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Dexter Research Center, Inc.

Dexter Research - Gas Analysis Thermopile Detector Applications:
Excellent for gas analysis, position sensor, and horizon sensor. Read more...

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Convergence Instruments

The Personal Sound Level Meter Data Logger Noise Sentry RT-P is a new generation of smart integrating personal sound level meter data logger. It includes a digital MEMS microphone, an accurate date/time clock, and a non-volatile 64 Mb recording memory. Running on battery, it can record sound pressure for a week non-stop, or 3 weeks 8 hours a day. Read more...

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Rotronic Instrument Corp.

Since its launch the Rotronic HygroGen has defined the standard for portable humidity and temperature calibration systems. Hundreds of users worldwide have identified that this tool for the rapid generation of stable temperature and humidity conditions can save significant amounts of time in performing calibrations of all types of humidity instruments from all manufacturers. The HygroGen... Read more...

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Emerson Process Management, Rosemount

The Model Bx438 sensor is designed to monitor trace levels of dissolved oxygen in beer and other carbonated beverages. The Bx438 sensor utilizes a robust membrane, which increases the life of the membrane. The sensor is designed to withstand significantly more clean in place (CIP) cycles than other dissolved oxygen sensors. Read more...

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New solar PV farm projects require the use of meteorological (MET) weather stations to achieve and maintain efficiencies critical to power and revenue generation. Nor-Cal Controls ES, Inc. has meticulously engineered the Tahoe™ MET station to meet and exceed the exacting demands of this new industry using Lufft’s weather sensor.

Challenges in power generation

Ad...

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Sometimes we give our sensors a hard time. But this has a good cause: We want to guarantee the high quality and the keeping of our promises. A few weeks ago, the ultrasonic wind sensor VENTUS was the one to be challenged. We exposed the modern measurement device to extreme conditions. But did it endure these conditions? And where occurs enough wind to challenge the strong sensor at all?

...

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CANNON Instrument Company

Common Applications

Petrochemicals (solvents, fuels, fuel oils. lubricants, crude oil)


Food and beverages

Battery acid tests

Electroplating and photo


Cosmetics

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Cincinnati Sub-Zero

CSZ Z-Plus environmental chambers are ideal for basic to accelerated stress testing with temperature/humidity. Sizes from 8 ft3 to 80ft3 of workspace, temperature from -34°C, -45°C, -73°C to 190°C and optional humidity from 10% to 98% RH. Chambers now include CSZ’s new EZT-570S controller along with a variety of user-friendly features at... Read more...

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Eaton Filtration

Eaton’s New CSM 02 Multi-Analysis System Shows Reliable Operations Begin with Reliable Particle Counting Read more...

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Emerson Process Management, Rosemount

This multi-component QCL represents the next generation of gas analyzers and sensors, with the ability to measure up to 12 gases and an interchangeable modular configuration for up to 6 lasers. An embedded ARM processor gives fully autonomous intelligent operation.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Measure up to 20 gases simultaneously
  • From sub ppb to % to meet a...

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