PIC Wire & Cable

Pic Wire & Cable® specializes in aircraft cable and assemblies. At PIC Wire & Cable we're constantly aiming higher–never satisfied in producing better wire and cable products; always focused on providing superior solutions. Read more...

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Altech Corp.

Save space, save time and save cost. Introducing the The Altech Hybrid Power Distribution Block, unique in the industry. Read more...

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Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

The A Series consists of miniature, PCB-mount, high voltage, regulated DC-DC converters. Designed and built utilizing state-of-the-art power-conversion topology, these units feature surface-mount technology and encapsulation techniques that provide high reliability and performance. Read more...

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Mouser Electronics, Inc.

RECOM Power RM/E Series 0.25W DC/DC Converters provide high efficiency, low quiescent current, and an extended operating temperature range. The RM/E series is available in three models, with inputs of 3.3VDC, 5VDC, and 12VDC. Applications include battery powered supplies, high-efficiency designs, and high-temperature devices Read more...

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TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.

Power Supply Product

2W and 4W Board Mount Power Supplies Operate from a 90 to 305Vac Input

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the KAS series AC-DC power supplies, rated at 2W and 4W. Accepting a very wide 90 to 305Vac, 47-440Hz input, these board mounted converters will operate from 115V, 230V and 277V nominal inputs. Target applications include security... Read more...

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Sifam Tinsley UK

The ND30 meter is a programmable digital instrument designed for the measurement of 1-phase 2-wire and 3-phase 3 and 4-wire power network parameters in balanced or unbalanced systems. The measured values are displayed on a 3.5″ TFT full-colour screen, resolution: 320 (240 pixels). The meter enables control and optimisation of the power electronic devices, systems and industrial ins... Read more...

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Remke Industries

Advanced Selection of Industrial Electrical Connectors for Harsh Applications Failure of a single electrical connector can stop production in a split second. Repair time depends mainly on the type of connection that is used. The right connector can make repair time a matter of minutes, versus several hours of hardwiring Read more...

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Intersil Corporation

ISL8215M is the first 42V single-channel DC/DC step-down power module that delivers up to 15A of continuous current. The module offers adjustable output voltages, features the high power density of 60mA/mm2 in a compact package and 96.5% peak efficiency to simplify the design of industrial, medical and communications equipment.

The compact power module is a complete DC-to-DC power... Read more...

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