Physicists push new Parkinson''s treatment toward clinical trials
Science Daily, 4 hours ago
The most effective way to tackle debilitating diseases is to punch them at the start and keep them from growing. Research shows that a small ''molecular tweezer'' keeps proteins from clumping, or aggregating, the first step of neurological disorders such as Parkinson''s disease, Alzheimer''s disease...
Blue skies on tap, whenever you need them
New Scientist - Latest Headlines, 4 hours ago
A lighting system that combines white LEDs with nanoparticles can mimic a natural sunny day, even when the skies outside are grey and gloomy
WEBCAST REPLAYS: Lyrid Meteor Shower Webcasts from NASA, Slooh
skywatching, 4 hours ago
NASA and the online Slooh community telescope will host separate webcasts featuring the Lyrid meteor shower tonight (April 21) and into the wee hours of Tuesday (April 22) morning. Here''s how to watch live.
Study of Motion Sheds New Light on Autism and The Brain
health, 4 hours ago
Our eyes detect light by converting it into electrochemical impulses. These are detected by brain and used to see but also to detect movement. How the brain processes visual information such as motion can lead to insights into autism.
As Drug War Rages, Tweets Reveal Mexicans' Emotional Numbness
Scientific American - News, 4 hours ago
Tweets from citizens on the front lines of the country’s conflicts with drug cartels indicate desensitization to the growing violence -- Read more on
Paleoanthropologists use models to show humans may have left Africa earlier than thought
PhysOrg, 5 hours ago
( -A team of European researchers is suggesting that humans dispersed out of Africa in multiple waves, rather than in just one, and that it occurred much earlier than has been previously thought. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the group describe...
Bulletproofing the Grid
IEEE Spectrum, 5 hours ago
A gun attack on a Silicon Valley substation has utilities looking to boost physical security
Trash to Treasure: Turning Steel-mill Waste into Bricks
Eurekalert!, 6 hours ago
Scientists are reporting development and successful testing of a promising new way of using a troublesome byproduct of the global steel industry as raw materials for bricks that can be used in construction projects. Their study appears in ACS'' Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.
Report: Email volume rises 13% in Q3
BtoB Magazine, December 20, 2013
New York-Overall email volume increased by 12.7% in the third quarter compared with the year-earlier period, and unique open rates rose 6.0%, according to a new report by Experian Marketing Services.