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Bead Electronics

Bead's unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to design, tool, and produce custom components very quickly with minimal tooling charges. Tell us your functional requirements and Bead will build you a custom component - usually within two weeks - without breaking your budget. Read more...

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Bead Electronics

Bead Electronics hosted plant tours, a video, and speakers at their facility on Friday, October 2 in honor of Manufacturing Day. U.S. Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and other local government representatives attended the event as well as students from the Advanced Manufacturing Program at Housatonic Community College. Read more...

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Receive 30% off list price for seven (7) consecutive days on all orders placed online through MISUMI USA's Web Ordering System (WOS). The discount will begin after you 1) apply for an account as a new customer and 2) your account is approved and has been assigned a credit limit. MISUMI USA will notify you of the result of your application for a terms account via phone or email. Read more...

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Century Spring Corp.

A disc spring (sometimes called a "Belleville washer" after the inventor) consists primarily of a convex disc supported at the outer periphery by one force and an opposing force on the center of the disc. Disc springs are used singly, or in stacks, to achieve a desired load and travel. The advantage of a disc spring Read more...

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Boker's, Inc.

Boker's Inc. announces its 2016 Washer Catalog is now available. Providing an all-inclusive reference guide for flat washer selection, Boker’s 60-page manual offers detailed information on the company's more than 30,000 non-standard flat washer tools, available in a wide range of materials, sizing, secondary operations and more.

The washer catalog also includes Boker's compl...

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Keystone Electronics Corp.

A new assortment of Colored Pointer Instrumentation Knobs are among the latest devices available from Keystone Electronics Corp Read more...

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These positive locking quick release pins have a wide range of applications in fastening, locating, and alignment applications. The pins will not release until the button on the handle is depressed. Read more...

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