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Benefits of Water-cooled Industrial Control Enclosures
May 20, 2014

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11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT (8:00 AM - 9:00 AM PDT)
Benefits of Water-cooled Industrial Control Enclosures

Heat is the common by-product of spindle motors, variable frequency drives, and other automation technologies. Packaging these heat-generating components in ever smaller spaces requires highly-efficient and cost-effective thermal management solutions. Attendees of this presentation will learn why water has emerged as a safe and effective means for cooling the electronics inside industrial control enclosures and automation drive panels. Water cooling is an excellent way to increase energy efficiency, decrease maintenance costs, and reduce the downtime. In addition, water cooling is especially well adapted to hot, dirty environments where it removes heat not only from machines, but from the factory itself.

Key Take-Aways:
  • Understand the thermal management challenges of electrical control enclosures and automation drive panels
  • Discover the benefits of water-cooled industrial control enclosures
  • Learn why liquid cooling has emerged as the most efficient and economical means of removing process heat
Howard Kielar, Product Sales Manager, Chillers & Liquid Cooling Solutions, Pfannenberg, Inc.

Howard Kielar is the product sales manager for chillers and liquid cooling solutions at Pfannenberg. A mechanical engineer, Kielar has 25 years of experience in applying water cooling to industrial process applications. His areas of expertise include compressed air, refrigeration, and packaged chiller technologies.