Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

With FactoryTalk EnergyMetrix, you can capture, analyze, store and share energy data with key stakeholders using a standard web browser. This makes it simple to distribute the knowledge necessary to optimize energy consumption, manage power quality, correlate energy usage, determine cost to production, negotiate energy rates and improve efficiency. SEE THE VIDEO DEMO Read more...

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Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC

The Eagle Eye GFL-1000 Ground Fault Locator is an essential instrument to pinpoint faulty grounding where electrical cables have breakage and loss to the ground. The unit measures current leakage of DC systems with high resistance. The GFL-1000 is designed to fast-detect, track, and locate virtual grounding faults for both offline and online DC systems. Measurement of online DC sy... Read more...

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AMETEK Brookfield

  • NEW KU-3 Viscometer which is ideal for measurement of paints, coatings, inks, adhesives and pastes, revolutionizes ease of use. Special magnetic spindle coupling enables rapid spindle attachment before the viscosity test and quick release afterward for cleanup.

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Oxford Instruments

Introducing Oxford Instruments' X-MET8000 Expert Geo handheld XRF (X-ray fluorescence) analyse for geochemistry applications including fast on-site environmental screening, mining exploration, planning and grade control. Read more...

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Erbessd Reliability Instruments

We will be at the 41st Vibration Institute Annual Training Conference

in Rochester, NY from June 13-16, 2017! Harness the power of Windows®.

Check out our products and solutions. We hope to see you there!

For more information regarding the conference, visit

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Massa Products Corporation

Interested in learning how to get optimal performance for your non-contact measurement applications? Visit the MassaSonic® white paper page or click thru here to learn about how co-optimizing the sensor and transducer design benefits your performance. Massa offers applications support and customized designs along with off the shelf ultrasonic sensors and transducer components. Come l... Read more...

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Dytran Instruments, Inc.

Dytran's new portable vibration recorder, VibraCorder II™ enables engineers to capture on-the-spot 6DOF, static, and dynamic acceleration measurements at the press of a button! Read more...

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