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  • Well Performance Visualization and Analysis
    The analog/digital electronics system contains outputs of a 12 volts relay driver and also normally open/closed contacts for external control of gas -gun valves , motors, variable speed drives, casing vent valves, etc.
  • Production technology, characteristics, and some applications of electric-explosion nanopowders of metals
    … 1—reactor; 2—section of high voltage bushing and mechanical discharger; 3—high volt age insulator; 4—high voltage electrode; 5—wire; 6— gas flow cooler; 7—separator; 8—feed … … sensor; 9—gas flow rate control valve ; 10—powder collection filter; 11—bin (glass) for powder accumulation; 12 — cutoff valve; 13—centrifugal …
  • WNSamples (\
    … whisper_N|5 shrivel_V|7 tapered_J|4 las_vegas_N|2 vaporize_V|2 hemorrhage_N|1 casserole_N|4 augment_V|2 near_east_N|1 build_up_V|2 ante_N|1 steeply_R|2 sharply_R|7 soar_V|6 cease-fire_N|3 bestseller_N|1 accrue_V|2 bull_V|2 gas _pedal_N|2 slow_down_V|3 spike_V|3 gather_N|1 … … blank_out_V|1 falsify_V|3 misuse_V|4 health_care_N| 12 pregnant_J|4 worsen_V|4 brisk_V|1 tutor_N|2 … … disengage_V|3 substantiate_V|3 undergird_V|1 self- control _N|1 sandbag_V|2 buttress_V|3 thesis_N|13 … … auspicate_V|1 diatribe_N|1 plunge_V|7 take_up_V|4 get_cracking_V|1 iraqi_N|1 jumpstart_V|1 peace_process_N|1 guide_N|6 persist_V|3 obstinate_V|1 rational_J|6 ask_for_trouble_V|2 plug_away_V|1 pass_away_V|1 close_out_V|2 lapse_V|5 cut_out_V|4 wind_V|5 terminate_V|5 seurat_N|1 pointillism_N|1 siege_N|3 nsf_N|2 axe_V|1 ax_V|1 staunch_V|1 shut_V|10 valve _N|5 stamp_out_V|2 lock_N|10 ground_level_N|1 … … first_N|1 transpose_V|2 fugue_N|3 g_N|2 volt _N|1 transform_V|6 monster_N|3 metamorphose_V|2 …
  • Performance of Limited Bandwidth Active Suspension Based on a Half Car Model
    [13], and Z is the control valve drive signal ( volt ) given by: To limit the high frequency demands on the flow control valve within a low frequency range (0 to 6 Hz), the demand gas pressure signal is filtered for each suspension … Equations (10, 11, 12 and 13) are used to simulate the front and rear suspension systems components …