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New Mini-UROP program introduces freshmen to the diversity of research in Course 1
MIT News - Civil & Environmental Engineering, 9 hours ago
For the first time, MIT freshmen had the opportunity to delve into Course 1-ENG research for credit and explore the myriad of disciplines offered within the department as part of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Mini Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (Mini-UROP)...
Quantifying cities' emotional effects
MIT News - Urban Studies and Planning, 9 hours ago
The "broken-windows theory," which was propounded by two Harvard University researchers in the early 1980s, holds that urban "disorder" - visible signs of neglect, such as broken windows - actually promotes crime, initiating a vicious feedback loop. The theory was the basis for former New York mayor...
An entrepreneur aims to work in Africa
MIT News - Urban Studies and Planning, 9 hours ago
On the long, bumpy drive to her grandmother's house in Accra, Ghana, seven-year-old Sarah Dimson began to notice some stark disparities between her home in Norman, Okla., and the country of her parents' birth. The car hit pothole after pothole, and the lights in her grandmother's home didn't come on...
Energy and the developing world
MIT News - Urban Studies and Planning, 9 hours ago
Nearly 1.3 billion people live without electricity in the developing world - contributing to other vital social challenges, such as a lack of food and water and adequate healthcare. Seeing the need for a more collaborative approach to confronting the developing world's energy challenge, students at ...
The `Great Rent Wars' of New York
MIT News - Urban Studies and Planning, 9 hours ago
In 1920, a Bronx district court judge named William E. Morris heard a series of cases that aroused his ire. Morris was a tough Army veteran: While serving under Gen. George Custer in 1876, he had survived wounds at the infamous Battle of Little Bighorn. But decades later, these cases kept getting un...
Telecommunications data show civic dividing lines in major countries
MIT News - Urban Studies and Planning, 9 hours ago
Many residents of Britain, Italy, and Belgium imagine there to be a kind of north-south divide in their countries, marking a barrier between different social groups and regional characteristics. Now a new study by MIT researchers reveals that such divides can be seen in the patterns of communication...
Mapping the New York fashion scene, minute by minute
MIT News - Urban Studies and Planning, 9 hours ago
A new study shows New York fashion designers don't just flock to trends: They also do nearly all their business within the confines of the city's historic Garment District.Study co-authors Sarah Williams of MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning and Elizabeth Currid-Halkett of the University...
3 Questions: JoAnn Carmin on helping cities plan for climate change
MIT News - Urban Studies and Planning, 9 hours ago
Because cities hold a growing portion of the world's population, they are an increasingly important locus of planning for climate change. JoAnn Carmin, an associate professor in MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning, has surveyed urban leaders worldwide on the subject. Now, in a new report ...
Social media's `law' of short messages
MIT News - Urban Studies and Planning, 9 hours ago
In the last year or two, you may have had some moments - during elections, sporting events, or weather incidents - when you found yourself sending out a flurry of messages on social media sites such as Twitter. You are not alone, of course: Such events generate a huge volume of social-media activity...
KB Home Announces Grand Opening of New Phase at CrossCreek Community in San Antonio - Building News, 9 hours ago
KB Home, one of the nation’s largest and most recognized homebuilders, is pleased to announce the grand opening of the newest phase of single-family one- and two-story homes at CrossCreek, a...
Shikun & Binui Wins PPP Project for Toll Lanes on SH-288 in Texas Harris County - Building News, 9 hours ago
Shikun & Binui Ltd, a global construction and infrastructure company headquartered in Israel, today announced its first major project win in the United States - the win of a Public Private...
Gary Sinise Foundation Selects Eco Red Shield Advanced Framing Lumber for Veteran''s New Residence in Fallbrook, CA - Building News, 9 hours ago
Eco Building Products, Inc., announced today that Eco Red Shield Advanced Framing Lumber and Trusses have been selected by the Gary Sinise Foundation for a Veteran's new residence to be built by...
NCC Enters Agreement with Boligselskabet Nordkysten for Energy Refurbishment of Tibberupparken in Esperg?rde - Building News, 9 hours ago
NCC in Denmark has entered into an agreement with Boligselskabet Nordkysten under which it will be responsible for the second and last phase of the energy refurbishment of Tibberupparken in...
NRMCA Honors Central Concrete with 2015 Concrete Cares Award - Building News, 9 hours ago
Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc. a business unit of U.S. Concrete Inc., based in the San Francisco Bay area, has been awarded the prestigious 2015 Concrete Cares Award from the Manufacturers,...
Letter from Rochester: Attempting a Reboot
Architectural Record - News, 9 hours ago
Sibley''s, Rochester, New York, The Architectural TeamThe renovation and adaptive reuse of a historic department store building is just one of many projects that are a collective attempt to revitalize the upstate New York city.
Johnston Marklee Designs New Buildings for The Menil Collection
Architectural Record - News, 9 hours ago
Museum to add a $40-million Drawing Institute and an energy-efficient power plant to its Houston campus.
Exhibition Review: François Halard
Architectural Record - News, 9 hours ago
A photographer best known for shooting fashionable interiors takes a sidelong glance at architecture.
Community Forum Questions Crop of Tall Buildings Around Central Park
Architectural Record - News, 9 hours ago
A public discussion raised concerns about apartment towers rising around the famed New York City green space.
2013 Holland Prize Winner Announced
Architectural Record - News, 9 hours ago
A drawing of a 19th-century bridge in Connecticut by New York architect Morgen Fleisig is the 2013 Holland Prize winner, the Library of Congress and National Park Service announced.
Park Avenue Armory to Become Rafael Viñoly’s Laboratory
Architectural Record - News, 9 hours ago
Installed inside the 55,000-square-foot drill hall, the Spring Masters art fair will feature an exhibition scheme by Rafael Vi?oly that challenges the status-quo rectangular grids.