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American Petroleum Institute (API)

Managing Environmental Aspects Associated with Exploration and Production Operations Including Hydraulic Fracturing

This document provides recommended practices applicable to the planning and operation of wells, and hydraulically fractured wells. Topics covered include recommendations for managing environmental aspects during planning; site selection; logistics; mobilization, rig-... Read more...

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Issue of New Data

Years of research has been spent on this particular methodology entitled ‘Lift and rolling moment due to spoilers on wings at subsonic speeds with trailing-edge flaps undeployed.

This data not only applies to aircrafts but also non-aeronautical uses such as the prevention of over speeding of wind turbines.

Wing-mounted spoilers a...

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ESDU Data available for Aerospace, Mechanical,
Process and Structural topics

For engineers by engineers

Engineers and technical professionals need access to different kinds of engineering information to ensur... Read more...

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IFIS Publishing

For the benefit of researchers, students and industry professionals, we have published whitepapers and articles on the following topics, which are free to download... Read more...

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ASTM International

A new ASTM test method will support geogrids, which are a geosynthetic formed of a regular network of integrally connected elements with openings, referred to as apertures, that ensure strong and resilient roads by stabilizing surrounding soil and rock. The test described in the standard (D7864/D7864M, Test Method for Determining the Aperture Stability Modulus of Geogrids) will help ensu... Read more...

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CSA Group

New Version of Natural Gas and Propane Codes Reflect Latest Advances in Technology 2015 Edition includes consolidated clauses to make most comprehensive editions to date Read more...

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American Petroleum Institute (API)

API Standard 6ACRA

Age-hardened Nickel-based Alloys for Oil and Gas Drilling and Production Equipment

This document provides requirements for age-hardened nickel-base alloys that are intended to supplement the existing requirements of API 6A. For downhole applications refer to API 5CRA.

These additional requirements include detailed process control requirements and d... Read more...

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Infraspection Institute

At present, Infraspection Institute publishes the most comprehensive list of standards for infrared thermography. Coauthored by numerous expert thermographers, these standards outline industry best practices and are updated regularly to reflect current trends and technology. Read more...

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American Petroleum Institute (API)

Evaluation and Testing of Mechanical Cement Wiper Plugs

The purpose of this technical report is for recommended testing, evaluation, and performance requirements for mechanical cement wiper plugs.

Mechanical cementing wiper plugs are used in most application including casing, liners, drill pipe, and tubing for primary and remedial cementing operations where they serve multi... Read more...

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