The role of quality assurance in aerospace manufacture is becoming increasingly important.

These inspections require the use of borescopes allowing engineers to properly and thoroughly assess different units of an aircraft:

  • Turbines and engines,
  • Combustion chambers,
  • Low/high pressure compressors,
  • Wings, foils,
  • Cells etc.
...

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DeWAL Industries, Inc.

Dynaglide® is part of a series of specially formulated PTFE friction and wear reducing coating material for industry’s most demanding applications.
These high performance tapes are used to Lower Friction and Reduce Wear. They are based on PTFE and UHMW-PE bearing and seal compounds. Read more...

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R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.

Introducing the NEW 3M Cubitron II 775L Film and 732U Paper Sanding Discs. These revolutionizing sanding disc are made with a ceramic aluminum oxide grain that is precision cut to increase throughput with faster sanding and more parts per disc. Each disc is designed to Cut Faster, Last Longer and provide a more consistent finish Read more...

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Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

Kentucky Gauge Automatic Stops and Pushers encompass a rugged and easy to use design. The system features a servo motor with a precision rack and pinion drive to ensure fast, accurate positioning with no backlash. Adjustable table legs allow for easy setup with any available saw, drill, ironworker and punching machine. Read more...

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Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

The Kentucky Gauge PDT Fully Automatic Tube Cutting system is designed to vastly improve efficiency and eliminate needless errors with a completely hands-free operation. Available as a new turnkey solution or as a retrofit package for existing tube cutting machines. Read more...

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Visual inspections of engines and other hard to visualize places are an
important part of ongoing automotive maintenance. Rigid and flexible borescopes
are a great way to visually inspect engines without having to dismantle the
engine block, as they allow you to remotely visualize dark, small, and hard to
reach places. Routine inspection with a borescope will...

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Turbines and generators are important pieces of machinery that need to be
properly maintained and repaired to ensure maximum service life and safety. Non
destructive remote visual inspection of turbines with a video borescope is a
cost effective and efficient way to inspect without having to disassemble a
turbine. Steam and gas turbines run at extremely high press... Read more...

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Visumatic Industrial Products

Visumatic can accommodate even the smallest applications for any fine clearance manual automation project with the miniature design of the VLB-900M. The Mini nosepiece is available in endless configurations to fit applications like wristwatches, eyeglasses, computers, or printed circuit boards.
• Nosepieces control the screw, keep bit and screw engaged
• Equipment si...

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Fredericks Company - Televac

For tilt applications where a visual indication or measurement is required, Fredericks ball bank indicators are ideal. A ball bank indicators are comprised of a glass tube, bent to a specific radius, which determines its angular range. A ball is inserted in the tube, then the tube is filled with a clear, wide-temperature-range fluid and hermetically sealed. Decals and paint are applied b... Read more...

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Micron Instruments

Micron Meters unique Miniature Wire and Cable Surpasses the Highest Standards of Quality assurance testing by using Superior Materials and a Manufacturing Processes that is far above the industry standard. Read more...

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