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  • Well Performance Visualization and Analysis
    The analog/digital electronics system contains outputs of a 12 volts relay driver and also normally open/closed contacts for external control of gas -gun valves , motors, variable speed drives, casing vent valves, etc.
  • Production technology, characteristics, and some applications of electric-explosion nanopowders of metals
    ...1—reactor; 2—section of high voltage bushing and mechanical discharger; 3—high volt age insulator; 4—high voltage electrode; 5—wire; 6— gas flow cooler; 7—separator; 8—feed... ...sensor; 9—gas flow rate control valve ; 10—powder collection filter; 11—bin (glass) for powder accumulation; 12 — cutoff valve; 13—centrifugal...
  • Catalogs - 2010-2011 Canadian Environmental and Combustion Controls Product Catalog
    R8845U Replacement Cross Reference 216 RA889A Replacement Cross Reference 218 Radiator Valves Pneumatic 789 Pressure Regulators 238 Radiators Residential 222 RapidZone 334 RedLINK™ 25–32 RedLINK™ enabled 6, 12 , 16 Refrigeration and air... ...Purge Timers 856 Primary Controls 829, 834, 835, 840... ...Air Vents 241 AQ2000 Series 211 Aquastats 200, 201 AQUATROL 211 Cartridge Globe Valves 654 Commercial Mixing Valves 286 Commercial/Industrial Flame Detectors 885 Delphi Combustion System 868 Diaphragm Gas Valves 902 DirectConnect MIxing... ...Mounted Motors 455 Line Volt Thermostats 509 Perfect Window...
  • WNSamples (\
    ...whisper_N|5 shrivel_V|7 tapered_J|4 las_vegas_N|2 vaporize_V|2 hemorrhage_N|1 casserole_N|4 augment_V|2 near_east_N|1 build_up_V|2 ante_N|1 steeply_R|2 sharply_R|7 soar_V|6 cease-fire_N|3 bestseller_N|1 accrue_V|2 bull_V|2 gas _pedal_N|2 slow_down_V|3 spike_V|3 gather_N|1... ...blank_out_V|1 falsify_V|3 misuse_V|4 health_care_N| 12 pregnant_J|4 worsen_V|4 brisk_V|1 tutor_N|2... ...disengage_V|3 substantiate_V|3 undergird_V|1 self- control _N|1 sandbag_V|2 buttress_V|3 thesis_N|13... ...auspicate_V|1 diatribe_N|1 plunge_V|7 take_up_V|4 get_cracking_V|1 iraqi_N|1 jumpstart_V|1 peace_process_N|1 guide_N|6 persist_V|3 obstinate_V|1 rational_J|6 ask_for_trouble_V|2 plug_away_V|1 pass_away_V|1 close_out_V|2 lapse_V|5 cut_out_V|4 wind_V|5 terminate_V|5 seurat_N|1 pointillism_N|1 siege_N|3 nsf_N|2 axe_V|1 ax_V|1 staunch_V|1 shut_V|10 valve _N|5 stamp_out_V|2 lock_N|10 ground_level_N|1... ...first_N|1 transpose_V|2 fugue_N|3 g_N|2 volt _N|1 transform_V|6 monster_N|3 metamorphose_V|2...