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  • Flow injection analysis of fluoride in electroplating baths with potentiometric detection
    ...with poor reproducibility, a fact that justified the aforementioned option for an FIA system with sample splitting... In order to obtain the op- timum sample/carrier dilution ratio ( 1/50 ), compatible with an adequate sampling rate, several assays were carried out.
  • Chemistry for Sustainable Development
    Gas chromatography conditions were as follows: N2 as carrier gas (1.8 ml/min); split mode was used (Flow: 72.1 ml/min, ratio : 1/50 ); temperature of injector and detector was 275ı C. The machine was led by a computer system type “HP ChemStation�?, managing the functioning of the machine... Diluted samples (1/50 in hexane) of 1.2 �?l were injected manually.
  • Effects of seasonal and physiological variations on the serum major and trace element levels in sheep order to minimize physical interference, Mg was diluted at a ratio of 1/50 with 0.2%... Zn and Cu, with a ratio of 1/10 and 1/4, respec- tively, was diluted with 6% n-butanol in the flame mode. Se concentration was determined by hydride generation atomic absorption spectrophotom- etry, according to Pierce and Tappel (6), using a Shimadzu 6401-F atomic absorption spectrophotometer equipped with a hydride generation sys- tem .
    ...or heat-killed, FITC-labeled bakers yeast were incubated at a 1:4 ratio (macrophage:neutrophil/yeast) at... Alternatively, human MDM were treated for 10 min with SOD and catalase (1/100 dilution , cleaned with Detoxi-Endotoxin removal gel from... ...before apoptotic neutrophils were added to the system for 2h.Thecellswerethenwashed,detachedfromplateswithVersene orVersene/lidocaine,fixedandstainedforhumanCD14ormouse F4/80 ( 1/50 , PE-Cy7 labeled; eBioscience...
  • Chemical composition similarity between the essential oils isolated from male and female specimens of each five Baccharis species. J. Braz. Chem. Soc., June 20...
    ...minute, then going up 3 °C min-1 up to 240 °C, and split ratio of 1/50 . ...trans-anetol, safrol, thymol, eugenol and tert-butil-hydroxytoluene were used to validate the system  and guarantee the... Nitrogen was used as gas carrier with a constant pressure of 80 kPa, a split ratio of 1/150 and injection volume of oil ( diluted in ethyl ether) of 1 µL.
  • Identification of a perinuclear positioning element in human subtelomeres that requires A-type lamins and CTCF
    For detection, we used mouse anti-DIG antibodies (Roche Diagnostics), rabbit anti-Lamin A/C antibodies (H110, Santa-Cruz) and goat anti-Lamin B antibodies (M-20, Santa-Cruz), all diluted 1/50 , followed by incubation with secondary donkey antibodies coupled with different ALEXA... ...Laboratories).

    Images were acquired with the confocal scanning laser system , LSM510, from Zeiss... Images were averaged four times to improve the signal to noise ratio . Generated. lsm files had a...

  • Adiponectinemia Controls Pro-Angiogenic Cell Therapy
    ...systemic) and image acquisition with a digital x-ray transducer and computerized quantification of vessel density (percentage of image pixels occupied by vessels); (2) assessment of capillary density by immunostaining with anti-fibronectin antibody (rabbit polyclonal, dilution 1/50 , Chemicon International (Temecula, CA... ...180 KDa), and high molecular weight (HMW; oligomers, over 300 KDa), we chose nondenaturing gradient Western blotting [46] to determine total adiponectin expression and multimerization by calculating HMW/MMW and HMW/LMW ratios on 50 μg (muscle... ...anti-adiponectin antibody (R&D Systems ; clone 251321).
  • Multiple RNAs from the mouse carboxypeptidase M locus: functional RNAs or transcription noise?
    All reactions were done in triplicate using 5 μl of the samples' total cDNA diluted 1/50 , 10 μl of the Power SYBR Green PCR Master Mix... volume of 20 μl in the 7000 Sequence Detection System (Applied Biosystems) with a... We then calculated the relative expression ratio for each transcript in relation to the TBP expression with...
  • A conditional model of MLL-AF4 B-cell tumourigenesis using invertor technology
    Sections were stained using a Dako TechMate 500 automated immunostainer (Dako, Glostrup, Denmark) with a primary (rat anti-mouse B220 (BD Pharmingen, Franklin Lakes, USA; 1/25 dilution), CD3 (Dako; 1/50 dilution ), and F4/80 (Serotec Ltd., Oxford... ...with a diaminobenzidine (DAB) visualization system . ...of the area under the curve (Genescan Analysis Software, Applied Biosystems), and the ratios of inverted allele/...
  • Microemulsions: An Overview and Pharmaceutical Applications
    ...Gcrshanik and Benita167 studied the interaction of a self-emulsifying lipid dnzg delivery system with the everted... The droplet size and zetapotentialwere determined.rrhe authors found that the pos- itively charged oil droplets formed by self-emulsifying oil formulations gave stronger reaction with the mucosal membrane at ratios of 1/50 and 1/10 dilution .