Dow Water & Process Solutions

Join Dow expert Donna DeFlavis as she walks through “lessons learned” explaining how you can maintain optimal IX efficiencies and avoid sending contaminants to your boiler.
The webinar will cover:

  • Effects on IX water quality when plant volume requirements change
  • Preparing for seasonal changes to feed water
  • How to avoid sending unwan...

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Smith & Loveless, Inc.

Smith & Loveless is a world leader in solvent extraction filtration systems for copper mines. The DI-SEP® SX-DAF systems remove organic material from the SX-EW process, enabling mines to produce highly pure copper sheets. Read more...

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Watch the speed & power of CECOR Sump Sharks

CECOR Sump Sharks are high-suction sludge vacs that remove collected industrial fluids (aka metalworking fluids, cutting fluids, coolant, etc.) and solid waste (metal chips, sludge, swarf, etc.) quickly and easily. Read more...

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ABB Measurement & Analytics

ABB has recently developed a new model of gas chromatograph, the PGC5007B Class Oven, specifically designed for measuring total sulfur. The tool is able to measure samples in liquid or gaseous form and is suitable for applications in refineries and petrochemical plants. Read more...

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CECOR's small, but powerful sump cleaner -- the Sump Shark -- uses high-suction lift to suck out everything in the sump from chips, fine particles and fluid. In this video we used sand and water to demonstrate the power of the Sump Shark. No match for a shop vac! Read more...

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Feeding membrane deaerated cold boiler feed water to appropriate units will enable waste heat to replace substantial steam duty in a refinery. Read more...

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Jaygo, Inc.

Jaygo - These systems offer complete product containment and solvent recovery to the user. The new self-contained, pressure/vacuum rated stainless steel or Hastelloy filter/dryer units are manufactured in the U.S.A. The units are used in the fine chemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Read more...

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Peterson Filters Corporation

Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado

February 15 - 18, 2015

Please stop by and visit us at Booth #1752 Read more...

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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

Shimadzu has introduced two new integrated liquid chromatography systems, Prominence-i and Nexera-i, adding to the company’s extensive line-up of HPLC and UHPLC systems. Combining excellent functionality, an intuitive operating environment, and full automation, the i-Series provides excellent performance and a more efficient workflow for conventional to ultra-high-speed analysis. Read more...

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Sonitec-Vortisand Inc.

The Vortisand┬« filter is ideal for commercial aquatic applications and has several advantages over conventional sand filters. These include stainless steel vessel construction (FRP with FiberSleek™ smooth finish also available), up to 24gpm/ft2 fast filtration rate, complete automation and lower backwash water consumption. Read more...

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