The hidden world of the IIoT: Between sensors and the cloud
Industrial Embedded Systems - News, 22 hours ago
When you think about the Internet of Things (IoT), chances are that you think about sensor-enabled devices or cloud-based applications. But what’s happening between the sensors and the cloud? The answer: complicated and necessary processes that turn lots of small data into big data. These proc...
Random Roads Less Travelled
Physical Review Focus - Recent, 22 hours ago
A uniform city street plan may produce heavy traffic everywhere, whereas a random network of road connections leaves some roads open, according to a mathematical model. Image: A. Chesseron & I. Neri/Univ. of Montpellier 2
XeroCoat's antireflective material might add zeros to the bottom line, megawatts to the power line
Fabtech - Chip Shots, 22 hours ago
Anyone who''s been driving yield enhancement in a chip fab, conversion efficiencies in solar cells and modules or productivity improvements in either sector knows that a few percent here, a few percent there can add up to millions of dollars in savings or improved bottom-line margins.
uCertify upgrades its Exam Simulation PrepKit for the MCSE 2003 exam
PXI, Test and Technology - Standards & Certifications, 22 hours ago
uCertify (June 07, 2005) uCertify, a leading IT certification exams preparation and training solutions provider, has upgraded its Exam Simulation PrepKit for the MCSE 2003 exam (70-296).
Compound-eye-based multidimensional imager
Optical Design & Engineering, December 23, 2014
Compound-eye optics enable a simple and scalable 2D scanner to observe more than 2D optical signals without sacrificing spatial or temporal resolution.
Gated STED microscopy licensed to PicoQuant
Electro Optics - News, December 18, 2014
The Max Planck Society and the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ) have granted permission to PicoQuant to use gated stimulated emission depletion (gSTED) microscopy technology in its new time-resolved confocal microscope
Space odyssey for Raspberry Pi
Rapid Electronics - Latest News, December 17, 2014
A new frontier will open up for the Raspberry Pi next year, when two of the credit-card sized single board computers will accompany British astronaut Tim Peake on his mission to the International Spac...
Data transmission above Vienna
Electro Optics - Features, December 12, 2014
Greg Blackman speaks to Mario Krenn at the University of Vienna on work sending light-encoded images 3km through the air across the city`s skies
Is RAID Fading Into The Sunset?
Network Computing - News, April 15, 2014
With the arrival of faster networks and SSDs, RAID can no longer keep up. Data protection alternatives such as replication and erasure codes are gaining traction.
The Bloch Wave effect
Electronics Design, Strategy, News - Test and Measurement, January 01, 2014
Periodic reflections result in a dip in insertion loss in PCB traces.