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  • RFID Coil Design
    . Alternatively, a small loop antenna coil that is resonating at the frequency of the interest (i.e., 125 kHz) is used. This type of antenna utilizes near field magnetic induction coupling between transmitting and receiving antenna coils. RFID Coil Design M. AN678. RFID Coil Design. REVIEW
  • Designing a Base Station Coil for the HCS410
    of the evaluation kit coil. determined as driver voltage divided by RLC circuit. driver circuit. The input “125 kHz” is a 125 kHz square. resistance. The RLC circuit resistance consists of all. wave which drives Q1 and Q2 to generate a magnetic. the circuit losses and not just the DC resistance
  • Using the PIC16F639 MCU for Smart Wireless Applications
    via SPI TM interface pads. The analog front-end section is optimized to detect 125 kHz low frequency (LF) signal. For the LF signal detection, it needs external LC resonant circuits. The device can detect amplitude-modulated 125 kHz input signals with a typical input sensitivity of 3 mVPP. This high
  • PKE System Design Using the PIC16F639
    is about 300 V shown in this application note are also available. The of the non-propagating property of the low-frequency given circuit and MCU firmware examples can be easily (125 kHz) signal, the signal level becomes only about modified for users specific applications. PP when it is received
  • Passive RFID Basics
    source; they must derive all. transmitted by the reader. This RF signal is called a. power for operation from the reader field. carrier signal. When the RF field passes through an. 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz tag designs must. antenna coil, there is an AC voltage generated across. operate over a vast
  • Designing LF Talkback for a Magnetic Base Station
    by. INTRODUCTION. setting up resonance in a serial resonant tank. The. circulating energy in the resonant tank typically gener-. This application note builds on application note AN232. ates 300V peak-to-peak voltage across the transmitting. Low Frequency Magnetic Transmitter Design. antenna coil at 125 kHz
  • Low Frequency Magnetic Transmitter Design
    be thought of as a weakly-. sions are small relative to the wavelength of the. coupled transformer, across which data may be trans-. exciting signal. The wavelength of a signal can be. mitted by modulating the source (or transmitter) and. calculated using Equation 1, and at 125 kHz is a long. detecting
  • Low-Frequency Magnetic Transmitter Design (.pdf)
    -. exciting signal. The wavelength of a signal can be. mitted by modulating the source (or transmitter) and. calculated using Equation 1, and at 125 kHz, is a long. detecting the modulated signal at the receiver. length of 2.4 km!. MAGNETISM BASICS. EQUATION 1: It is important to note the difference

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