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XeroCoat's antireflective material might add zeros to the bottom line, megawatts to the power line
Fabtech - Chip Shots, 4 hours ago
Anyone who''s been driving yield enhancement in a chip fab, conversion efficiencies in solar cells and modules or productivity improvements in either sector knows that a few percent here, a few percent there can add up to millions of dollars in savings or improved bottom-line margins.
What mobile can teach embedded about concurrency for the IoT
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, 4 hours ago
Concurrency means different things to different industries, and in this Q&A with Rick Chen, CTO of live video streaming app Hang w/, he?discusses what concurrency means to mobile, need-to-knows for database?management, and how mobile apps will eventually touch every aspect of the?Internet of Thi...
uCertify upgrades its Exam Simulation PrepKit for the MCSE 2003 exam
PXI, Test and Technology - Standards & Certifications, 4 hours ago
uCertify (June 07, 2005) uCertify, a leading IT certification exams preparation and training solutions provider, has upgraded its Exam Simulation PrepKit for the MCSE 2003 exam (70-296).
Laser communication between fast-flying platform and ground station
Optical Design & Engineering, July 02, 2015
Transmitter and receiver terminals for aeronautical optical communications were developed and a laser link between a jetfighter and a ground station was demonstrated.
Novel NIR spectroscopic imaging improves detection of poor circulation
Electro Optics - News, July 01, 2015
A team of researchers from the Italian National Research Council''s Institute of Clinical Physiology (CNR-IFC) has developed a new way to detect poor blood circulation using a novel form of near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy
Now you see it, now you don''t
Electro Optics - Features, June 03, 2015
Jessica Rowbury speaks to Robert Schittny at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology about an invisibility cloak the team demonstrated at CLEO in San Jose in May
Components that self-destruct in 20 seconds
Rapid Electronics - Latest News, May 27, 2015
Recycling obsolete or end of life electronic devices could become a thing of the past after researchers in the US demonstrated how an electronic component could be made to completely destroy itself. ...