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DAC8043UC Digi-Key Texas Instruments Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC 12-BIT D/A CONVERTER 8-SOIC
DAC813AU Digi-Key Texas Instruments Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC 12-BIT D/A CONVERTER 28-SOIC
DAC8043U Digi-Key Texas Instruments Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC 12 BIT D/A CONVERTER 8 SOIC
PIC16F1509 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided Modules. Integrated Temperature Indicator Module. 12 Channel 10-bit ADC with Voltage Reference. 5-bit Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). MI2C, SPI, EUSART w/auto baud. 25mA Source/Sink current I/O. 2x 8-bit Timers (TMR0/TMR2). 1x 16-bit Timer (TMR1). Extended Watchdog Timer (WDT). Enhanced Power-On...
PIC16F1508 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided Modules. Integrated Temperature Indicator Module. 12 Channel 10-bit ADC with Voltage Reference. 5-bit Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). Enhanced Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (EUSART). I2C ™Compatible / SPI. 25mA Source/Sink current I/O. 2x 8-bit Timers (TMR0/TMR2). 1x...
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  • Advances in Medical Engineering
    The control unit consists of a motor driver circuit and a matchbox-sized microcontroller board with integrated 12 - bit analog/digital converter (µMODUL- 8051LP, Phytec, Germany).
  • Sigma-Delta versus Binary Weighted AD/DA conversion, what is the most promising?
    [2] R.J.van de Plassche, A Five-Digit Analog/Digital Converter , IEEE Journal of Solid- State Circuits , Vol. SC- 12 , December 1977 p 656. [3] A.Kayanuma et al, An Integrated 16- Bit A/D Converter for PCM Audio Systems, Digest of Technical Papers, IEEE Solid State Circuits Conference 1981, p 56.
  • Test and Diagnosis of Analogue, Mixed-Signal and RF Integrated Circuits: the system on chip approach
    ...measurement of ADC nonlinearities using sine waves’, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 1994;43 (3):373–83 5 Maxim Integrated Products, Maxim Application Note... ...Speed Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs), September 2000 6... ...7 Linnenbrink, T.: ‘Effective bits : is that all there... Defining and testing dynamic ADC parameters’, Microwaves and RF, 2000;39 (11):75–84 9 Grochowski, A., Bhattacharya, D., Viswanathan, T.R., Laker, K.: ‘Integrated circuit testing’, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and... ...Oxford University Press, New York, 2001) 12 IEEE Standard 1149.1... ...Pretzl, G.: ‘Dynamic testing of high speed aid converters’, IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits, 1978;13:368–71 21 Downing, O.J., Johnson, P.T.: ‘A method for assessment of the performance of high speed analog/digital converters’, Electronics Letters, 1978...
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  • A 12-bit 1-Msample/s capacitor error-averaging pipelined A/D converter
    SONG et U/.: CAPACITOR ERROR-AVLUGING PIPELINEDA/D CONVERTER D. Kerth, N. S. Sooch, and E. J. Swanson, “A 667ns, 12 - bit two-step flash ADC,�? in Proc. IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conf., May 18, 1988, pp, 18.5.1-18.5.4. H. Schmid, Electronic Analog/Digital Conversion Techniques.
  • Protegemed2: an extended platform based on RFID to identify EME and improve the detection of microshocks
    In addition to the lc we also use eight analog/digital converters ( 12 bits ), DMA access channels and Ethernet MAC to provide the communication interface. The RFID reader was implemented using the integrated circuit HTRC110 [15].
  • Information Technology Applications in Industry
    The product has high speed, low cost, strong anti interference, 4 PWM/PCA(Programmable Counter Array)/CCU(Capture/Compare Unit), high speed 8 ways-10 bits A/D( Analog /Digital ) converter . ...SCM and completely compatible 8051 instruction code but it is more faster 8- 12 times than 8051... Its main IC ( integrated circuit ) is HD44780, which is good completely compatible.
  • Asia-Pacific Abstracts
    2-V Feedforward Amplifier and A/D Converter for Mixed Analog/Digital LSIs, by T. Matsuura*, E. Imaizumi**, and T. Anbo** (*Semiconductor & Integrated Circuits Div., Hitachi Ltd., Kokubunji-shi, 185 Japan; **Hitachi ULSI Engineering Corp., Kodaira-shi, 187 Japan): pp. 1666–1678. 7, NO. 12 , DECEMBER 1997 11.5) A 28 mW 16- bit Digital Signal Processor for the PDC Half-Rate CODEC, by...
    Two examples of the minimum required power as function of integration time are shown in Figures 4-11 and 4- 12 . 4.3.5 Number of Bits used in the Digitization Process The CCD is connected to a circuit board where the detected signal is digitized. The digitization takes place in an analog/digital converter in which the signal is divided into .
  • Addressing substrate coupling in mixed-mode ICs: simulation and power distribution synthesis
    [I] J. A. Olmstead and S. Vulih, “Noise problems in mixed analoddigital integrated circuits ,�? in Proc. [2] B. M. J. Kup, E. C. Dijkmans, P. J. A. Naus, and J. Sneep, “A bit stream digital-to-analog converter with 18-b resolution,�? IEEE J. Solid State Ci
  • Measurement of CO2 response with the breath-by-breath automatic acquisition of the breathing pattern and occlusion pressure
    type 16V12B4G (IEF), comprising an analog/digital converter (ADC) (Burr Brown SDM857KG), that of- fers 16 channels for making multiplex measurements, the ability to program gain, and a resolution of 12 bits . A programmable cardclock, type TBGU (IEF), with an integrated circuit (MC6840).
  • Analogue IC Design: The Current-Mode Approach
    K.D. Wagner and T.W. Williams, "Design for Testability of Analog/Digital Networks,", IEEE Trans, on Industrial Electronics, vol. A/D and D/A Converters 491 absolute value circuit 44 active current feedback 10 active current-mirrors 8 Active feedback 588... ...476 Bipolar Process 545 bipolar V-I converter 457 biquadratic section 438 bit cell 493 BJT biasing 12 buffer 459 buffer amplifier... ...Product Circuit 605 inner product computation 606 instrumentation amplifier 10, 155, 456, 573 Integrated Circuit Design 617...
  • System-on-Chip: Next Generation Electronics
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  • Smart AD and DA Conversion
    ...ADCs, 58, 61 mixed analog/digital system, 57 open-loop... ...model, 62 pipelined AD converters , 59, 60 recent publications... ...speed scales, 65 T&H circuit , 64 Smart converter concept... ...algorithm, 14 processing algorithm, 12 , 14 signal information, 13... ...scaled design, 34 13- bit DAC design, 39 correction... ...switch driver, 42 switches, 42–43 transfer curve, 5-bit DAC, 26 System information, 12–13 System integration , 1 .
  • High performance analog-to-digital converter technology for military avionics applications
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