Electro Standards Laboratories

Desktop Models 4167 and 4168 or DIN Rail Mounted Units, Models 4167-DIN and 4168-DIN comprise a local Host and Remote 4-Port integrated USB Hub that extend the distance of 4 USB Load Cells over 500 Meters!

♦ Ideal for Platform Scale Applications
♦ Fiber Optic Isolation from Noise
♦ Plug-and-Play USB

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Greyline Instruments, Inc.

Stingray 2.0 is a compact, battery-powered logger with an ultrasonic sensor. It data logs level, velocity and water temperature readings for flow monitoring through open channels, partially full sewer pipes and surcharged pipes. Use it for flow surveys, I&I studies, stormwater, irrigation water and sewage. Read more...

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Convergence Instruments

The RT-Platform Instruments (Vibration Sentry RT and Noise Sentry RT) now have software that can detect alarms and even send alarm-emails to recipients. This application note explains the ins and outs of these alarm features and how to set them up. The White Paper can be dowloaded from http://www.convergenceinstruments.com/pdf/Email_Alarms.pdf. Read more...

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Monarch Instrument

Monarch Instrument - Track-It™ Pressure/Temperature and Vacuum/Temperature Data Loggers are battery powered stand alone water tight compact data loggers that record up to 64,000 samples of Pressure or Vacuum, and/or Temperature data. Read more...

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Dataforth Corporation

Dataforth Adds High Voltage Discrete I/O Module to MAQ®20 Family Dataforth’s new MAQ20-DIOH discrete I/O module provides 4 isolated input channels and 4 isolated output channels in one compact 15mm wide module. Read more...

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Measurement Computing

The USB-CTR Series from Measurement Computing are high-speed USB pulse counter/timer devices. These devices support multiple counting modes and include four PWM timers and eight individually-configurable digital I/O channels. Prices start at $359 Read more...

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Tekscan, Inc.

The Wireless ELF 2 is a user-friendly, cost effective wireless load measurement system. This system allows customers greater freedom and flexibility in using force and pressure sensors in their product research, quality assurance, and testing. Read more...

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Pico Technology

Temperature measurement and recording with the TC-08 is very easy — simply plug the TC-08 into a USB port on your computer, plug in your thermocouples, and you are ready to go. Read more...

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RainWise, Inc.

The RainLog 2.0 data logger is our next generation Rainfall logger and features
numerous improvements over our popular original RainLog. This battery operated
logger fits inside many models of tipping bucket rain gauges. Rainfall is logged
at a one-minute resolution and has capacity for several years of data. Read more...

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