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MultiCam 1000 Series   MultiCam, Inc. Plasma Cutting Machines The low-cost MultiCam 1000 Series Plasma is equipped with standard features normally only found on more expensive CNC plasma cutting machines. The 1000 Series Plasma features dual drives, an engineered aluminum extrusion frame, 25mm bearings throughout, and state-of-the-art Hypertherm plasma units...
CA203.1000   FMS USA, Inc. Load Cells class 0.5%. Nominal forces 50, 125, 250, 500, 1000, 1500 N. Covers a wide application range. Stainless steel sensor, Aluminum Cover. Corrosion resistant, ultra durable...
TG**2D   RFE International, Inc. High Voltage Capacitors Aluminum electrolytic, excellent temperature performance, 1000 hrs assured
20-1000 Series   Tescom-Emerson Process Management Gas Pressure Regulators TESCOM ™ 20-1000 Series regulator is designed with lightweight aluminum construction for onboard compressed natural gas vehicles with 7 liter engines and larger. Piston sensed for long service life with coolant heat jacket to prevent freezing.
ABPU 820-1000   Rose Bopla Enclosures Electronic and Instrument Enclosures The new ALUBOS enclosure line offers custom sizing options for robust hand-held applications. The basis for the ALUBOS system is a series of aluminum extrusions, sold in meter lengths. The standard ALUBOS profiles are available in 9 sizes: 57mm x 32mm; 82mm x 32mm; 82mm x 22mm; 106mm x 32mm; 106mm...
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  • Rotary Metal Chip Drying System
    EnviroAir furnished a custom metal chip drying system for drying and de-oiling chips from an aluminum machining operation. The chips are created from, and used for the manufacturing of pistons in the automotive industry. The model discussed in this article has a nominal production capacity of 1000
  • Fused Silica
    is a high performance ceramic with very low expansion, remarkable thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation up to 1000°C and excellent resistance to corrosion from molten metal and glass.
  • A bright idea for the operating room
    . Reflectors injection-molded from Ultem 1000 PIE, in combination with aluminum metallization, produce what's called a cold mirror -- it directs visible light downward while radiating infrared heat upward toward the top of the lamp and away from the patient. Another benefit of Ultem PIE is its ability
  • Coating Weight & Conversion Efficiency
    process with the precision of 3%. The following table presents the conversion efficiency and the coating weights resulting from the METALAST process. It is specified by MIL-A-8625F that at least 1000 mg/ft2 is required for Type-II coatings and a minimum weight of 4320 mg/ft2 is required for Type-III
  • Looking Back
    10 YEARS AGO -- MARCH 11, 1999 Handheld PC keeps on-the-go executives in touch: The HP 660LX palmtop computer from is the first handheld PC to come with a 56k modem and 32-Mbyte RAM, double the memory of most palmtops. Priced at about $1,000, the device gives users fast access to e-mail
  • Bearing Materials
    600 F. M-50 is the more widely used. T-1 and M-10 are good to 800 F, M-1 and M-2 to 900 F, and WB-49 to 1,000 F. Oxidation resistances of M-1 and M-2 are marginal above 900 F. For M-50 and M-1 the dynamic capacity can be exceeded at 600 F, but dynamic capacity of bearings made of WB-49 should
  • Sensors eye Fluids And Lubricants
    sensor features a separate probe and display console. The smaller AS 1000 incorporates signal-processing electronics in the aluminum housing, making it suited for OEM installations. Both products measure dissolved water content. The handheld HMG 3000 simultaneously acquires and displays data from 10
  • A New "Twist " On Nanostructures
    to that used for nanobelts and nanosprings makes nanohelices. Zinc-oxide powder goes inside an alumina tube, which itself goes in a horizontal high-temperature tube furnace. The furnace heats the material under vacuum to about 1,000 C, at which point an argon carrier gas is introduced. Heating
  • Image makeover for product packaging
    to package 1,000 lb of corn, but just 13 lb. of plastic can do the same job. And plastic packaging itself has become more efficient. A plastic milk jug, for instance, now consumes a third less plastic than jugs made in the 1970s. There are fuel savings as well that stem from the use of plastic. It takes
  • Give glue a go
    through the hole. The welded door pulled off the frame under a 40-lb force. At 950 lb of force, the welded door pulled out 5.5 in. and broke apart. In contrast, the bonded door only pulled out 1/2 in. at 1,000 lb of force and came out only 1 in. at a force of 2,500 lb. Additionally, 4-Star halved labor

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  • ZASMHBA0003331
    ...alloys Silicon Zirconium and its alloys Zinc alloys; wrought Rare earths Gold Aluminum alloys, 4000 series Silver Boron nitride Aluminum alloys, 2000 series Silica Aluminum alloys, 7000 series Aluminum alloys, 5000 series Thorium Aluminum alloys, 1000 series Aluminum alloys, 3000 series Aluminum...
  • Determination of the solidification curves of commercial aluminum alloys
    Fig. 4--Solidification curves of 1000 series aluminum alloys.
  • ZTTSE2004P273
    ...alloys Silicon Zirconium and its alloys Zinc alloys; wrought Rare earths Gold Aluminum alloys, 4000 series Silver Boron nitride Aluminum alloys, 2000 series Silica Aluminum alloys, 7000 series Aluminum alloys, 5000 series Thorium Aluminum alloys, 1000 series Aluminum alloys, 3000 series Aluminum...
  • Investigation of the painting materials and techniques of the late�?15th century manuscript illuminator Jean Bourdichon
    To reduce interference from underlying support materials or illustrations on underlying leaves (for those illustrations bound into manuscripts), a sheet of 1/8 inch thick 1000 series aluminum (wrapped in Mylar to protect the manuscript) was placed under the illustration under examination.
  • Handbook of Die Design, Second Edition > MATERIALS AND SURFACE FINISH
    "," 1000 series aluminium alloys are almost pure aluminum, with mechanical properties at the low level but with a high workability, ductility, corrosion resistance, chemical and weathering effect resistance, and conductivity, thermal and electrical.