Why Did Mars?Die?
Boing Boing, July 22, 2014
Earth and Mars are both so-called "Goldilocks" planets, writes Burkhard Bilger, each large, warm and atmospheric in a way seemingly conducive to life.
Long After Shipping Accident, Lego Never Stops Washing up on a Beach in?England
Boing Boing, July 21, 2014
In storms 17 years ago, the Tokio Express listed so far it lost 62 shipping containers. One of them contained 4.8m pieces of Lego, and they''re still washing up in Cornwall, "offering an insight into the mysterious world of oceans and tides."
Electricity and Seismic Waves Give New View of Mount Rainier''s Volcanic Plumbing
Science 2.0, July 17, 2014
By measuring how fast Earth conducts electricity and seismic waves, researchers have created a detailed picture of Mount Rainier''s deep volcanic plumbing and partly molten rock that will erupt again someday.
Scientists Have Compiled the Most Comprehensive Map of Mars We''ve Ever Seen
The Switch, July 16, 2014
The earliest known maps were simple affairs. Some showed the location of little hills; others, buildings. And they''re old - dating back to 2300 B.C., 1at least. Humans have been perfecting cartography ever since, culminating in the first of what we''d recognize as a "modern" world map: Gerardus Mer...
LG''s Flexible and Transparent OLED Displays Are the Beginning of the E-Paper Revolution
ExtremeTech, July 14, 2014
In 2012 it was a flexible e-ink display. In 2013 it was the slightly flexible OLED display used in the G Flex smartphone. And now in 2014 LG has produced a massive, 18-inch OLED display that can be rolled up into a tight cylinder with a radius of just 3 centimeters (1.2 inches). In addition, LG has ...
IBM Plows $3 Billion Into 7nm ChipRresearch and ''Post-Silicon'' Computer Technology
ExtremeTech, July 10, 2014
IBM has announced that it''s plowing $3 billion into two R&D programs that will hopefully make it the authority on 7-nanometer-and-beyond chip technologies.
Isolated Amazon Tribe Makes Contact With Scientists
Discovery News, July 09, 2014
The tribe emerged from the rainforest and approached a group of scientists, though their motivations are unclear.
In 2015 Tablet Sales Will Finally Surpass PCs, Fulfilling Steve Jobs'' Post-PC Prophecy
ExtremeTech, July 08, 2014
Back in 2010, a few months after the iPad''s release, Steve Jobs predicted that tablets would eventually overtake PCs. Now, according to updated figures from Gartner, after five years of rather crazy tablet growth and slowly declining PC sales, 2015 will be the year that Jobs'' post-PC dream is fina...
Apple May Not Call Patent Troll a "Patent Troll" Before Jury, Says Judge
Gigaom, July 03, 2014
A little known company in Hawaii is demanding patent royalties from most of the mobile device industry. Apple is fighting the demands in court, but will not be allowed to call the company a "patent troll."
NASA''s Flying Saucer Test
Neatorama, June 30, 2014
If you saw a UFO in Hawaii yesterday, consider it identified. NASA has been working on a flying saucer, called the Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD), designed for landing large payloads on Mars. The LDSD was lifted by balloon to about 120,000 feet before it dropped away from the balloon and ...
NASA''s Orion Deep Space Capsule Completes Most Complex Parachute Test Ahead of Maiden Launch
Universe Today, June 29, 2014
A test version of NASA''s Orion deep space capsule has completed its most complex and last full flight-like parachute drop test on June 25 ahead of the maiden launch on the EFT-1 mission now slated for early December 2014. The descent test was conducted at an altitude of 35,000 feet over the Arizona...
The Hottest Jobs In IT: Training Tomorrow''s Data Scientists
Forbes - Tech, June 26, 2014
The rapid growth of big data and analytics for use within businesses has created a huge demand for people capable of extracting knowledge from data.
Here''s What Space Debris Does to the Kevlar Shielding Protecting the International Space Station
ExtremeTech, June 25, 2014
If you''ve seen Gravity, you''ll have noticed how a single piece of space debris can cause a cascade of destruction -- the Kessler effect -- that makes the entirety of space completely uninhabitable to spacecraft? Well, in the photo above, you can see the exit hole created by a tiny piece of aluminu...
Inside Ford''s Virtual Reality Prototyping Lab: Why Make Full-Size Clay Cars When VR Will Do?
ExtremeTech, June 25, 2014
3D visualization software cuts costly physical mockups, clay models. Yesterday''s design changes show up in today''s 3D model.
Google, Microsoft Adding ''Kill Switch'' to New Phones
NBC News Technology, June 19, 2014
Following suggestions from a couple high-profile attorneys, Google and Microsoft are adding ''kill switches'' to smartphones.
3 Reasons You''d Kill Yourself With a Lightsaber
ECN Mag, June 17, 2014
When I was eight years old, there was only one thing I wanted more than for someone to invent the lightsaber. I wanted one to fall off the back of a truck and land in my front yard. Fortunately, neither occurred; lightsabers are dangerous, poorly designed, and unstable. Here are three of the many re...
Crowd-Control Drones Reveal the Technology''s Dark Side
Engadget RSS Feed, June 16, 2014
The treatment of South African miners has been a troublesome issue ever since black laborers were forced into the mines in 1894. It''s led to a series of bloody strikes and protests, starting in 1946 and continuing through apartheid right up until today. A new type of crowd suppression drone from a ...
NASA unveils its futuristic warp drive starship ?" called Enterprise, of course
ExtremeTech, June 11, 2014
NASA physicist Harold White has given a new presentation and updated version of a theoretical version of a future warp drive vessel. One day, such craft might spur exploration of the solar system -- or even other planets.
World Cup Players ''Pre-Cool'' With Ice Vests
Discovery News, June 10, 2014
To acclimate to the heat of Brazil for the World Cup, some teams will wear new vests that maintain a freezing temperature for 15-20 minutes.
''World''s Smallest'' Pacemaker Fitted
BBC News - Science & Environment, June 10, 2014
The world''s smallest pacemaker is fitted inside the heart of a patient for the first time in England.