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  • Production technology, characteristics, and some applications of electric-explosion nanopowders of metals
    ...1—reactor; 2—section of high voltage bushing and mechanical discharger; 3—high volt age insulator; 4—high voltage electrode; 5—wire; 6— gas flow cooler; 7—separator; 8—feed... ...sensor; 9—gas flow rate control valve ; 10—powder collection filter; 11—bin (glass) for powder accumulation; 12 — cutoff valve; 13—centrifugal...
  • Performance of Limited Bandwidth Active Suspension Based on a Half Car Model
    [13], and Z is the control valve drive signal ( volt ) given by: To limit the high frequency demands on the flow control valve within a low frequency range (0 to 6 Hz), the demand gas pressure signal is filtered for each suspension... Equations (10, 11, 12 and 13) are used to simulate the front and rear suspension systems components...
  • Practical Environmental, Working Area and Stack Discharge Samplers, Passive and Dynamic, for Measurement of Tritium as HTO and HT
    Gas flow through the sampler is maintained by a small 12 volt displacement pump which, situated at the outlet end of the circuit, draws the gas through the system and returns it to the outlet connec tion. A particular feature of the design is the absence of control valves or filters in the circuit which, potentially, might be causes of blocking or resetting during sampling runs.
  • Measuring Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds from Silage
    Flexible ducting was used to attach the chamber to a calibrated orifice (Oripac 5300, Lamda Square, Babylon NY) and a 12 volt DC blower (1.24 m 3 /min BG0903-B049-P0S, NMB Technologies Corporation, CA; or 0.231 m 3 /min... To improve flow control inside the wind tunnel, a valve was used to allow air to bypass the sampling system and thus reduce the airflow over the sampling box. VOC concentrations were measured using an Innova 1412 photoacoustic gas monitor (LummaSense Technologies, Ballerup, Denmark) equipped with...
  • Catalogs - 2010-2011 Canadian Environmental and Combustion Controls Product Catalog
    R8845U Replacement Cross Reference 216 RA889A Replacement Cross Reference 218 Radiator Valves Pneumatic 789 Pressure Regulators 238 Radiators Residential 222 RapidZone 334 RedLINK™ 25–32 RedLINK™ enabled 6, 12 , 16 Refrigeration and air... ...Purge Timers 856 Primary Controls 829, 834, 835, 840... ...Control Temperature 32 Remote Input/Output Device Controllers Remote I/O 340 Remote Temperature Controller Accessories 370 Replacement Cartridges Cartridge Cage Valves 664 Replacement Control Modules... ...Combustion System 868 Diaphragm Gas Valves 902 DirectConnect MIxing... ...Mounted Motors 455 Line Volt Thermostats 509 Perfect Window...
  • Residential Combustion Distributor Inventory Management Guide (Canada)
    Dual Valve Gas Control . Standing Pilot, Standard Regulator, 24 Volt , 60 Hz, 0-175°F, Slow Opening, 1/2 Inch Npt Inlet x... 12 .
  • An apparatus for the determination of the dew point
    AS this valve is only an on-and-off control , a small tap is provided to adjust the flow. In the apparatus which is shown, the gas -filled lamp has a rating of 24 watts at 12volts .
  • A study on the rapid bulk combustion of premixture using the radical seeding
    A DLI (Distributer- less Ignition) type was used as an ignition device and ignition energy was supplied from a 12 volt battery. ...series of the above processes from formation of premixture to emission of exhaust gas was carried out... A mi- com (PIC16C74) with built-in 12bit A/D and 8 kB EEPROM was equipped in the electronic control system, which controled an injector, solenoid valves , the DLI ignition device, and so on.