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    Solenoid Valves - (981 companies)
    Solenoid valves are devices that use a solenoid to control valve activation. They are considered electromechanical control devices used to control liquid or gas flow. An electrical current runs through a coil to control the valve by moving a plunger...
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    Rotary Solenoids - (71 companies) either end-position without the continuous application of power. They have fast response times and are often used in document movement and sorting systems. Step rotary solenoids have additional magnetic poles for multiple position control...
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    Linear Solenoids - (137 companies)
    ...which generates a magnetic field when a voltage is applied. Because the magnetic field can be confined in a volume, its strength can be adjusted. Linear solenoids can be either unidirectional (push or pull) or bidirectional (push/pull...
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  • Reed Relays-Image
    Reed Relays - (97 companies)
    Reed relays are electrically-operated switching devices that consist of two thin, magnetic strips (reeds) encapsulated in a glass envelope. They are used to switch industrial components such as solenoids, contactors and starter motors. Reed relays...
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  • Noncontact Safety Interlock Switches-Image
    Noncontact Safety Interlock Switches - (88 companies)
    Noncontact safety interlock switches couple a moveable guard door with the power source of the hazard. For noncontact actuating interlock switches, the guard door is linked to the control circuit contacts via a magnetic or electronic field...
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    Inductors, Coils, and Chokes - (1005 companies)
    Inductors coils and chokes are passive components that are designed to resist changes in current and store energy in the form of a magnetic field. Inductors, coils and chokes are passive devices that are designed to resist changes in current...
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    Linear Actuators - (721 companies)
    ...the rotor and stator (metal ring of insulated wire) components are laid out in a straight line. The magnetic field structures of linear motors are physically repeated across the length of the actuator. DC Motor Types are powered by direct current...
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    Air Valves - (798 companies)
    ...thus providing semi-automatic operation. A solenoid is a designed electromagnet. When an electric current is applied, a magnetic field is generated around the wire. An iron "T" or plunger is put in the center of the coil to concentrate the magnetism...
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    Water Valves - (585 companies)
    ...for automatic control of valve opening or closing. Manual valves can also be used for controlling the hydraulic fluid; thus providing semi-automatic operation. A solenoid is a designed electromagnet. When an electric current is applied, a magnetic field...
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    Linear Motors - (177 companies)
    ...are a class of motors that operate at constant speed up to full load. The rotor speed is equal to the speed of the rotating magnetic field of the stator; there is no slip. Reluctance and permanent magnet are the two major types of synchronous motors...
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  • ENEL589: Fourth Year Engineering Design Project
    The FuSe Map System is composed of several elements that include a magnetic touch board (composed of a grid of solenoids and H-bridge circuits), relays, a micro- controller, a single 12 & 5 volt power supply and a PC database.
  • Federal Register > Monday, May 2, 2016 > [81 FR 26200] Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 133-Quad-Cities, Iowa/Illinois; Notification of Proposed Production Activity, D...
    motors; sensor resolver kits; magnetic drain plugs; engine shutdown solenoids ; solenoid kits; starter motors; 12 teeth pinions; brush sets; strobe lights; travel warning alarms; wiper arms … /GPS (global positioning system) antennas; iridium satellite antennas; multiband antennas; 12 volt monitors; computer monitors; dot…
  • Spherical indentation of magnetostrictive materials
    …reluctance (which is on the order of 2 - 10 5 A/T M 2 ) is a tiny fraction of the gap reluctance (which is on the order Assuming a magnetic field density in the … force required from the solenoid is about 11,700 .... For a solenoid with an inner diameter of 5 cm and an outer diameter of 12 cm, using 14 gauge wire, this translates into about 110 W of power required (4 Amps at 28 Volts ); the temperature change of the solenoid due…
  • Alternative poloidal field configurations for ITER
    Segmentation of the lTER Central Solenoid , Design. .... Study by the United States Home Team, December 1996 ITERDetailed Design Report, 12 November 1996 J. A. Crotinger, et al., “Corsica: A comprehensive simu- lation of toroidal magnetic fusion devices”, LLNL Re … Ejima, et al., “ Volt -second analysis and consumption…
  • Popular Products In Automotive Tools - Big Bruin
    …x 4 1/2, Clutch Cam action for freespooling, Switching Method Handlebar-mounted toggle, handheld remote, Fairlead Type 4-way roller, Gear Ratio 1661, Braking Mechanical, dynamic, Line Speed FPM 18 no-load 4 1/2 full load, Volts 12 , HP 1.4, Rope .... 4000-lb. pulling capacity single line 12V DC, 1.4 HP low amp permanent magnetic motor 50ft. x 3/16in. steel wire rope w/hook 4.5 FPM … of drum Freespooling clutch with ergonomic control Reinforced steel drum Sealed solenoid and circuit breaker protection…
  • Electrically-Controlled Demand-Thrust Rockets for Satellite Guidance
    A typical power supply for this application would comprise a 12 - volt nickel-cadmiiumii battery weighing 0.75 pound and a solar cell recharge system which would weigh as much as 4 pounds. .... The magnetic amplifier would be of the 2- or 3-stage transistor type weighing 0.5 pound and furnishing 2 watts to the solenoid coil controlled by an input signal of 50 micro- amps.
  • Particle Accelerator Physics
    Electromagnetic waves standing, 255 traveling, 255 Electromotive force, 30 Electron, 3, 4 beam, 803 gun, 8 source cathode, 8 photo cathode, 8 Volt , 11 Electrostatic deflector, 48 dipole, 56 einzellens … 268 minimum, 462 normalized, 345, 356 Energy, 12 , 21 center of mass … perturbation terms, 163 in phase space, longitudinal, 259 sine-like solution, 206 in solenoid , 672 solutions, 116 … 66, 74 Fields, 128 electrostatic, 43 high frequency electromagnetic, 254 linear, 99 linear magnetic , 178 longitudinal, 255…
  • Aerospace Engineering on the Back of an Envelope
    …a 10% duty cycle and NI ¼ 9,080 ampere- turns as recommended by Magnetic Sensor Systems . .... Voltage ¼ 24.2 volts ; or two 12 volt batteries. .... for the maximum force and maximum energy (or delivered work) for our model solenoid given the solenoid/plunger…
  • Magnetorheological Fluid Based Torque Transmission Clutches
    The required electrical current to vary the magnetic field strength is supplied by an EPSCO INC., model PS-5, filtered DC power generator capable of producing electrical current ranging from 0 to 12 amperes. .... The solenoid magnet wires were attached to the power generator. .... was capable of turning 30,000 rpm, and was powered by a 7.2 volts battery cell.
  • Electron Beam Focusing with Periodic Permanent Magnet Fields
    …of current focused to the collector with a beam voltage of 1,800 volts the rf gain .... This corresponds closely to operation in a uniform solenoid . .... DYNAMICS The equations of motion for the electron beam in the periodic magnetic field of Fig. 12 are derived with the following assumptions.