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Kadant Johnson offers float and float free replacement level control assemblies for to provide a reliable and cost effective solution for high maintenance pressure powered pumps. Read more...

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co-ax valves inc.

Our direct acting valve (MK10) is bi-directionally pressure balanced, has fast actuation and is leak free. This quality engineered valve delivers superior accuracy and dependability in situations where other valves may fault. Read more...

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Emerson Process Management, Rosemount

Designed for the harshest conditions, the Rosemount 975 Flame Detectors utilize state-of-the-art technology for detecting hydrocarbon, hydrogen, metal and inorganic fires at long distances with the highest immunity to false alarms. This comprehensive line of products was developed to meet all of your flame detection coverage needs. Read more...

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ISC Sales, Inc.

For over 20 years, ISC Sales has been a leading distributor of Vortec’s line of compressed air cooling solutions. ISC offers Vortex Tubes, Cold Air Guns, Enclosure Coolers, and Personal Air Conditioning products for Process Cooling, Spot Cooling, Enclosure Cooling, and Personnel Cooling applications. Read more...

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Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

Kaeser Compressors, Inc. has published a new e-book entitled Blower System Installation Guide: Layout Considerations for a Reliable, Energy Efficient, and Safe Blower System. Read more...

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Harper International Corporation

Harper International is a world leader in thermal processing, offering high temperature Vertical and Rotary reactors for ceramic powders. These systems are used in the production of advanced ceramic materials for applications requiring high thermal conductivity. Harper’s combination of Vertical and Rotary systems performs reactions in controlled gaseous atmospheres at temperatures... Read more...

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Thermometrics Corporation

Temperature sensors that are manufactured for the aerospace industry require reliable and precise temperature measurement. Thermometrics Corporation provides the Aerospace, Military and Marine Industries with a variety of different sensors. Read more...

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Cleaver-Brooks designed the Model M5M packaged watertube boiler to meet today’s energy and emissions standards. This compact boiler is engineered for steam applications up to 500 psig, hydronic comfort heating to 180°F or process water temperature to 410°F. Read more...

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Cleaver-Brooks has designed and engineered a complete line of containerized and skid-mounted portable firetube boiler systems. Read more...

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At Ambrell, we take great pride in providing the best customer experience in the industry. It's what sets us apart. This philosophy has been the key to our success, taking us from a small start-up 30 years ago to a global leader in today’s marketplace. Read more...

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