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  • Rotary Metal Chip Drying System
    EnviroAir furnished a custom metal chip drying system for drying and de-oiling chips from an aluminum machining operation. The chips are created from, and used for the manufacturing of pistons in the automotive industry. The model discussed in this article has a nominal production capacity of 1000
  • Fused Silica
    is a high performance ceramic with very low expansion, remarkable thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation up to 1000°C and excellent resistance to corrosion from molten metal and glass.
  • A bright idea for the operating room
    . Reflectors injection-molded from Ultem 1000 PIE, in combination with aluminum metallization, produce what's called a cold mirror -- it directs visible light downward while radiating infrared heat upward toward the top of the lamp and away from the patient. Another benefit of Ultem PIE is its ability
  • Coating Weight & Conversion Efficiency
    process with the precision of 3%. The following table presents the conversion efficiency and the coating weights resulting from the METALAST process. It is specified by MIL-A-8625F that at least 1000 mg/ft2 is required for Type-II coatings and a minimum weight of 4320 mg/ft2 is required for Type-III
  • Looking Back
    10 YEARS AGO -- MARCH 11, 1999 Handheld PC keeps on-the-go executives in touch: The HP 660LX palmtop computer from is the first handheld PC to come with a 56k modem and 32-Mbyte RAM, double the memory of most palmtops. Priced at about $1,000, the device gives users fast access to e-mail
  • A New "Twist " On Nanostructures
    to that used for nanobelts and nanosprings makes nanohelices. Zinc-oxide powder goes inside an alumina tube, which itself goes in a horizontal high-temperature tube furnace. The furnace heats the material under vacuum to about 1,000 C, at which point an argon carrier gas is introduced. Heating
  • Image makeover for product packaging
    to package 1,000 lb of corn, but just 13 lb. of plastic can do the same job. And plastic packaging itself has become more efficient. A plastic milk jug, for instance, now consumes a third less plastic than jugs made in the 1970s. There are fuel savings as well that stem from the use of plastic. It takes
  • Give glue a go
    through the hole. The welded door pulled off the frame under a 40-lb force. At 950 lb of force, the welded door pulled out 5.5 in. and broke apart. In contrast, the bonded door only pulled out 1/2 in. at 1,000 lb of force and came out only 1 in. at a force of 2,500 lb. Additionally, 4-Star halved labor

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