R. STAHL, Inc.

R. STAHL, the leader
in explosion protection products is pleased to introduce their 6610 stainless
steel fluorescent light fitting. This
robust fixture is constructed of 316 stainless steel and meets the latest version
of IEC 61892-1 Its combined ATEX and IECEx certifications makes it suitable for
most regions of the world.

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Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

Deuterium lamps and Tungsten Halogen lamps with Heraeus quality are also available to end users of analysis equipment. Heraeus supplies preadjusted lamps for almost any instrument.
Use our replacement lamp search engine to find the correct Deuterium lamp and Tungsten Halogen Lamp for your instrument.

Replacement Lamp Finder

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Sunnex, Inc.

Natick, Massachusetts - Sunnex, an international provider of medical lighting, has introduced new LED bed lights for hospitals called NightStar™ and LM LED. Their high light output along with low heat emissions improves energy savings while reducing liability risks. The risk of fire or burning accidents is eliminated with LED bed lights. Read more...

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Cast Lighting LLC

A low-voltage security lighting system comprised of rugged LED luminaires and a reliable power supply. Mounted on fence posts, these lights are simple and quick to install, and consume a fraction of the energy of traditional security lighting. Can also be used in any lighting application where long wire runs are required (such as wooded paths and piers). These luminaires have numerous ap... Read more...

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Cast Lighting LLC

CAST LED Perimeter Lighting Systems include Perimeter Fence lights and Perimeter Wall Packs. Both systems are designed to be easily installed, require no maintenance, and to reward the property owner with significant savings on materials, labor, and energy. The illumination produced by these lights is glare-free and highly targeted to provide optimal lighting for security officers and ca... Read more...

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SunLED Company, LLC

Have any products that still use incandescent lamps? Upgrade the design today as SunLED announces the introduction of incandescent LEDs.

Long before LEDs were used for indication and illumination, incandescent lamps have taken up the task. They provide a warm white color tone that’s distinguishably unique in comparison to other forms of lighting and have become a standardize... Read more...

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Cast Lighting LLC

Addressing Energy Conservation and Environmental Concerns with CAST Lighting Products.

There is an ever-increasing demand for energy-efficient lighting and for lighting that addresses other environmental concerns. For this reason, lighting manufacturers have responded in varying degrees with products designed with these goals in mind.

CAST Lighting LLC., from its inception,...

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Moffatt Products, Inc.

Moffatt Cool to the Touch, 100 Watt capacity, Task Lights are rugged enough for industrial equipment yet stylish enough for medical applications. Quality workmanship, durable construction and innovative design! Read more...

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Moffatt Products, Inc.

Moffatt Products - 100 Watt C-Clamp Base Task Lights feature a C-Clamp base that attaches to any surface up to two inches thick. A bright conical reflector puts light where you need it, while double-wall shade keeps outer surfaces cool. Vinyl-coated flex arm ensures durable positioning of the light. Read more...

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The lamp series LED is suited for all types of panel and enclosures where space is at a premium. The lamps have a very long service life thanks to the use of LED technology. Read more...

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