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PIC12F1501 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided Modules. Integrated Temperature Indicator Module. 4 Channel 10-bit ADC with Voltage Reference. 5-bit Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). 25mA Source/Sink current I/O. 2x 8-bit Timers (TMR0/TMR2). 1x 16-bit Timer (TMR1). Extended Watchdog Timer (WDT). Enhanced Power-On/Off-Reset. Low-Power Brown-Out...
PIC16F1508 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided Modules. Integrated Temperature Indicator Module. 12 Channel 10-bit ADC with Voltage Reference. 5-bit Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). Enhanced Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (EUSART). I2C ™Compatible / SPI. 25mA Source/Sink current I/O. 2x 8-bit Timers (TMR0/TMR2). 1x...
PIC16F1509 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided Modules. Integrated Temperature Indicator Module. 12 Channel 10-bit ADC with Voltage Reference. 5-bit Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). MI2C, SPI, EUSART w/auto baud. 25mA Source/Sink current I/O. 2x 8-bit Timers (TMR0/TMR2). 1x 16-bit Timer (TMR1). Extended Watchdog Timer (WDT). Enhanced Power-On...
DAC8043UC/2K5 Digi-Key Texas Instruments Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC 12-BIT D/A CONVERTER 8-SOIC
DAC8043UC Digi-Key Texas Instruments Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC 12-BIT D/A CONVERTER 8-SOIC
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Conduct Research, decreasing design security. SEMICUSTOM COMPONENTS Semicustom integrated circuits rectify some of the limitations of standard ICs. They provide designers with more flexibility because digital functions can be designed into a standard gate array, programmable gate array, or digital ASIC...

...such as device performance, size, design flexibility, and design security problems. For example, because all digital functions are integrated in a semicustom IC, it is more difficult to reverse engineer, which increases design security. But the benefits of semicustom ICs may not be sufficient to meet all... the number of digital levels by oversampling the low-resolution ADC integrated that are accommodated in that range. It is a measure of within a digital signal controller (DSC), and then pro- the accuracy of the ADC. The higher the resolution, the cessing the oversampled digital signal in software higher...

...of time. ticated fuel gauging function for accurate applications. The battery voltage and current measurement is This application note reviews the battery fuel measure- achieved using an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). ment using the MCU and ADC devices. The accuracy of the fuel management relies...

...achieve the results in the same period of time. This. kind of signal averaging was not possible in the past because analog-to-digital converters and. computers were too slow. Large-well devices consume large amounts of power, resulting in the need to build thermoelectric coolers. to control...

...or voltage-to-frequency converter, and is processed at the. for the interface between the feedback circuit and actuators. MCU. The analog sensor output typically needs proper signal. such as motors and valves. Microchip offers a large portfolio. conditioning before it gets converted to a digital...

. current and resistance, are easier and more direct with a DMM. On the other hand, DAQ. cards usually offer multiple channels of analog input, plus other analog and digital I/O. capabilities which can be more useful than resistance or current measurements in some. applications. Unipolar vs. Bipolar...

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  • Advances in Medical Engineering
    The control unit consists of a motor driver circuit and a matchbox-sized microcontroller board with integrated 12 - bit analog/digital converter (µMODUL- 8051LP, Phytec, Germany).
  • Sigma-Delta versus Binary Weighted AD/DA conversion, what is the most promising?
    [2] R.J.van de Plassche, A Five-Digit Analog/Digital Converter , IEEE Journal of Solid- State Circuits , Vol. SC- 12 , December 1977 p 656. [3] A.Kayanuma et al, An Integrated 16- Bit A/D Converter for PCM Audio Systems, Digest of Technical Papers, IEEE Solid State Circuits Conference 1981, p 56.
  • Protegemed2: an extended platform based on RFID to identify EME and improve the detection of microshocks
    In addition to the lc we also use eight analog/digital converters ( 12 bits ), DMA access channels and Ethernet MAC to provide the communication interface. The RFID reader was implemented using the integrated circuit HTRC110 [15].
  • A 12-bit 1-Msample/s capacitor error-averaging pipelined A/D converter
    SONG et U/.: CAPACITOR ERROR-AVLUGING PIPELINEDA/D CONVERTER D. Kerth, N. S. Sooch, and E. J. Swanson, “A 667ns, 12 - bit two-step flash ADC,�? in Proc. IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conf., May 18, 1988, pp, 18.5.1-18.5.4. H. Schmid, Electronic Analog/Digital Conversion Techniques.
  • Measurement of CO2 response with the breath-by-breath automatic acquisition of the breathing pattern and occlusion pressure
    type 16V12B4G (IEF), comprising an analog/digital converter (ADC) (Burr Brown SDM857KG), that of- fers 16 channels for making multiplex measurements, the ability to program gain, and a resolution of 12 bits . The result is available in the memory at a private address attributed to the analog/digital converter . A programmable cardclock, type TBGU (IEF), with an integrated circuit (MC6840).
    Two examples of the minimum required power as function of integration time are shown in Figures 4-11 and 4- 12 . 4.3.5 Number of Bits used in the Digitization Process The CCD is connected to a circuit board where the detected signal is digitized. The digitization takes place in an analog/digital converter in which the signal is divided into .
    [29] P. R. Gray, J. L. McCreary, and D. A. Hodges, "Weighted capacitor analog/digital converting apparatus and method," U.S. Patent 4129863, Dec. 12 , 1978. [30] K. Ohri and M. Callahan, " Integrated PCM codec," IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits , vol. [31] H.-S. Lee, D. Hodges, and P. Gray, "A self-calibrating 15 bit CMOS A/D converter ," IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits,vol.
  • Asia-Pacific Abstracts
    2-V Feedforward Amplifier and A/D Converter for Mixed Analog/Digital LSIs, by T. Matsuura*, E. Imaizumi**, and T. Anbo** (*Semiconductor & Integrated Circuits Div., Hitachi Ltd., Kokubunji-shi, 185 Japan; **Hitachi ULSI Engineering Corp., Kodaira-shi, 187 Japan): pp. 1666–1678. 7, NO. 12 , DECEMBER 1997 11.5) A 28 mW 16- bit Digital Signal Processor for the PDC Half-Rate CODEC, by...
  • New multibit delta-sigma modulator structure with reduced sensitivity to the D/A conversion error
    ...991 6 BRANDT, B.P., and WOOLEY, B.A.: ‘A 50MHz multibit sigma- delta modulator for 12 -h 2MHz AID conversion’... ...modulator using both I- bit and multibit quantisers’, Electron... ...8 PING, L.: ‘Oversampling analog/digital converters with finite zeros in... Proceedings of the IEEE international symposium on Circuits and systems, 1991, pp. 1645-1648 9 TAN, N... ...1220-1244 16 UNBEHAUEN, R., and CICHOCKI, A.: ‘MOSswitched-capacitor and continuous-time integrated circuits and systems’...
  • Addressing substrate coupling in mixed-mode ICs: simulation and power distribution synthesis
    [I] J. A. Olmstead and S. Vulih, “Noise problems in mixed analoddigital integrated circuits ,�? in Proc. [2] B. M. J. Kup, E. C. Dijkmans, P. J. A. Naus, and J. Sneep, “A bit stream digital-to-analog converter with 18-b resolution,�? IEEE J. Solid State Ci
  • Portable microprocessor system for tremor signal recording
    From respect on simplicity design and admitted assuming on purpose is applying monolithic integrated analog/digital converter . It is necessary assure 12 - bit resolution and required speed processing. Take on base this assumptions is selected to realization integrated circuit (analog/digital converter) Analog Devices AD7853L.
  • Smart AD and DA Conversion
    ...ADCs, 58, 61 mixed analog/digital system, 57 open-loop... ...model, 62 pipelined AD converters , 59, 60 recent publications... ...speed scales, 65 T&H circuit , 64 Smart converter concept... ...algorithm, 14 processing algorithm, 12 , 14 signal information, 13... ...scaled design, 34 13- bit DAC design, 39 correction... ...switch driver, 42 switches, 42–43 transfer curve, 5-bit DAC, 26 System information, 12–13 System integration , 1 .
  • High performance analog-to-digital converter technology for military avionics applications
    B. Gordon, “Linear Electronic Analog/Digital Conversion Architectures, Their Origins, Parameters, Limitations, and Applications�?, IEEE Transactions on Circuitsand Systems, Vol. CAS-25, No. 7 (1978 [2] B. Razavi, Principles of Data Conversion System Design, IEEE Press Marketing 12 -27 (1995 [4] S.Soclof, applications of Analog Integrated Circuits , PrenticeHall 451-453 (1985 [5] S. Norsworthy, R. Schreier, and G. Temes, Delta- Sigma Converters , Theory, Design, and Simulation, IEEE Press... ...Velebir, A. Oki, D. Streit, and B. Oyama, “Fully Functional High Speed 4- bit A.D Converters...
  • Low power 13 bit ADCs for ASIC applications
    There is also further justification for a self calibrating circuit in analog/digital system integration : there is usually a start-up phase in which a calibration of the ADC can be carried out, unseen. Where the analogue circuits contain a number of long time constants, due to filter settling etc., there... The specification for a 13 bit ADC which was adopted allows those systems with 12 bit converters to upgrade their performance.
  • Design and experimental validation of a wireless PVDF displacement sensor for structure monitoring
    Each of the PVDF wireless sensor units is composed of a sensor interface circuit board and a... The major components of the mother board are an embedded micro converter , data acquisition and pre-processing... It is a fully integrated 12 - bit data acquisition system-on-a-chip which features precision Analog/Digital & Digital/Analog conversion and a programmable microcontroller unit (MCU) on a single chip.