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  • Photosensor Modules-Image
    Photosensor Modules - (73 companies)
    Photosensor modules are compact light detectors with built-in power supplies. They use photomultiplier tubes, avalanche photodiodes, PN photodiodes, or PIN photodiodes.
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  • Photodiodes-Image
    Photodiodes - (231 companies)
    Photodiodes are used for the detection of optical power (UV, Visible, and IR) and for the conversion of optical power to electrical power.
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  • Diode Arrays-Image
    Diode Arrays - (105 companies)
    Diode arrays are composed of multiple discrete (usually unconnected) diodes on a single silicon chip. Diode arrays are important semiconductor products because they save assembly time and improve reliability over individually packaged diodes. In general, diode arrays use four or more diodes in a single package.
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  • Carburetors-Image
    Carburetors - (29 companies)
    Carburetors are devices used to proportionally mix a fuel with air for a combustion process.
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    Optical Interleavers - (5 companies)
    ...multiplexing (DWDM) channels to form a composite signal. These passive fiber optic devices consist of 3 ports. The interleaving process is reproduced for creating denser composite signals featuring 50 GHz, 25 GHz, or 12.5 GHz spacing. These units...
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    Fiber Optic Receivers - (119 companies)
    ...circuitry is required. How Fiber Optic Receivers Work. Fiber optic receivers use positive-negative junctions (PN), positive-intrinsic negative (PIN) photodiodes, or avalanche photodiodes (APD) as optical detectors. The incoming light signal is sent...
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