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USHIO America, Inc.

The Midori™ fiber-optic LED light source series from USHIO America, Inc. combines state-of-the- art, solid-state illumination technology with USHIO’s distinctive optical design to create a compact and lightweight fiber optic lightbox with very high output efficacy that is ideal for industrial applications where space is a premium. Read more...

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Ofil Ltd.

coronaWise is an application to manage inspection findings and media collections in an easy-to-use environment. With coronaWise it is easy to document inspections, store findings, follow up cases, look-up components history, report actions and analyze trends. CoronaWise will let you manage your assets in a consistent simple manner and save your time by automatic report generation. Read more...

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Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc.

Smartflow Scientific Cooling Calculator is an on-line tool designed to help plastics injection molders determine the size and total length of cooling channels needed to ensure adequate cooling capacity with a given water temperature.

Calculations are based on the heat that must be removed to cool molded parts to a safe ejection temperature. Individual polymers are selected from a... Read more...

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Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc.

The SMARTFLOW® Mold Temperature Regulator controls mold cooling water temperature between 80°F and 120°F to maintain a steady mold temperature without electricity. It controls flow exiting an injection mold, recovering waste heat from the resin shot. MTR can replace conventional mold heaters in some applications conserving water and electric... Read more...

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Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc.

Turbulent Flow Rate Calculator

User Entries: Standard Units Measurements:Standard Metric Enter Reynolds Number: Enter Water Temperature: °F
(Max. 656°F) Enter Circuit ID: inches

Click here for reference chart.

Turbulent Flow Rate: GPMCalculate Results Send Results User Guidelines Turbulent Flow Basics

Turbulent water flow is much...

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Brooks Instrument

Many options are available when setting up an RS485 network. The goal, of course is to get better control of your system. There are some solutions that make setting up both small and large RS485 networks easy. Digital MFC’s and electronic pressure controllers from Brooks Instrument include an RS485 communications option, typically utilizing the Smart protocol. Read more...

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Russells Technical Products

  • 64 user-and system-programmable alarms
  • Alarms can be assigned to any of the 64 analog and/or 128 digital points built into the system
  • Analog alarms can be configured to display an alarm or fault condition with or without system shutdown

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TECAT Performance Systems

What if you could use go-anywhere wireless sensors to design, optimize, and enable predictive maintenance in your industrial process flow? With TECAT’s WISER 2030 system, you can detect changes in torque, vibration, temperature, and more, all wirelessly, to monitor each step of your process and minimize downtime. Read more...

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Heat Exchange & Transfer, Inc.

Properly designing a HEAT system for vessels and tanks requires the following information

  • Jacket or coil detail; the pump must be sized base on design of the flow paths
  • Detailed drawing of tank is very helpful
  • The quantity and size of connection ports will help determine maximum flow capacity
  • The size of the heater is based on the volume of....

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Because You Are Eliminating A Major Vulnerability

Your Contingency Plan is in place but screens just went black and vital applications are down. You planned carefully and invested capital to secure reliable power backup systems but your network stopped running for no apparent reason. You scramble for answers… the clock is ticking… Read more...

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