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    Gear Pumps - (527 companies)
    ...but have a useful viscosity range of 1cP (centiPoise) to over 1,000,000cP. The single point of end clearance (the distance between the ends of the rotor gear teeth and the head of the pump) is adjustable to accommodate high temperatures, maximize...
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    Gearmotors - (626 companies)
    Gearmotors consist of an AC or DC motor with an integral gearbox or gear head typically used to adjust the motor's output speed and torque. Gearmotors are electric motors that utilize a type of gear system on the output of the motor. This gearing...
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    Gearboxes and Gearheads - (947 companies)
    ...for attaching to an input drive (a motor or drive shaft) and an output component (usually a shaft). Input and output connection configurations for gearboxes and gearheads include solid shaft, hollow shaft and integral coupling. The gears are mounted...
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  • Worms and Worm Gears-Image
    Worms and Worm Gears - (204 companies)
    Worms and worm gears are gear sets that offer high gear reduction and torque multiplication with a small footprint. A worm drive is a cylindrical gear with a shallow spiral thread that engages the worm gear in a non-intersecting, perpendicular axes...
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    Linear Actuators - (733 companies)
    ...high thrust force. Belt Type. Electric linear actuators with belt drives, geared drives, and direct drives are also available. Belt drives connect the motor to the actuator with a belt. This type of actuator is best used when the application...
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    Stepper Motors (rotary) - (415 companies)
    ...gearing. This step mode can, however, affect the motor's repeatability. Specifications. Performance. The key performance specifications for sourcing a stepper motor are voltage, speed, torque, rotor inertia and step angle. Terminal voltage refers...
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    Liquid Handling Pumps - (2434 companies)
    The moving parts in these pumps operate in either a rotary or reciprocating manner. Rotary. Rotary pumps use a rotor to move fluid, where parts (gears, ridges, vanes, etc.) of the rotor act as dividers between chambers. As the rotor rotates, liquid...
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    Motor Controllers - (765 companies)
    Motor controllers receive supply voltages and provide signals to motor drives that are interfaced to motors. They include a power supply, amplifier, user interface, and position control circuitry. Motor controllers receive supply voltages...
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    Speed Controls - (68 companies)
    Speed controls, including speed regulators and rate controllers, are used to decelerate and regulate the speed of loads such as moving carriages and machining feeds near the end of their travel.
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    Electronic Cooling Fans - (560 companies)
    ...blowers, and multistage blowers. Motor Options and Uses. Electronic cooling fans use several types of motors and bearings. AC motors that operate at 50 to 60 Hz include single, multiphase, universal, servo, induction, and gear motors. Fans and other...
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    The steering wheel is the original one, attached to a DC 12v motor with a gear head which produces a reduction of 70/4, producing a maximum torque of 6 N controlled by current.
  • Suppliers to the new Peugeot 208
    … ANVISGROUP  Strut mount – Front axle BOSCH  Diesel Injection System Common Rail Direct Injection system for Gasoline Engines Front and Rear Wiper System Window Lift Motors BROSE Brush Motors for Drivetrain Actuators DELFINGEN  … … Parking brake ELRINGKLINGER  Cylinder- head Gaskets Specialty Gaskets Shielding … Rear Fog Lamp Orientation Lamps Interior Lighting (Light Guide Technology) Remote Transmitter Key Pedal Sensors Light Sensor HELLERMANNTYTON  Cable bundling and fixing parts for; lighting, brake system, electric/electronic, gear /drive, heating/cooling system, interior … … 0L and 1.2L 12v dohc L3, 1.4L …
  • anyone make a welding turntable ?
    IF you take a 100rpm 12v motor that runs good down to 3v, that should be about 25 rpm, getting us to 2.5 RPM. 36:1 ratio, add a 25 rpm gear head and you are as slow as .7 rpm . like 90 seconds per rev .
  • Lunar Meteoroid Impacts and How to Observe Them
    … your system are as follows: It is essen- tial that the scope be motor -driven, preferably at … If a setup is to be used in a permanent observatory with AC power, 4 head VCR and quality monitor would probably be the best bet,but for field use,it is recommended that everything be 12V -powered gear .
  • Compact Starter-Alternator Systems with High Efficiency for 42V and 12V
    Fig. 4 Emission spectrum measured at the 12V -pin of the DC/DC-converter. … the absence of any noise which usually is generated by the starter's pinion and it's gear rim. Fig. 5 shows an acoustic profile which has been recorded with an artificial head mounted 1m in … In fact, the driver senses the starting-event as just switching on the motor .
  • Shopping In Other - Big Bruin
    … Thread Type Unf, Thread Direction Rh, Thread Length 3/8 In, Length Under Head 3/8 In, Head Dia. • Dayton Dc Gearmotor (17 Rpm) 12v , vented. Torque 30 In.-lb., Overhung Load 21 Lb., Input Hp 1/125, Gear Ratio 394:1, Full Load Amps 1.40, Insulation Class B, Vented Enclosure, None Thermal Protection, All Position Mounting, Motor Type Permanent Magnet Dc, For Industrial And Agricultural Valve Actuators …
  • A Novel Compressed Air Starting System
    … length of stainless steel tubing and an access hole drilled through the cylinder head into each combustion … … following items need to be added to a conventional vehicle: Air pump and motor Air receiver Solenoid … The following items for a conventional starter can be deleted from a vehicle: 12v starter motor Starter ring gear Heavy duty cables.
  • A step towards a robotic system with smartphone working as its brain: An assistive technology
    3) Motors: We have used 2 numbers of 6V DC Geared Motors of 100 RPM each. Power supply to IOIO: 5V-15V Power supply to Motor Driver: 6V- 12V The study was based on two experiments, namely, Tactile based navigation and Head Movement based navigation experiments.
  • Adaptive control of the four-legged walking machine BISAM
    … frame to carry the micro-controllers, the processing units, the onboard energy supply and the stereo- head . … realization of the drives introduces a nonlinear relationship between joint, angle and shaft rotation of the motor . They only differ in the reduction ratio of the spur gears and the coupling of the ball … The joints are driven by a Faulhaber 12V -DC-Servo (3042).
  • System Design and Dynamic Walking of Humanoid Robot KHR-2
    Actuator DC servo motor + Harmonic drive gear /planetary gear Ni-MH (24V/6.6AH, 12V /9.9AH)Power Head Neck .