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Spectro Scientific

Spectro Scientific's guide to oil analysis describes recent advances in oil analysis for those industries with critical assets like turbines, engines, compressors and pumps that must stay up and running. Learn the latest techniques. Read more...

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Spectro Scientific

With four simples tests, Spectro Scientific's new MiniLab 153 delivers comprehensive on-site oil analysis providing immediate actionable results, saving time and reducing costs. One product delivers lab-quality results onsite; intuitive workflow for the non-expert user; and simplified data handling and reporting. Read more...

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Weschler Instruments

Why settle for spot temperature measurements when you can move up to a Thermal Imaging Camera for only $1599? The Extech i5 Infrared Camera is faster & more accurate than an infrared thermometer. Use the i5 to quickly scan large areas. Read more...

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Micro-Epsilon Group

The world's smallest VGA infrared camera, the thermoIMAGER TIM 640, extends the Micro-Epsilon range of industrial infrared cameras. The thermoIMAGER TIM 640 performs radiometric imaging and video recording at a resolution of 640x480 pixels, detecting even the smallest of thermal defects reliably. Read more...

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ORBIGate keeps progressing for turbomachinery vibration applications, releasing now Version 6.2. Export functions have been greatly improved, making it an even smoother experience for the user in particular when exporting 1X data to the OROS Multiplane Balancing solution. Read more...

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  1. Find the right results or presets from your archive in a flash,
  2. Get your colleagues’ results crystal clear,
  3. Share and collate your team’s measurements in a single click,
  4. Operate a database without the constraints from the company IT Manager!

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PHOTONIS Technologies SAS

PHOTONIS has developed specialty glass tubes for analytical instrument designers and manufacturers to improve movement of ion samples with a specific, even electric field strength. Our tubes are composed of a proprietary lead silicate glass doped to form a resistive surface. These tubes can be etched or be equipped with leads and the resistivity can be varied over several orders of magni... Read more...

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Test Products International, Inc. - TPI

The TPI Model 9041 Ultra II represents the very latest in easy to use high specification maintenance tools, offering extremely high levels of functionality and capability at a very affordable price! As a high spec condition based monitoring (CBM) data collector and Dynamic 2 plane rotor balancer designed for plant and asset inspections, the Ultra II does it all. Read more...

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Excelitas Technologies Corp.

Excelitas Technologies’ Low Power DigiPyro® PYD 1688 is the latest addition to our industry-leading family of digital pyrodetectors. This new digital pyrodetector operates on reduced power consumption and features sleep mode operation, making it ideal for a variety of wireless and battery-operated motion detection applications. Read more...

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Brookfield AMETEK

Brookfield AMETEK announces their new 2016 full-color catalog with complete details on all product lines. The catalog announces the acquisition of Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc. by AMETEK, Inc., an NYSE listed company (symbol: AME). Brookfield joins AMETEK’s Instrumentation and Specialty Controls (ISC) Division within the Electronic Instruments Group. Read more...

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