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  • Combustion Assisted Belt-Cranking of a V-8 Engine at 12-Volts (.pdf)

    Implementation of engine turnoff at idle is desirable to gain improvements in vehicle fuel economy. There are a number of alternatives for implementation of the restarting function, including the existing cranking motor, a 12V or 36V belt-starter, a crankshaft integrated-startergenerator. (ISG

  • Medical Device Link .

    . The low-profile inverter can handle up to 5 W of output power and is available in 5- and 12-V designs. Custom input voltages of 3.3 -48 V dc can be designed upon request. Applications include single- or dual-lamp LCDs in signature capture devices and embedded designs. The vacuum-encapsulated design

  • Hot-Plugggability And Turn On Delay In DC/DC Converters

    Note DC-011 DC/DC CONVERTERS DCDC_AN11_REV01.PDF. SHEET 1 OF 2. TURN ON DELAY. If the turn on delay and the soft start time of a DC/. For 12V , the circuit in Figure 2 provides a 2.5mS/. IN. DC converter is faster than that of the AC/DC converter. 0.1µF capacitor. The S/D voltage under normal

  • Using COTS Converter for Avionics/Military Applications

    - 29V. 18V/15ms. GAIA DC/DC range : 16-40V or 16-80V. 50V/50ms. GAIA DC/DC 16-40V with 50V transient or 16-80V. 0V/up to 7s. /. HUGD series with capacitor. DO-160D (cat B) spike cat. A. 22 - 30,3V. 20,5 - 32,2V. 18V. GAIA DC/DC range : 9-36V, 16-40V or 16-80V. 12V/30ms. PGDS series : 10V/15s or GAIA DC

  • Isolation Device in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Application - White Paper (.pdf)

    noise and interfer-. inverter, the inverter for the motor, DC - DC converter for. ence between systems. reducing high voltage to 12V, and the battery and motor. electronics, are all packaged in a well ventilated assembly. For the communication media of the vehicles, there are. (usually air

  • Web-Enabled Data Acquisition

    , generating. inverter module uses 12-V dc vehicle voltage to. savings in time, personnel, and money. generate a standard ac voltage for powering the. laptop PC. The compact instrument panel mounted. liquid-crystal Quick View driver display is. cabled to the DAQ unit. The display can be. set to show

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  • electronics

    hi i want some schematics for one power inverters (12V to 220V)and something for one AA and AAA NiCd- NiMh smart charger...

  • DC to AC 12V In, 16.5V 0.5A Out. Need to Build it!

    Please bear with ME. I need to make an Inverter from 12v dc input to 16.5v ac (.5 amps) output. I found a schematic, but not enough power at output (100ma). Can anyone help me? Thank you...

  • Inverter Circuit Using SG 3524

    Please, every body can help me. I wanna ask if I use the inverter connect with charger battery, can it work powerfully on? How about if I use battery 12V, can it used with +- 3000 watt capacity? If it can be used, can every body give me more explanation with the schematic diagram? Please, can U...

  • Re: Low RPM Generator

    Johnny, If you already have a 6000 watt inverter designed to work from a 12V battery system I would assume you expect the Permanent magnet generator to feed this battery bank. Have you got a design (circuit schematic) for a regulator suitable for working with a PM generator and capable...

  • Re: 1000 Watts Inverter

    first of all, as a UPS engineer, I can tell you for certain that UPS' do not use deep cycle batteries like those used in your car, truck or marine vehicles. UPS' use a more flat discharge rate battery because they do not need the 'Cold Cranking Amps' that is needed in mobile equipment with that use...

  • Re: Connecting A Buzzer To My Infrared Proximity Detector?

    Hello shiznitro, No trouble at all! Here's a schematic that will turn on your buzzer when the output of the photodetector is low. It's a simple double-inverter that you can build and test on a protoboard. (Note: I don't have a general-purpos...

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Analytic Systems
IPS Series of True Sine Wave Inverters

are available to operate from 12V, 24V or 32 Volt battery systems. The IPS300 series of inverters carry a full three-year warranty.

1-Source Electronic Components

AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES - AT-41586-BLKG - RF TRANSISTOR, NPN, 12V, 8GHZ. Transistor Polarity:NPN. Collector Emitter Voltage V(br)ceo:12V. Transition Frequency Typ ft:8GHz. Power Dissipation Pd:500mW. DC Collector Current:60mA. DC Current Gain hFE:150. No. of Pins:4. RoHS Compliant: Yes.  . ONLINE STORE-Over 500,000 Products Available Now!. Obsolete and Hard to find Electronic Components from 1-Source          .  . About 1-Source Electronic Components  ...

Memory Protection Devices, Inc.
20 amp 12V automobile plug

12 Volt automobile plug rated for 20 amps. Featuring gold plated sliding contacts, 3 mm red power led assures the user current is available. Plastic glass filled body is high impact resistant and flammability rated UL94V-0. An internal 20 amp glass 3AG fuse is easily replaceable by the user without tools or opening the unit. Flexible PVC wire strain relief protect cable exit area. Memory Protection Devices offers a full line of auto plugs, sockets and cable assemblies. With eighteen plugs for...