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  • DC/DC Converters With Linear Regulators
    a wide variety of devices, including DC motors. ear regulator acts as a low pass filter and will not attenuate any. and heaters. common-mode noise between the converter’s input and out-. BETA DYNE INC • WWW.BETA-DYNE.COM. APPLICATION NOTE DC-017 • DCDC_AN17_REV01.PDF • PAGE 2 OF 8. dB. -10. -20
  • Low-Cost DC Motor Speed Control with CMOS ICs
    Two low-cost CMOS ICs manage a 12 VDC, current-limited speed control circuit for DC brush motors. The circuit design (see Figure 1) uses PWM (pulse width modulation) to chop the effective input voltage to the motor. Use of CMOS devices gives the benefits of low power, minimal heat and improved
  • Monitoring Temperature and Power on Aging 3-Phase Compressor Motors
    for multiple SDI-12 sensor networks, Modbus for SCADA systems, FTP and Web interface, 12V regulated output to power sensors, the DT85 offered a flexible solution for monitoring all the required values. Meanwhile the dataTaker 's digital inputs monitored motor runtime. All measurements were recorded
  • Application Note: Controlling Motor Runaway (Oct 2002)
    . Newsletters. Notable Quotables. Press Releases. Wacky News of the World. Groschopp, Inc. 62753 PM8014-PL7320 - DC Planetary Gearmotors 12V Series. Application Note: Controlling Motor Runaway. - October, 2002. More Information: download: Application Note- Controlling Motor Runaway.doc. Visitor Survey
  • Application Note: Motor Sizing Made Easy
    . Newsletters. Notable Quotables. Press Releases. Wacky News of the World. Groschopp, Inc. 55005 PM8014-PS1940 - DC Parallel Shaft Gearmotors 12V Series. Application Note: Motor Sizing Made Easy. - September, 2002. More Information: download: Motor Sizing Made Easy.doc. Visitor Survey | Advanced Search
  • Intelligent Remote Positioner
    The excellent cost/performance ratio of the PIC16C5X makes it well suited as a low-cost proportional D.C. actuator controller. This application note depicts a design for a remote intelligent positioning system using a D.C. motor (up to 1/3 hp) run from 12V to 24V. The position accuracy is one
  • Sensorless BLDC Control with Back-EMF Filtering
    . windings, is the stator. The inner part of the motor is the. This algorithm has been tested on these motors: rotor. The rotor consists of opposing magnetic poles. • 4-pole, 12V, 10A fan motor with a maximum. located around the circumference of the motor. speed of 29,000 RPM. Figure 4 shows a rotor
  • Electrical Considerations of Fan Cooling
    . The standard fan supplied with the amplifiers is a 12V brushless DC motor fan. Like all switching circuits the brushless motor commutation generates electrical noise. If care is not taken in how the fan is connected to the amplifier circuit some of that electrical noise may appear at the output

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