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Material Aims to Be "Black Hole" for Sunlight in Power Projects.
IHS Engineering360: Engineering News & Analysis - Latest News Articles, November 06, 2014
An engineering team at the University of California, San Diego has developed a new nanoparticle-based solar power material that eclipses previous designs.
Fill ''er Up: Building the EV Recharge Infrastructure
IHS Engineering360: Engineering News & Analysis - Latest News Articles, November 06, 2014
It seems certain that electric vehicles (EVs) will become an increasingly common sight on the world''s highways. From a starting point of around 400,000 such vehicles worldwide at the beginning of 2014, the total figure looks set to double on an annual basis for the foreseeable future.
BASF, Sinopec and Sabic Top IHS ChemicalWeek’s Ranking of Global Chemical Companies
IHS Engineering360: Engineering News & Analysis - Latest News Articles, October 29, 2014
For the eighth straight year, BASF, the German-based chemical producer, led the IHS ChemicalWeek "Billion-Dollar Club" annual sales ranking of global chemical companies by registering $81.5 billion in total sales for 2013.
IHS BOM Manager Offers World''s Largest Database of Electronic Components
IHS Engineering360: Engineering News & Analysis - Latest News Articles, October 29, 2014
IHS Technology announces that its IHS BOM Manager tool now offers the world''s largest component database, containing more than 442 million parts. IHS BOM Manager is the centerpiece of the IHS suite of parts management tools, which includes CAPS Universe and XML Web Services.
China Advances Plan to Invest $3.5 billion in Pakistan''s Railways
IHS Engineering360: Engineering News & Analysis - Latest News Articles, October 23, 2014
Chinese technical experts are choosing areas in Pakistan for an investment of $3.5 billion to refurbish and replace railroad tracks that stretch from Karachi to Peshawar.
It''s an El Nino Year, So ... What''s an El Nino?
Discovery News, September 23, 2014
This year has been deemed an "El Nino" year by weather forecasters. Given that some fairly nutty and violent weather can occur during El Nino years, Trace thought it best to figure out just what we''re dealing with.
New Radar Gun May Inform Police If You''re Texting
Autoblog, September 19, 2014
Typically, we don''t really enjoy seeing radar-gun-wielding traffic cops. They have a tendency to ruin our day. But, a new sort of radar gun may have us quickly singing their praises. The Virginian-Pilot reports that there''s a new tool that will be able to tell officers if a driver is texting rathe...
The World''s Greatest Cup Holder Can Survive the World''s Worst Drivers
Gizmodo, September 18, 2014
When it comes to cup holders, most of us are just looking for a place to secure our drinks while we''re driving. It turns out we should be asking more of them?"a lot more. Maksim Ghyvoronsky has invented a better alternative, an aftermarket set of cup holders that tilt and roll along with the motion...
BlackBerry''s Latest Porsche Design Smartphone Is Real, Ridiculous
Engadget RSS Feed, September 18, 2014
Well folks, the rumors and leaks were true (as usual): the heated BlackBerry/Porsche Design love affair has once again borne fruit, this in time in the form of the new Porsche Design P''9983.
Say Hello To The FBI''s National Facial Recognition System
Engadget RSS Feed, September 16, 2014
If you''ve ever been arrested in the United States, chances are strong that your fingerprints and criminal history are floating around in the FBI''s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System. It''s apparently pretty good at what it does - it can sift through some 70 million subjects in ...
DARPA Testing Planes With a ''Star Wars''-Style Laser Cannon
CNET News, September 16, 2014
We don''t have X-wing fighters just yet, but we may soon have their laser weapons. DARPA is working on a system that''s downright Lucasian.
Building Better Shipping Networks With Ants
Living World, September 09, 2014
Scientists model the movement of ants to streamline the handling of shipping containers at international ports.
You Hate Your Job But You''re Scared To Quit
Forbes - Tech, September 09, 2014
You wake every morning miserable because you can''t stand the thought of going to the office to do a job you hate. You moan and groan so much about the job you hate that not only are you miserable, but everyone around you is as well. You get through each day of misery only to go home to bed so you c...
Video: Maker of Incredible Working Model?engines
Boing Boing, September 08, 2014
Retired naval mechanic Jos? Manuel Hermo Barreiro makes incredibly intricate models of engines like the V-12.
How To Survive A Bad Boss: Learnings From Hewlett-Packard''s Mike Nefkens
Forbes - Tech, September 03, 2014
BRAVE leadership is never easy and it becomes harder when you are under scrutiny and pressure from your managers, clients and team. We are often forced into leadership styles that aren''t our own, but it takes confidence and credibility to drive your own leadership style.
Twitch''s Peak Viewing Numbers Rival CNN and MTV''s Prime-time Audience
Engadget RSS Feed, September 02, 2014
So we know that Twitch''s online broadcasts trump those of WWE and traditional sports, but how does it stack up against cable networks like CNN? According to the New York Times, the game-streaming giant''s peak viewership numbers have surpassed the average prime-time viewers for Headline News, CNN, ...
Row Over Polish To Detect ''Rape Drug''
BBC News - Science & Environment, August 28, 2014
Four male college students at the North Carolina State University are developing a new kind of nail polish that changes colour in the presence of date-rape drugs, like GHB and Rohypnol.
Which Is More Fuel Efficient, Driving With A Pickup''s Tailgate Up Or Down?
Autoblog, August 27, 2014
Thanks to the smoke wand in the wind tunnel, you can actually see the difference in our video. Should you drive with your pickup truck''s tailgate up or down? It''s an age-old controversy that''s divided drivers for decades. Traditionalists will swear you should leave the tailgate down. Makes sense,...
Composition of Earth''s Mantle Revised
Science 2.0, August 27, 2014
The makeup of the Earth''s lower mantle, which makes up the largest part of the Earth by volume, is significantly different than previously thought.
Wine Regional ''Fingerprints'' Found
BBC News - Science & Environment, August 11, 2014
Despite the cynicism over wine critique - and the rather grandiose adjectives lavished upon certain appellations - it really does matter where your plonk comes from, according to the researchers from the University of California Davis. They are attempting to fingerprint "terroir" - the unique charac...