R&I Manufacturing Co.

The air actuated Parallel Grippers are self-centering, and allow a single finger design to handle a "Family of Parts", various sizes and or diameters. The fingers are fully guided through the entire stroke. The fingers are thru hardened and ground tool steel. They are actuated by a sleeve roller, running in a 45 degree groove. The sleeve shaft is double end supported. Read more...

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Visumatic Industrial Products

Vision Guided systems with X-Y Robot represent the best of automated assembly technology, and can be programmed to meet virtually any customer need. Robots allow full automation of the fastening application.

Vision Guided Robots are Essential When:
• Operators cannot touch or move the part during assembly
• When parts are fed loose on a conveyor
•...

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Visumatic Industrial Products

This turnkey, standalone seven-spindle automated assembly station assembles four different styles of parts and has an inverted, three-spindle, a two-spindle VPD 4.2 Power Driver and two individual screw drive modules mounted on a Visumatic Power Slide.

All spindles have independent suspension and can drive screws individually, or together. A complete automated system includes fixt... Read more...

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PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

Reference-class 6-axis positioning system

Parallel-kinematic design for six degrees of freedom making it significantly more compact and stiff than serial-kinematic systems, higher dynamic range, no moved cables: Higher reliability, reduced friction. Large clear aperture Brushless DC motors with brakes Read more...

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PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

Precision motion control systems leader PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. announces the H-845, a new series of preconfigured high-load hexapods. This newest addition extends PI’s catalog to 50 standard hexapods covering a large variety of applications, from palm-sized units for micro-manufacturing to high-speed motion simulators and vacuum and UHV compatible units. Read more...

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Clear Automation, LLC

We're developing a robotic system to polish the inside surfaces of aluminum castings. It features interchangeable tools to maximize the surface areas that we can reach. It features automated media changing so that as abrasive grits wear, we replace them automatically to maintain process control while minimizing human intervention. It features an intuitive and friendly human-machine in... Read more...

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Savage Engineering, Inc.

For precision straightening of round bars, tubes and shafts, Savage has a variety of solutions. Both fixed and traveling gantry stroke-controlled models to straighten work of almost any length and diameter. Powered accessories are available for easier handling of heavier workpieces.

SAVAGE pressing systems are "Job Engineered" to accomplish your specific requirements and designed... Read more...

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Visumatic Industrial Products

The fastest screw application available, the state of the art Viper 4-Axis Robotic System can be designed and configured as a machine building component, providing a truly programmable feeding and driving system for your line. It is designed to be very flexible, and can be reconfigured from your current to future production needs.

Visumatic configures the system's infrastructure a...

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Numatics, Inc.

The MPG5 Series gripper is designed for pick & place of small pieces. The cutting edge design of the MPG5 allow for manifold mounting a series of MPG5's in line without the concerns of space for fittings or airlines. Read more...

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