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  • New CMOS logarithmic A/D converters employing pipeline and algorithmic architectures
    DNL of the pipeline logarithmic converter of Fig. 4for 7 bits resolution, 0.1 % precision on the attenuator coefficients and 60 dB gain comparators. By making D = 1 in (l),the least significant bit ( LSB ) in the above type of converter...
  • 3250 Series 26.5 Spectrum Analyzers 3250 Series compact, digital |
    ...Hz/100 Accuracy Hz~500 Filter ±(reference frequency accuracy marker frequency) ±(counter resolution LSB ) Sensitivity 13.2... Preamp input attenuator Range Steps Switching accuracy ±0.5 ±0.5 13.2 ±0.8 13.2... ...average, average, voltage average Trace functions Clear/write, hold, hold, view, blank, average FREQUENCY RESPONSE input attenuation, preselector centering applied 13.2 13.2 26.5 DISPLAY LINEARITY [ dB ] Linear switching error scale... ...typical typical typical ± 0.1 total input mixer level...
  • Low-Noise Cooled Planar Schottky Diode Receivers for Ground-Based Spectral Ozone Measurements at 142 GHz
    ...of the mixer conversion loss in the upper (signal) and lower (image) sidebands, named USB and LSB . In this cases only a half of the LO power passes through the diplexer, and the 3- dB power loss is compensated by an attenuator at the carcinotron output. Values of signal loss in the diplexer Ld measured for optimal tuning were within 0.1 -0.6 dB for the 123-166 GHz range.
  • Page 95. Semiconductor parts with 000 in root number
    Attenuator , Digital, 5-Bit 0.1 - 20.0 GHz 50-2500 MHz digital attenuaror, 5-bit, 15.5 dB 800-2500 MHz digital attenuaror, 5-bit, 31 dB, 1 dB LSB .
  • A 22 mA 3.7 dB NF direct conversion receiver for 3G WCDMA
    The second transconduc- tor with an adjustable gm, A2, is based on a variable attenuator with 3 dB steps. In the measurements, the largest clock spurious is <20mV at the output, causing < 0.1 dB degradation in the 3.7dB total NF. ADCs achieve a DNL and INL of 0.27 LSB and 0.18LSB, respectively.
    A 0.1 -μF capacitor is expected on VMID1 for adequate bypassing. The input attenuator is controlled via the three most significant bits (MSBs) of the gain control. Refer to Table 1 for the step size of each of these three LSBs . Gain Bits and Corresponding Gain Step Sizes (in dB .
  • $V$ -Band High Data-Rate I/Q Modulator and Demodulator With a Power-Locked Loop LO Source in ...
    The layout must be symmetric for similar sub-circuit performances, except the attenuator and phase shifter to... In Fig. 14, the LSB is the desired signal, and the USB is the image signal. The measured SSR is 45 dBc, which indicates that the amplitude imbalance is controlled below 0.1 dB , and the phase imbalance is within 1 [33].
  • High-speed charge-to-time converter ASIC for the Super-Kamiokande detector
    ...and charge/timing resolution, we used a calibrated programmable charge source (9.2 fC/ LSB , 16-bit dynamic... To create small signals (<1 pC, ∼1 mV pulse height) with good signal-to-noise ratio and linearity, we inserted a high-precision wide-band 20- dB attenuator into the signal line. 0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 .
  • Techniques of ground-based remote sensing of the ozone layer by millimeter-wave heterodyne spectroscopy
    ...loss of the LO power in SSB operation modes was compensated by an attenuator at the carcinotron... For cooled cables, the losses were assumed as 0.1 and 0.2 dB for IF of 1 .5 and 3 .7 GHz instead of 0.2 and 0.3 dB values measured at room temperature. Namely, B is equal to D, U and L for the DSB, USB and LSB operation.
  • A Data Acquisition System for Very-Long-Baseline Interferometers
    IF channel B Attenuator , dB LSB level Operating-mode control The error of signal level readings is 0.1 %; the shortest period of signal level reading is 0.1 s; and the S2-RT clock fre- quency of recording is 32 MHz.
  • Compensating Digital Attenuator Differential Phase Shift
    presented a 5-BIT constant phase digital attenuator has ,8 COFF been designed in monolithic form for X-Band (8-12GHz) AO[ dB ]0Ri11 The 2 LSBs and the 3MSBs are depicted in A0 [dB]R1 [Q] 0.1 8[tm p-HEMT process with both Enhancement and 2,0 .
  • Design of a wideband active phased array antenna using open-ended rectangular waveguide as radiating element
    Spotlight ( 0.1 m×0.1 m Attenuator 48 100 W peak 6 bit ( LSB =1.67 ps ) 6 bit (LSB=0.5 dB ) TTD network .
  • High resolution polarimetric radar scattering measurements of low grazing angle sea clutter
    ...local oscillator signal at the mixer input, the mixer output signal having an odoffratio of 85 dB . ...upper sideband (USB) output of the mixer is transmitted while the lower sideband ( LSB ) is rejected by... The TWT has a nominal gain of 77 dB and a peak output power of 2.0 kW.Pulse-to-pulse amplitude and phase fluctuations induced on the transmitted waveform by the TWT are less than 0.1 dB and 1 degree... Variable attenuators preceding the filters are used to reduce the overall receiver gain when highly reflective targets...
  • Optical-spectrum-encoded analog-to-digital converter
    The reference signals for intensity comparison are deliv- ered after voltage-wavelength transformation via an attenuator . The minimum inverse of photon lifetime in FPI array can be calculated by using FPI length of LSB , 1/ ph =9.67 GHz for 27355 m long cavity, R=0.2786, and am = 0.1 dB /cm, see Fig.3.
  • Stability of preamplifier in 84-116 GHz receiver
    ...3 receivers have 4 - 8 GHz IF bandwidth for both lower side band ( LSB ) and upper side... ...3 receivers employ a 3-stage InP HEMT preamplifier [2], which has 35 dB gain and 4... The attenuator is used to adjust the output power of the preamplifier at -20 dBm. The variance shows plateaus (slow slope) from 0.1 to 9 seconds.