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Altech Corp.

The Altech Ultracapacitors in DC-UPS applications, ensure that critical information and functions are available when supply voltage dips, sags, drops out or surges, or during a battery changeover. Working in conjunction with a complementary power supply, Ultracapacitors modules reliably supply energy in peak power demand conditions and more. Read more...

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Schaffner EMC Inc.

Schaffner solutions for use in modern cars can be found in keyless locking systems (passive entry/passive go), electronic immobilizers and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).
These applications benefit from Schaffner’s broad expertise in electromagnetic fields. Using special antennas in the car, information is exchanged between a microchip in the keyless entry syst... Read more...

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Schaffner EMC Inc.

Machinery Reduction of HF interferences for an uninterrupted production system uptime

EMC/EMI filters are widely used in various machine tools like milling, grinding and punching machines and lathes, in packaging machines and printing presses, and more and more frequently in various types of robots that are not only used in the automotive industry. These machines are usuall... Read more...

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TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.

TDK Corporation introduces the TDK-Lambda CUS200M series of medically and ITE certified power supplies. Featuring efficiency levels of up to 94%, internal heating is reduced allowing electrolytic capacitor life to be extended. The CUS200M can deliver 200W convection cooled and up to 250W with 1.5m/s airflow and is packaged in the industry 3” x 5” standard footprint. Applicati... Read more...

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Series 7000 managed switches from Phoenix Contact

New managed switches for high availability EtherNet/IP networks

Phoenix Contact now offers Series 7000 advanced managed switches. The switches support the Device Level Ring (DLR) redundancy mechanism. With recovery times of less than three milliseconds, a switch-over can be performed quickly in the event that a... Read more...

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Schaffner EMC Inc.

Power Supply and electronic devicesEfficient EMI suppression

Two electrical devices can be prevented from interfering with each other by using EMC/EMI filters – in particular single-phase and IEC inlet filters. The same applies to network-related interferences. Schaffner components in power supply units guarantee the flawless operation of all electrical and electronic... Read more...

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New slim EPSITRON® ECO power supplies are EN 60335-1 compliant and incredibly versatile. DIN-35 rail and chassis-mount options and a small profile make the ECO the ideal choice for installation in ultra-compact control cabinets. Read more...

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from 10 to 80 kVA
Robust, highly reliable protection for harsh environments

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