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Does music strike a chord with everyone?
New Scientist - Latest Headlines, 12 hours ago
Stephen McAdams played movie tunes to Mbenz?l? pygmies in the Congo rainforest to find out whether music is a universal language
Africa''s parks must be off limits for oil and gas
New Scientist - Latest Headlines, 12 hours ago
There are better ways to help Africa prosper than ripping up protected park borders in the hunt for oil and gas, says Curtis Abraham
New Google security chief looks for balance with privacy
PhysOrg, 12 hours ago
Google has a new sheriff keeping watch over the wilds of the Internet.
Samsung removes logo on smartphones in Japan
PhysOrg, 12 hours ago
Samsung has removed its corporate logo from its new smartphones sold in Japan, a company spokeswoman confirmed Saturday.
Canada revises upward CO2 emission data since 1990
PhysOrg, 12 hours ago
Canada revised its greenhouse gas emission data from 1990 to 2013 in a report Friday, showing it had higher carbon dioxide discharges each year, and a doubling of emissions from its oil sands.
China''s struggle for water security
PhysOrg, 12 hours ago
Way back in 1999, before he became China''s prime minister, Wen Jiabao warned that water scarcity posed one of the greatest threats to the "survival of the nation".
United States, China team explore energy harvesting
PhysOrg, 12 hours ago
Six authors have described their work in harvesting energy in a paper titled "Ultrathin, Rollable, Paper-Based Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Acoustic Energy Harvesting and Self-Powered Sound Recording." Translation: A paper microphone may help charge your cellphone. Jacob Aron in New Scientist wro...
Fish detection system for toxins wins Chinese company invention award
PhysOrg, 12 hours ago
A method for detecting toxins through the reactions of fish embryos has won Chinese company Vitargent International a top prize for inventions, organisers said Friday.
Group wants to bring back Native Hawaiian burial traditions
PhysOrg, 12 hours ago
A group of Native Hawaiians wants to bring back a centuries-old island burial practice that it says is more environmentally friendly than some modern interment methods.
Obama says ''no greater threat to planet than climate change''
PhysOrg, 12 hours ago
US President Barack Obama said Saturday that climate change poses the world''s biggest single threat.
New England Aquarium offering penguins ''honeymoon suites''
PhysOrg, 12 hours ago
The New England Aquarium wants its endangered African penguins to get a little steamy.
Quantum dot TVs are unveiled at China tech expo
PhysOrg, 12 hours ago
At this month''s China Information Technology Expo (CITE) event, a headline-maker was the launch of quantum dot televisions, by QD Vision and Konka, the consumer electronics company. QD Vision''s calling card in this instance is all about its Color IQ optics. Konka''s claim to fame in this instance ...
Wow! The Most Amazing Images in Science This Week
culture, 12 hours ago
Curious whales and zombie worms, amazing spiders and endangered frogs represent just a few of our favorite images this week.
Applied physics helps decipher causes of sudden death
Science Daily, 12 hours ago
Sudden cardiac death accounts for approximately 10% of natural deaths, most of which are due to ventricular fibrillation. Each year it causes 300,000 deaths in the United States. Researchers have demonstrated for the first time that the transition to calcium alternans, an arrhythmia associated with ...
Cancer and chemobrain: Cancer diagnosis affects cognitive function
Science Daily, 12 hours ago
Breast cancer patients often display mild cognitive defects even before the initiation of chemotherapy. A new study now attributes the syndrome to post-traumatic stress induced by diagnosis of the disease.
Forming school networks to educate ''the new mainstream''
Science Daily, 12 hours ago
While responding to shifting student demographics, new support networks form among teachers and between schools, according to a new study of a group of schools moving from monolingual to bilingual instruction to serve increasingly diverse student populations.
What is a Wormhole?
references, 12 hours ago
A wormhole is a theoretical passage through space-time that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe.
WATCH LIVE NOW: SpaceX Cargo Launch, Reusable Rocket Test
spaceflight, 12 hours ago
SpaceX aims to launch its Dragon spacecraft toward the International Space Station today, then bring the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket back to Earth for a landing. The liftoff is scheduled for 4:10 p.m. EDT; watch live here, beginning at 3 p.m. EDT.
Impacts of Gulf oil spill on marine organisms on Gulf coast
Science Daily, 12 hours ago
Researchers have determined the impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on marine organisms such as oysters, conch, shrimp, corals as well as marine plankton (microalgae or phytoplankton, rotifers or zooplankton), which provide the basis of coastal and oceanic food webs.
Seafood samples had no elevated contaminant levels from oil spill, study shows
Science Daily, 12 hours ago
Following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in 2010, many people were concerned that seafood was contaminated by either the oil or dispersants used to keep the oil from washing ashore. A new study found that all seafood tested so far has shown "remarkably low contaminant levels," based on FDA standard...