Driven Product Development
Invention Machine Blog, 9 hours ago
For centuries, breakthroughs in innovation have relied on breakthroughs in collecting, analyzing and leveraging past knowledge and expertise.  Businesses today are amassing mountains of customer, product, market, and other data.  With the amount of information that companies hold increasin...
IBM CEO Study Finds `Connectivity' Essential to Fueling Innovation
Invention Machine Blog, 9 hours ago
IBM’s latest study of more than 1700 CEOs across 60 countries and every industry suggests CEOs are looking to new and deeper ‘connections’ with employees, customers and partners to fuel innovation, grow market share and dive into new markets. To achieve competitive differentiation ...
What Information Do Engineers Seek?
Invention Machine Blog, 9 hours ago
Whether tasked with developing new products, updating and extending existing products or streamlining production, there is a lot of information that engineers need in order: Develop knowledge and expertise Obtain the latest technology and market trends Solve problems Develop solutions Research via f...
Social Technologies to Promote Collaborative Innovation
Invention Machine Blog, 9 hours ago
When it comes to innovation, most companies rely on a blend of internal and external resources and inputs, with forward-looking organizations leveraging customers, partners and experts outside the company's four walls.  So, what tools and resources do engineers and other innovation workers use ...
INFOGRAPHIC: Challenges in Innovation Decision-Making
Invention Machine Blog, 9 hours ago
For engineers, scientists, researchers and other technical personnel, the ability to access and leverage knowledge is critical. Unfortunately, with valuable technical knowledge increasingly dispersed across and beyond an organization, product development teams often fail to find the inform...
Does Big Data Fuel Your Innovation Decisions?
Invention Machine Blog, 9 hours ago
This week, the Big Data Innovation Summit is here in Boston (home to Invention Machine, recently acquired by IHS).  Execs across industries will come together to strategize how best to capitalize on of the wealth of Big Data flooding their organizations.  The goal? Enhance company performa...
INFOGRAPHIC: Exploring the Deep Web with Semantic Search
Invention Machine Blog, 9 hours ago
The Web is fast becoming a titanic, complex entity. By the year 2015, it's estimated that one zettabyte of content will be added to the web each and every year. Navigating this sea of information presents more and more of a challenge -- particularly when much of that content is not easily accessed b...
Why Keyword Search is Ill-Suited to Product Development
Invention Machine Blog, 9 hours ago
Traditional keyword search is designed to help knowledge workers find information that they know exists - a part number, for example, or a named document, or a subject matter expert's name in a document.  For these kinds of applications, keyword search is the right tool for the job.  ...
Exploit Global Knowledge with Cross-Language Semantic Search
Invention Machine Blog, 9 hours ago
Product development has gone global - with products being created, part by part, at manufacturing centers across the globe. Roles and tasks, from manufacturing to R&D, have also become increasingly globally distributed. The benefits to global product teams are many and include shortening develop...
Study Underscores Challenges Companies Face Accessing and Leveraging Standards and Product Information
Invention Machine Blog, 9 hours ago
A recent survey, sponsored by Supply & Demand Chain Executive and IHS, explores the roadblocks organizations face managing the ever-increasing amount of critical business information flowing inside and outside their organization.  Over the last several years, the array and volume of informa...
Managing the Information Tsunami to Accelerate Product Design & Development
Invention Machine Blog, 9 hours ago
40 percent.  Just four out of every ten manufacturers claim they have the decision-making capabilities necessary to innovate. The preponderance of information available to product development teams is growing - in volume and in complexity - at an incredible rate.  From internal knowledge t...
Knowledge-Enabled Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
Invention Machine Blog, 9 hours ago
FMEA is a best-practice methodology for analyzing potential reliability problems early in the product or process development cycle when they are easier to correct.  It's used in product development, systems engineering, reliability engineering, and operations management to help teams identify p...
Accelerate the Identification of Standards Critical to Product Design
Invention Machine Blog, 9 hours ago
How does your organization stay on top of tried-and-true best practices and engineering technologies affecting product or process design and development? If you are like most engineers, standards are a critical component in the early stages of the product design process. Standards help engineers sav...