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  • Local pO2 - and pH2-measurements with Mikrokoaxialnadelelektroden on the basal winding of the Katzencochlea according to acute upper cervical Sympathektomie
    ...shielded Faraday-K/ifig electrically and is Mel3verst ~ irker of voltage source and the logger separately arranged. .../ iten and through a central Erdungspuukt through interposition yon St6rstr6me through earth line loops in the... ...calibrated before and after the attempts with known calibrating gas mixtures in Theorell-Pufferlfsung ( pH = 7,2). respectively 100 mm Hg on 10 cms was normalized the recorder width ( 1 mm ~ I...
  • ARTICLE: Heat and humidity buildup under earmuff-type hearing protectors
    Data loggers were not used with this stand-alone system. The iButtons were programmed and the data were read using a universal serial bus (USB) to 1 - Wire /iButton adapter and iButton Viewer Software and were saved as a comma-delimited file. Skin surface pH was measured by a MSC 100 Mobile Skin Center with a Skin-pH-Meter...
  • The "dolphin" a meter for investigation of oberflächennahen temperature laminations in the sea
    Vertical TemperaturvergeiIung 1/ings North Sea of the profile n6rdliehen depicted in Abb. 11 in that on the... J o s e pH , The ,,Delphin"0 a Me ~ ger & t fiir oberfl/ichennahe temperature laminations The development the, " become dolphin under line of H. graze mann The logger is to reconstruct it planned further that so depths are only selectively labeled dal3 in...
  • Testers or Instruments Electronic Circuits, beginning with P's
    ...strict limits on the amount of leakage current an on-hook device can draw from a ph . PIC16F877 APRS Weather Station -  Weather Station is PIC16F877A based and has a 4x20 LCD, a data logger output and accepts 1Wire wind instrument.
  • An Elektrencephalograph with high frequency characteristics and straight coordinates, with some comments for device of EEG apparatuses
    The hi~ufig on the W / inden ver] aufenden electrical lines k6nnen also on the that then... Its handling must deflect yon of its 1 -mental Iauptarbeit therefore the Operating mSgliehst little. An ElektreneephMogr ~ pH with high Frequenzeigensch ~ ften. Bezfiglich, a L6sung has been found the logger that deviates grundsatzlich the Previous yon and thereto, the...
  • Book display
    A separate section is devoted the receiving Vorg ~ nge of piezoelectric erfaflter the to Meflverst ~ rkern and to the loggers fiir. This book umfal3t the fiinf main sections divided into numerous bottom sections: 1 . The mechanism of the power line , 3. The ph~nomenologische part gives a general, clear insight under Voranstellung of the physical event in these areas.
  • Participation of breast and leg muscles in shivering thermogenesis in young turkeys and guinea fowl
    Two insulated multicord stainless steel wires (Capa- ble; 1 wire consisted of 12 stainless steel wires of é 0.044 mm; total é 0.43 mm including the insulation of low density polyethylene) were glued into position in a Te¯on catheter while... ...Schwarzer, model U8008); in addition, the rms EMG was sampled by a data logger (Grant Squirrel, model... The pH during the preincubation period was 4.2 in turkeys and 4.4 in guinea fowl...
  • Comparative heart sonic spelling in humans with Brustwand- and Oesophagusableitungen
    With 9 Abbildungenin 19 Einzeldarstellungenund 1 table The heart sonic spelling obtains as diagnostic Maf3nahme because of technical improvements of loggers more and more on meaning. The acoustic PH ~ nomene mSglichst to sense close on the heart is to seek AuBerdem that. The ~ bertragung effolgte through air line .
  • Over the effect of Reserpin on the sympathetically-motorized innervation of the eye
    The yon of elements derived us showed however the line speeds that were at 10 m/sec. ...musculature of the Oberlides on it concerning the gleichm £ Bigen tonisehen innervation 1 ~ bertragungsmeehanismen better... We thank the German the research common maritime detention fiir the Uberlassung of the logger as loan. ADRIAn, E. D., D. W. BRO ~ K, and G. PH~Ln'S : Discharges sympathetic of nerve in mammalian.
  • Serial automatic determination of amino acids on selbstgefertigten analysers
    Another M6gliehkeit of the 1 registration obtains the MeBstrom, possibly aueh without zusgtzliche Verst ~ rkung in it a correspondingly sensitive Kompensationssehreiber zuzuffihren. In form yon lV [these loggers in the position either the AusfluB of several S ~ of... The same Silikonsch] also, individual hose lines become ha also to the compound yon S ~ ulenauslal3... ...and anschlieSend with the fiir chromatography (the pit 3 fiir long and the pH 5 fiir short...
  • To the technique maenas of the activity-registration beiCarcinus
    NAYLOR of (1958, 1960, 1963) kl ~ irte the fundamental PH ~ inomene. Abb. 1 : scheme tische representation of the whole apparatus. As advantageously it proved the spring aufzuh ~ mu ~ of ingen that allows in simple manner that one takes the iibrigen parts of the logger the distance of the oscillating disc yon from the aquarium bottom to ver ~ Indians, without... As Fiihrungsdraht I used a steel wire yon about 0,5 mm diameter.