•Accurate temperature control from 15 – 36 °C (+/- 0.1 °C), adjustable in 0.1 °C increments
•Available in 10-cm³ and 100-cm³ AccuPyc II TEC models
•Also available in an analysis module version for remote operation when utilizing the AccuPyc II control module Read more...

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CANNON Instrument Company


The CANNON D155™ Density/Specific Gravity Meter offers an affordable new tool for quick and reliable automated density/specific gravity measurements. The D155 Oscillation-type Density Meter has built-in thermal control to enable rapid and stable temperature control affording quick and precise density/specific gravi... Read more...

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Smart VacPrep is an advanced six-port system that utilizes vacuum to prepare samples by heating and evacuation. Each of the ports may be operated independently. Samples may be added or removed from degas ports without disturbing the treatment of other samples undergoing preparation. Degassing automatically terminates when the samples have completed all programmed steps. Read more...

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Trafag Inc.

Trafag is a leader in the design and production of SF6 monitoring solutions for the hgih voltage industry. Trafag SF6 monitoring instrumentation can be found in gas insulated substations and gas insulated circuit breakers across the globe. Read more...

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Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

The Quick 5-Point Flow Function Test is now integrated into Powder Flow Pro Software, version 1.3 (build 23). This quick new test can be accomplished in about 16 minutes as compared to the Standard 5-Point Flow Function Test which takes about 25 minutes to complete. Read more...

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For those who have a need to analyze a very limited amount of material, Micromeritics' AccuPyc II 1340 1-cm3 Gas Displacement Pycnometer performs fully automatic, high-speed, high-precision volume measurements and density calculations on a wide variety of powders and solids. The AccuPyc features improvements in design that allow the volume of small amounts of sample to be accurate... Read more...

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