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Parts by Number for 10 MHz Crystal Oscillator Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
F11E-10.00MHZ ASAP Semiconductor FOX Not Provided Crystal oscillator. 10.00MHz.
CO1100-10.000-MHZ Newark / element14 RALTRON Not Provided RALTRON - CO1100-10.000-MHZ - CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR; 10MHZ; THD
QUARZ T 10,000MHZ ASAP Semiconductor E.A Not Provided Crystals and Oscillators Quarz T 10,000MHZ HC49/U X10,000CS30C3
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  • Quartz Crystal Basics: From Raw Materials to Oscillators (.pdf)
    of. capacitors. Some ASICs incorporate. synthetic quartz starts with placing. the full oscillator circuit on-chip so. the lasca in an autoclave. Quartz. you just provide an external crystal. repeatable over time, often specified. seeds are then attached to the grow-. While the design-in of a simple. as: 10 MHz
  • Oscillator Terms Glossary
    APP. NOTE 2 S TSU FREQUENCY CONTROL, INC. OSCILLATOR GLOSSARY Aging The slow change of a frequency with time, if all other influences are held constant. The primary causes are mass transfer and stress relaxation mechanisms in the crystal unit. These can be reduced by maximizing the ratio of quartz
  • Practical PICmicro (R) Oscillator Analysis and Design
    RSOURCE. The output is. measured at C1, which would be the input to the driver. in a completed oscillator. FIGURE 4: RESONANT TANK. 4.5 pF. CO. RSOURCE. R. C. Output. m. m. Lm. 18 mH. +. 33Ω. 0.01407 pF. 18 pF. 18 pF. C2. C1. -. 10 MHz Crystal. DS00943A-page 2.  2004 Microchip Technology Inc
  • Using the MSSP Module to Interface I2C TM Serial EEPROMs with PIC18 Devices
    , these pins were all grounded. for a chip address of ‘000’. Oscilloscope screen shots. are labeled for ease in reading. The data sheet. versions of the waveforms are shown below the oscil-. loscope screen shots. All timings are designed to meet. the 100 kHz specs, and a 10 MHz crystal oscillator
  • Using the C18 Compiler and the MSSP to Interface I2C TM EEPROMs with PIC18 Devices
    . generator reload value. Equation 1 shows how to. calculate the value for SSPADD, based on a desired bit. TRISC Register. rate and a known FOSC. In testing the example code. provided, a 10 MHz crystal oscillator was used, and the. In order to be properly controlled by the MSSP module,. target bit rate
  • PLL Jitter and Its Effects in the CAN Protocol
    it possible to generate an internal 40 MHz clock from an external 10 MHz crystal. One drawback in the use of PLL circuits is that they create a small, but still measurable level of transient phase shifts, or jitter. This Technical Brief shows the influence of PLL jitter on Microchip's PIC18 microcontrollers
  • Interfacing Microwire Serial EEPROMs to PIC18 Devices
    . EEPROM. This device features 256 x 16 (4 Kbit) of. memory and 16-bit organization. A 10 MHz crystal. oscillator is used to clock the PIC18F1220. If a faster. clock is used, the code must be modified to ensure all. timing specs are met. The waveforms provided are. shown from CS active to CS disable so
  • Using the C18 Compiler and the MSSP to Interface SPI TM EEPROMs with PIC18 Devices
    , and a 10 MHz crystal oscillator is used to. clock the PIC18F452. If a faster clock is used, the code. must be modified for the MSSP module to generate the. correct clock frequency. All values represented in this. application note are hex values unless otherwise. noted. DS00995A-page 2. © 2005

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