Supersonic Car: What It''ll Be Like To Drive At 1,000 MPH
Discovery News, April 16, 2014
When we''re talking about supersonic travel, usually there are rockets involved - or maybe a daredevil skydiver. But those speeds may be coming down to Earth in a supersonic car designed to go 1,000 miles per hour.
Dyson Wants To Suck Up River Garbage With A Vvacuum-Equipped Barge
DVICE News, April 16, 2014
Finally, somebody is concerned enough to want to clean up the world''s trash-filled rivers.
Touch, Tilt 3-D Images Like You''re Tony Stark
Discovery News, April 14, 2014
The time is coming when we can bat around holographic images like Tony Stark did in Ironman 2. Only instead of holograms, they''re images generated with help from a fog machine. The MisTable project, led by human-computer interaction professor Sriram Subramanian and postdoc Diego Martinez Plasencia,...
Leno''s Steam-Powered 1925 Doble E-20 Is Fascinating
Autoblog, April 14, 2014
The steam-powered car is considered an old-fashioned relic in today''s age, but in his latest video showing off his 1925 Doble E-20, Jay Leno demonstrates that at its best, steam provided a realistic challenge to the internal combustion engine.
Weird light photographed on?Mars
Boing Boing, April 09, 2014
A strange light was visible in photos of Mars like the one above taken by the Curiosity rover last week. Is it a beacon from an underground extraterrestrial base as some UFO researchers suggest, or simply sunlight glinting from a shiny rock? NASA claims it''s likely the latter, but what do they know...
GE''s Wind Turbine Tester Puts Gigantic Drivetrains Through Hell
Gizmodo, April 04, 2014
Modern multi-megawatt wind turbines are downright gargantuan, standing more than 700 feet tall with 260-foot blades spinning 190 mph at the tip. To make sure that these monolithic machines are up for 20 years of energy production, GE has created a tortuous test bed capable of sucking 20 years of lif...
Checking In With Colin Furze, Creator Of The World''s Fastest Mobility Scooter
Autoblog, April 04, 2014
Sit down with Colin in the same shed he uses to craft his own brand of crazy. He talks about his mishaps, his successes and the Guiness Book of World Records that he calls his own.
Microsoft''s Cortana To Rival Siri
BBC News - Technology, April 03, 2014
Microsoft unveils Cortana, a virtual assistant for its Windows Phone platform designed to rival Apple''s Siri and Google Now.
The First of Europe''s New Earth-Monitoring Satellites Launches Today
Engadget RSS Feed, April 03, 2014
If the first step in fixing a problem is knowing about it, then Earth''s worry-list is about to get a lot longer. The European Space Agency is launching the first of six satellites designed to monitor the choppy environmental conditions down here on our fragile planet.
Ebola Outbreak in Guinea ''Limited''
BBC News - Science & Environment, April 02, 2014
The deadly Ebola outbreak in Guinea is limited geographically, says the World Health Organization - contradicting an assessment by a medical charity.
Next-Gen Tank Concept Uses Thermal System To Turn ''Invisible''
DVICE News, April 01, 2014
With a minimal crew and a modular weapons platform, this tank is poised to be a serious threat on the battlefields of the 2020s.
This Super-Sized Cargo Plane Carries NASA''s Biggest Loads
Gizmodo, March 31, 2014
When NASA needs to ship its outsized spacecraft components between production, testing, and launch facilities around the country, there is only one plane big enough, powerful enough, and-most importantly-wide enough to do the job: the Aero Spacelines Super Guppy.
Altitude Sickness ''Two Illnesses''
BBC News - Science & Environment, March 31, 2014
Altitude sickness is actually two distinct illnesses according to research carried out by scientists at Edinburgh University.
Image of the Day: Europe''s Next Spaceship
DVICE News, March 26, 2014
We have the X-37B, and Europe''s fighting back with the IXV, a lifting body orbiter that will launch in October.
Google''s Lightweight Image Format Makes YouTube pages Load 10 Percent Faster
Tech News Headlines - Yahoo News, March 23, 2014
We all want the internet to be faster, right? Well, Google is hoping to make that happen one YouTube thumbnail at a time. Its leaner WebP image format has been used on the Play store for some time now, and Mountain View''s latest venue for the faster-loading files its video service.
Samsung patents Tony Stark''s see-through Phone Screen for a Camera
DVICE News, March 21, 2014
On the downside, we suppose keeping what you''re actually doing on your phone a secret will soon be a thing of the past.
World''s Biggest Aircraft Is Funded by Iron Maiden''s Frontman
Wired Top Stories, March 20, 2014
It looks like a sketch from Howard Hughes'' notebooks, but this massive air ship is real, and currently the biggest aircraft ever produced. It can also be remote-controlled and land on water. And the lead singer of Iron Maiden is an investor.????
Facebook''s Facial Recognition Software is Now as Accurate as the Human Brain, But What Now?
ExtremeTech, March 20, 2014
Facebook''s facial recognition research project, DeepFace (yes really), is now very nearly as accurate as the human brain. DeepFace can look at two photos, and irrespective of lighting or angle, can say with 97.25% accuracy whether the photos contain the same face. Humans can perform the same task w...
"Today in History" Blog: First Female EEngineer in ASCE
Engineering Pathway, March 15, 2014
Today in History - March 14, 1927 - First female engineer in ASCE. Elsie Eaves was the first woman in the US to be elected as a full member to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). When ASCE was founded in 1852, its membership was restricted to men, a policy which eventually led to a sexua...
Ride London''s Abandoned Underground "Mail Rail"
Ars Technica, March 15, 2014
An underground railway that was formerly used to transport post across London is to be converted into a ride for members of the public. The Post Office Underground Railway-AKA the Mail Rail-was the world''s first driverless electric railway. It launched in 1927 and was used to transport tons of post...