Unleashing the Power of the Bilingual Mind (Op-Ed)
culture, 16 hours ago
Can mixing languages in your mind help you learn both?
How Shakespeare''s intensity may help people with autism
New Scientist - Latest Headlines, 16 hours ago
A special retelling of The Tempest shows how people with autism may be able to tap into the rhythmic heart of Shakespeare''s plays
HIV treatment: Interfering with interferon
Science Daily, 16 hours ago
Using the body''s natural virus killers to prevent and treat HIV infection has been problematic until now because of the strong inflammatory response these molecules can arouse as they get rid of the invaders. Now, research has demonstrated how suppressing the activity of these molecules -- interfer...
Madrid Begins Electric Bike Sharing
IEEE Spectrum, 16 hours ago
IT is bane and salvation of the latest bike-sharing program
Local education politics ''far from dead''
PhysOrg, 16 hours ago
Teach for America, known for recruiting teachers, is also setting its sights on capturing school board seats across the nation. Surprisingly, however, political candidates from the program aren''t just pushing its national education agenda, they''re advancing local issues as well, according to a new...
101 Geysers Spotted on Saturn''s Icy Moon Enceladus
science-astronomy, 16 hours ago
The icy Saturn moon Enceladus sports at least 101 geysers, which reach all the way down to the satellite''s subsurface ocean, new research suggests.
Marathon Span: World''s Longest Sea Bridge Opens
msnbc.msn.com, 17 hours ago
China opened the world''s longest bridge over water on Thursday. The Jiaozhou Bay bridge is 26.4 miles long, according to Guinness World Records. It links China''s eastern port city of Qingdao to Huangdao island. State-run CCTV said the 110-foot-wide bridge cost more than 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billi...
Report: Email volume rises 13% in Q3
BtoB Magazine, December 20, 2013
New York-Overall email volume increased by 12.7% in the third quarter compared with the year-earlier period, and unique open rates rose 6.0%, according to a new report by Experian Marketing Services.