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  • Data Loggers and Data Recorders-Image
    Data Loggers and Data Recorders - (1141 companies)
    Data loggers and data recorders acquire digital data from sensors and other signals. They are primarily used to store data for subsequent downloads to a host PC, but may also include real-time features such as monitors and alarms. How to Select Data... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • pH Instruments-Image
    pH Instruments - (419 companies)
    ...pH instruments are used to measure or monitor potential of hydrogen (pH) in a solution. Image credit: Flir Commercial Systems | Kobold | ABB Measurement. A pH instrument is an electronic device used to measure the pH of a typically-liquid substance... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • pH Transmitters-Image
    pH Transmitters - (55 companies)
    ...pH transmitters provide electrical outputs that are proportional to potential of hydrogen (pH) inputs. How to Select pH Transmitters. pH Transmitter Smart pH Transmitter. Wireless pH Transmitter. Image Credit: Honeywell Image Credit: ECD Image... Learn More
  • pH Electrodes-Image
    pH Electrodes - (199 companies)
    How To Select pH Electrodes. pH electrodes. Gel filled electrodes. Pharmaceutical pH electrode. Image Credit: Test Equipment Depot | Omega Engineering. pH electrodes are analytical sensors for measuring potential of hydrogen (pH), the negative... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • pH Controllers-Image
    pH Controllers - (125 companies)
    ...pH and ORP controllers monitor and can control the pH (acidity or alkalinity) and/or the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of liquids involved in a testing or process application. pH Controllers Information. pH controllers monitor potential... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Voice Loggers and Audio Recorders - (108 companies)
    Audio recorders / voice loggers are used to locate, retrieve, duplicate and/or distribute audio voice or data information from single system environments to large multi-channel networked systems. Voice Loggers and Audio Recorders Information. Voice... Learn More
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    Data Acquisition Systems and Instruments - (588 companies)
    Data acquisition systems and instruments collect, digitize, and process multiple sensor or signal inputs for the purpose of monitoring, analyzing and/or controlling systems and processes. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Chart Recorders - (302 companies)
    ...time for record keeping and analysis. In some applications a hard copy output is still desired. However, paperless or video graphing recorders and data loggers have taken a competitive advantage, as they do not require ink, pens, paper stock... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Electrodes - (123 companies)
    How to Select Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Electrodes. Industrial ORP electrode. pH and ORP sensor. ORP electrode. Image Credit: Test Equipment Depot | Yokogawa | GF Piping Systems. Oxygen reduction potential (ORP) electrodes are analytical... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Instruments - (186 companies)
    ...should be used as a range of operation rather than a single point reading. There are disadvantages to the testing instruments including carryover of the electrodes and the inability to distinguish the effects of pH and temperature. The speed of an ORP... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Local pO2 - and pH2-measurements with Mikrokoaxialnadelelektroden on the basal winding of the Katzencochlea according to acute upper cervical Sympathektomie
    ...shielded Faraday-K/ifig electrically and is Mel3verst ~ irker of voltage source and the logger separately arranged. .../ iten and through a central Erdungspuukt through interposition yon St6rstr6me through earth line loops in the... ...calibrated before and after the attempts with known calibrating gas mixtures in Theorell-Pufferlfsung ( pH = 7,2). respectively 100 mm Hg on 10 cms was normalized the recorder width ( 1 mm ~ I...
  • ARTICLE: Heat and humidity buildup under earmuff-type hearing protectors
    Data loggers were not used with this stand-alone system. The iButtons were programmed and the data were read using a universal serial bus (USB) to 1 - Wire /iButton adapter and iButton Viewer Software and were saved as a comma-delimited file. Skin surface pH was measured by a MSC 100 Mobile Skin Center with a Skin-pH-Meter...
  • The "dolphin" a meter for investigation of oberflächennahen temperature laminations in the sea
    Vertical TemperaturvergeiIung 1/ings North Sea of the profile n6rdliehen depicted in Abb. 11 in that on the... J o s e pH , The ,,Delphin"0 a Me ~ ger & t fiir oberfl/ichennahe temperature laminations The development the, " become dolphin under line of H. graze mann The logger is to reconstruct it planned further that so depths are only selectively labeled dal3 in...
  • Thermokinetische measuring methods
    ...i, and i) as well as a heater (h, and h) of Manganin wire in a spiral... Blocking scheme of the rule and logger of the Differentialcalorimeters rnit of automatically controlled compensation heating after Buzzell and Sturtevant14j. a of Calorimeter c Wheatston ash Briidce, b, b, ReaktionsgefaBe, d Verstarker and rectifiers f, e of Quadrierer, integrator, h, h i... As example fur the Leistungsfahigkeit of the apparatus the deactivation extending after first order of the pepsin in a phosphate buffer of pH ?,17 by 15 ° C was investigated, whereat of the maintaining 1 h freigewordenen Gesamtwarmemenge of only 0,181...
  • WNSamples (\
    ...braky_J|1 glen_N|1 browne_N|1 grass-covered_J|1 mexican_hairless_N|1 fox_terrier_N|1 hairless_J|1 tuft_N|3 pate_N|1 bald-headed_J|1 smooth-faced_J|1 glabrous_J|1 tinea_corporis_N|1 fungal_infection_N|1 nonhairy_J|1 caterpillar_N|2 comal_J|1 curly-coated_J|1 water_spaniel_N|1 downy_J|2 milkweed_N|1 furry_J|1 teddy_bear_N|1 glossy-coated_J|1 foxhound_N|1 hispid_J|1 woolly_aphid_N|1 lanate_J|1 short-haired_J|1 tomentose_J| 1 wire -haired_terrier_N|1 wiry_J|1 nonbearing_J|1 bonny_J|2... ...unrivaled_J|1 microbiology_N|1 counterpoint_N|1 unequaled_J|1 compassionate_J|1 tenderhearted_J|1 human_race_N|1 uncompassionate_J|1 sire_N|1 unfeeling_J|2 wretch_N|3 compatible_J|2 family_relationship_N|1 logger _N|2 conservationist_N|1 typist_N|2... ...toneless_J|1 bush_V|1 careworn_J|1 mending_N|1 sleeplessness_N|1 raddle_V|2 dog-tired_J|1 fag_V|1 washed-out_J|1 worn_out_J|1 william_styron_N|1 ph _N|1 outrageously_R|2 bigoted_J|1...
  • Testers or Instruments Electronic Circuits, beginning with P's
    ...strict limits on the amount of leakage current an on-hook device can draw from a ph . PIC16F877 APRS Weather Station -  Weather Station is PIC16F877A based and has a 4x20 LCD, a data logger output and accepts 1Wire wind instrument.
  • SemCor (\
    ...ultracentrifugation_N|4 column_chromatography_N|1 ion_exchange_N|1 cellulose_N|5 stepwise_J|2 elution_N|4 fractionate_V|3 serum_N|34 abo_antibodies_N|1 rh_antibody_N|4 diethylaminoethyl_cellulose_N|2 deae_cellulose_N|12 carboxymethyl_cellulose_N|1 ph _N|7 agglutinin_N|8 preisolate_V|1... ...tear_down_V|5 earnest_N|1 besieger_N|2 methodically_R|5 roof_N|32 rag_N|7 stamp_out_V|2 square_R|1 muzzle_N|4 burn_down_V|5 set_on_fire_V|2 consume_V|9 whereabouts_N|3 slug_N|4 jerk_V|13 lifeless_J|1 draped_J|3 belt_N|9 cartridge_N|2 fifty_N|1 hillside_N|2 hastily_R|6 swear_out_V|1 signed_J|3 gunshot_N|1 horseman_N|2 sight_V|4 hills_N|12 justice_of_the_peace_N|1 take_part_V|11 take_out_V|21 belongings_N|2 single_out_V|3 prosecution_N|4 at_large_J|3 entrench_V| 1 wire _V|6 hand_grenade_N|2 wisely_R|2 foolish_J|6... ...binoculars_N|1 half_dozen_J|2 migration_N|2 department_of_commerce_N|2 workweek_N|1 paid_vacation_N|1 vacation_V|2 lodging_N|2 vacationing_N|1 pare_down_V|1 resort_N|1 tow_N|1 spice_V|1 logger _N|1 air_mattress_N|1 sleeping_bag_N|1...
  • Over intensity measurement of X-rays by counting of the light quanta
    Annals der PH , ysik. Simultaneously, the logger fiir was switched on the number tube. After drawing of a new wire into the Z%h1rohtr, measurements were repeated. such unabhangige MeBreihen taken up from each other. The factor 100 an accuracy is demanded namlich by an Schwachung urn of 1 .
  • Book display
    A separate section is devoted the receiving Vorg ~ nge of piezoelectric erfaflter the to Meflverst ~ rkern and to the loggers fiir. This book umfal3t the fiinf main sections divided into numerous bottom sections: 1 . The mechanism of the power line , 3. The ph~nomenologische part gives a general, clear insight under Voranstellung of the physical event in these areas.
  • An Elektrencephalograph with high frequency characteristics and straight coordinates, with some comments for device of EEG apparatuses
    The hi~ufig on the W / inden ver] aufenden electrical lines k6nnen also on the that then... Its handling must deflect yon of its 1 -mental Iauptarbeit therefore the Operating mSgliehst little. An ElektreneephMogr ~ pH with high Frequenzeigensch ~ ften. Bezfiglich, a L6sung has been found the logger that deviates grundsatzlich the Previous yon and thereto, the...