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  • The Nucleus
    The gel is run at 12V /cm for 90min at room temperature or until the dye front... Mini gel electrophoresis: Biorad Mini-Protean 3 vertical gel apparatus. Connect the column to a peristaltic pump and adjust the flow rate to 0.5– 0.75mL/min.
  • V Latin American Congress on Biomedical Engineering CLAIB 2011 May 16-21, 2011, Habana, Cuba
    Electrochemical Assessment of Biomaterial Surfaces Using the Mini -Cell System . . . . . . . . . . . . ...column (i.d. = 2.5 cm, l = 20 cm) packed with 200 mL of nanomaterial was connected by appropriated set up into a system for re-cycling constituted by a borosilicate collector (1 L), silicone pipes, peristaltic pump and spites for sampling... Al recibir la alimentación de + 12V , la cámara de CCD comienza a dar salida de señal de...
  • Advanced Environmental Monitoring
    The design of this measuring system, incorporating several peristaltic pumps , solenoid valves and a UV/Vis detector, was based on the indigo method (Hoigné and Bader 1981). The mobile system (40 × 40 × 55cm3 , weight 30kg, electric power supply 12V /3.5A) consists... ...carried out at 25°C under vaccum (10Pa) overnight in a lyophilizer (model FRD- MINI , Asahi Techno Glass...
  • Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts
    Continuous—constant mass flow rate, using a controlled flow peristaltic pump The addition of urea at intervals of 48 h led to the lowest maximum cell concentra- tion, as a consequence of the lack of availability of the nitrogen to the microorganism between... Petroleumether:ethylacetate:diethylamine(58:30: 12v /v/v)SilicagelAllplantpigmentswereseparatedexceptforsomeminor components Ramsey E, Sun Q, Zhang Z, Zhang C, Gou W (2009) Mini -review: green sustainable processes using...
  • 13th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering
    ...needles inserted in the human body shown in Fig. 2 (which sensitivity was 12V /Oe), and the... The flow model comprised a peristal- tic pump (Model 7518-00, Masterflex, Cole-Parmer, IL, USA), two reservoirs, and a magnetic stirrer (Cole-Parmer, IL, USA). ...used for the RNA extraction were obtained from the Qiagen QIAamp viral RNA mini kit (Qiagen Cat...
  • Advances in Computer Science, Intelligent System and Environment
    The SAF influent was stored in one large tank (500 L) and pumped to the filters by two peristaltic pumps (Watson-Marlow Limited 505Du). A 12V /24Ah battery for example, when discharge current is 0.4C, the discharge time of termination... ...Mobile 6 Professional Emulator Properties: Transmission: TCP link transmission; Network: packet project procedure mini -port (network card...
  • Protocols for Gene Analysis
    A peristaltic pump is required to recirculate the buffer. ...reaction on 2% agarose gel containing 50 ug/lOO mL of ethidium bromide at 12V /cm* (see Note... obtain areading of 50 cpson a dry gel using a series-900 mini -monitor (Mini Instruments...
  • Abstracts of papers to be presented at the 14th International Symposium on Gastrointestinal Motility, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, 29 August 1993�?3 September 1993
    resting pressure, LES inhibition, peristaltic contractions of the upper and lower esophageal body, and presence of abnormal... ...4 mV and0.4M.10 V/sec; jejunum, 30.4k7.3mV and 0.4Ck. 12V /sec (n=18). ...13kick;itlc 01 T-ch;inncls wilh tclr;indrinc o r the SR pump n i t... A mini probe with 16-channels (16 measuring segment B 2cm = 32cm total. diameter 2.3mm) was...
  • Abstracts
    from 6- 12v /m ...from polymeric matrices incorporated into Telectronics Laserpor electrodes (DEX, DIC, TUN) or using an osmotic pump (CIS). Pars.meters • PR • RH and HV i ntervi Is. mini mum f r'^-\ij-=n... To date evaporating fluorocarbon (Freon), peristaltic (roller) punps and solenoid (pulsatile) punps have been used for medication...
  • XIII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2013
    ...Device (VAD, MEDOS, Germany) to mimic the function of the heart, a pneumatical pump system to drive... The eight bit digital data is converted to an analog signal in ± 12V range via a... ...criteria such as GDS (Global Deterioration Scale ), CDR (Clinical Dementia Rating) or MMSE ( Mini Mental State Examination). An Ismatec ISM 937C peristaltic pump was pur- chased from IDEX Health & Science GmbH, Germany.

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