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RainWise, Inc.

The long range MK-III-LR features a powerful new 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio that increases range to 1 mile line of sight. It also features an industry best , real time 2 second wind speed and direction update interval. Read more...

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RainWise, Inc.

The RainLog 2.0 data logger is our next generation Rainfall logger and features numerous improvements over our popular original RainLog. This battery operated logger fits inside many models of tipping bucket rain gauges. Rainfall is logged at a one-minute resolution and has capacity for several years of data. Read more...

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Ice, snow and aquaplaning – these critical road and runway conditions sometimes make life hard for drivers and pilots. With MARWIS, you get full transparency with what is happening below your tires. Read more...

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Control Instruments Corp.

A Specialty Chemical Company manufacturing a variety of colored, acrylic resins with properties such as impact resistance and excellent optics, successfully installed Control Instruments' PrevEx Flammability Analyzer to better monitor their process. Read more...

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Spectro Scientific

Spectro Scientific's guide to oil analysis describes recent advances in oil analysis for those industries with critical assets like turbines, engines, compressors and pumps that must stay up and running. Learn the latest techniques. Read more...

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Spectro Scientific

With four simples tests, Spectro Scientific's new MiniLab 153 delivers comprehensive on-site oil analysis providing immediate actionable results, saving time and reducing costs. One product delivers lab-quality results onsite; intuitive workflow for the non-expert user; and simplified data handling and reporting. Read more...

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Arjay Engineering Ltd.

The 4300-PG is specifically designed for monitoring exhaust gases in parking garages, maintenance bays, arenas, warehouses and loading docks. Zone control for relay and VFD outputs allow for direct interface with fan equipment or the outputs may be interfaced with building automation systems. Read more...

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Despatch Industries

The RAD/RFD1-42 benchtop oven features horizontal recirculating airflow and exceptional temperature uniformity. The result is proven reliability in demanding production and laboratory applications, such as curing, drying, sterilizing, aging, ASTM testing, UL testing and other process-critical applications. This high-performance oven delivers temperatures up to 343ºC (650ºF) and... Read more...

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Rotronic Instrument Corp.

Stable temperature yields precise measurements.

Temperature-stabilized measurement
With AwTherm, ROTRONIC offers a professional, high-end laboratory unit for temperature-stabilized measurement of water activity in the foodstuffs, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical industries.
The wide control range permits measurements to be integrated directly in the tempered... Read more...

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