Baumer Ltd.

Baumer has expanded its VeriSens XC series vision sensor portfolio to include models capable of color identification and inspection. Setup is remarkably simple and reliable with the new Color FEX assistant. The new VGA and 1.2 megapixel models are ideally-suited for automation tasks in packaging, pick and pack, assembly monitoring, product encoding and quality assurance app... Read more...

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Avantes new Avalight-HAL-Mini is a compact, fan cooled tungsten halogen source with exceptional performance for spectroscopic applications in the 360-2500 nm range. Raising the bar of performance, the "Mini" is a great choice for laboratory and OEM customers working with diffuse reflection, absorbance spectroscopy and even fluorescence. Read more...

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ifm efector inc.

ifm offers a versatile line of vision sensors that can solve a variety of error-proofing and inspection applications throughout the industrial automation process. ifm has applied practical innovation to simplify complex vision technology. The result is a product family that offers robust housings, simple setup, and reliable performance at a great value. Read more...

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ifm efector inc.

ifm's 3D Image Sensor evaluates size, shape and volume in a variety of industrial automation applications. The compact, easy-to-use sensor uses time-of-flight distance measurement to identify an object in its field of view. An integrated 64 x 48 pixel array projects 3072 points of reference, capturing an entire object in three dimensions. Read more...

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ifm efector inc.

ifm's Camera System O2M for Mobile Vehicles

Ethernet interface for easy device connection

  • Can be used as a rear view camera using its selectable image mirror function.
  • Operates all year due to temperature controlled window heating.
  • Sealed, robust metal housing.
  • Programming and parameter setting interfa...

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General Pipe Cleaners

General Pipe Cleaners' new Gen-Eye SDW video inspection & location system has WiFi inside. The WiFi transmitter inside the Command Module sends video to your Smartphone or tablet. A free App lets you easily view and record video inspections at a range of up to 300 to 500 feet. The older SDN systems can be upgraded with the WiFi feature as well. Read more...

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Moffatt Products, Inc.

Custom Task lighting is a specialty for Moffatt Products. For over 50 years we have provided Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) with lighting products designed to their specifications. We will create a custom Multi-Lamp™ exactly the way you want it. Read more...

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Flir Commercial Systems

Extech's BR200 & BR250 Wireless Video Inspection Cameras (Borescopes) help users inspect hard-to-reach areas & capture 2GB video and images. With a detachable wireless display, adjustable LED lighting, it's invaluable for documenting findings and adding value to inspection services. Read more...

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Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

Titan Tool Introduces Two New Low-cost Portable Video Borescopes for Remote Inspections

Designed for portable, on-site inspections, these two (2) videoscopes with 5.7mm diameter insertion tubes have braided stainless steel, waterproof mesh sheathing for durability. Prices start at just $3,799.00 for the 1 meter unit with the 3 meter unit at just $4,499.00. Read more...

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