Define Instruments

Get all your Data Acquisition requirements fulfilled with the Zen Datalogger. It logs data onto a 1GB micro SD card, so you can physically take your data with you or route it to other hardware.

• Universal inputs (TC, RTD, mA, mV, V, Frequency and Counter)

• Accepts up to 16 sensor signals

• Each input channel galvanically isolated

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Monarch Instrument

The Track-It™ Pressure Transmitter/Data Loggers with Digital Display are 24VDC powered 4 wire transmitters that can also record up to 130,000 samples for logging, redundant data backup, or archive. They can be configured to record both Pressure or Vacuum and ambient Temperature or just Pressure or Vacuum alone to maximize data storage space. Read more...

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Data Device Corporation (DDC)

Bohemia, New York (August 2017) Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduces new versatile, rugged, and time saving Synchro/Resolver conversion and simulation PMC boards featuring multiple high accuracy, independent channels and easy programmability, to provide a highly accurate and convenient method to test and simulate positioning systems in lab and embedded environments. The SB-3642 conve... Read more...

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Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

PowerPad™ Portable PowerMonitor™ units let you monitor power anywhere in your facility with superior functionality and accuracy. Our lightweight portable unit is self-contained and includes the powermonitor, current transformers and cables, manuals, and software Read more...

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CAS DataLoggers

If you need comprehensive medical monitoring of temperature or other values, consider Accsense Monitoring, popular for use in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and labs. These continual monitoring systems can record almost any medical parameter, and are also fully-compliant with the Joint Commission. That’s the Accsense advantage! Read more...

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CAS DataLoggers

The requirements placed on modern data acquisition devices are diverse. Access to measurement data from the internet or the cloud must always be available. Additionally, measurement data analysis needs to be intuitive without a huge learning curve or complex software. Delphin Expert series dataloggers, in combination with ProfiSignal analysis software, meet all these requirements. Read more...

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MBW Calibration AG


  • Twelve channel temperature measurement
  • High precision, stability and repeatability
  • Internal reference resistors
  • PC software for system control and data acquisition
  • Simple to configure and use

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CAS DataLoggers

Closed-loop systems—electronic control systems which incorporate feedback–are a mainstay of modern manufacturing and R&D. As with many industrial control systems such as PLCs, the goal is to ensure a repeatable process. Whether you’re working on a research application, supervising/servicing an industrial process or supervising a whole plant’s operations... Read more...

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Instrumented Sensor Technology

VibTimer-Plus™ 3Dv2 is a new, low cost 3-axis g-rms and peak shock logger for transportation and other industrial monitoring applications. The device attaches to your shipment or machine and records g-rms vibration level information over long time periods along with exact date/time of all measurements. Read more...

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