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Parts by Number for 12v Regulator Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
REGULATOR 12V National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
REGULATOR National Microchip 12V Not Provided 1.0A
MS6NEE12V24 PLC Radwell Festo Electric Pneumatics, Regulator PRESSURE REGULATOR 4/18BAR 60/260PSI .4/1.8MPA

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  • Voltage Regulators
    for each regulator. 3. Internally set output voltages to )1%. 4. Low dropout for both regulators (typically less than 1.2V). 5. Many output voltage combinations available (contact the factory). 6. Internal short circuit current limit. MSK 5010 Series. 1. Fixed output voltages at 3.3V, 5.0V and 12.0V
  • Protection For Switching Regulators
    . If the load regulation is very critical in a given application, the circuit in Figure 6B can be used. +V. +V. OUT. IN. RL. RF. V ADJ. -V. -V. OUT. IN. CC. RC RB. R IN. 1.2V. FIGURE 7. Note that the reference zener and resistors are referenced to ground at the load and any I×R drop of the negative wire
  • DC/DC Converters With Linear Regulators
    . In Figure 5, the volume control pot is used to adjust the. The output of the converter (see Figure 3B) takes 2mS to. power output. For 12V. , P. = V2/R = 18W. The power dissi-. OUT. OUT. return to within 1% of V. and has ±160mV overshoot. The. pated in the amplifier is 18W, thus 30% of the available
  • Unloader vs. Regulator
    in solution. Additionally, the flow capability of Series 348U permits a range of uses for hand-carry pump equipment. Motor options: 12V, 24V, 120V and 230V. Posted in Pumptec, Pump Series and tagged with 348U Plunger Pump by Pumptec. Importance of Proper Filtration. Posted on May 1, 2013. Proper
  • Considerations for Driving Power MOSFETs in High-Current, Switch Mode Regulators
    . 33. Yes. Yes. TC4422. 9.0A. Single. 10000. 60. 60. 30. 33. Yes. Yes. Note: Typical values for TA = 25°C. TABLE 1A: Selecting MOSFET drivers. DS00786A-page 2. © 2002 Microchip Technology, Inc. AN786. MOSFET. Die Size. CEI of MOSFET. Suggested Driver Family. Faster. Size. (mm). (pF). (@ 12V). Rise
  • Combustion Assisted Belt-Cranking of a V-8 Engine at 12-Volts (.pdf)
    Implementation of engine turnoff at idle is desirable to gain improvements in vehicle fuel economy. There are a number of alternatives for implementation of the restarting function, including the existing cranking motor, a 12V or 36V belt-starter, a crankshaft integrated-startergenerator. (ISG
  • MCP1701 vs MCP1701A vs MCP1702 Technical Brief
    to load the MCP1702 device to be used with standard 12V variations and lower dropout voltages. supply voltages. The higher junction temperature The MCP1702 was developed to extend the range and ratings of the MCP1702 allows the device to supply performance of the MCP1701 line of regulators. The more
  • A Digital Constant Current Power LED Driver
    regulator and 8 MHz oscillator, very few Parameter Value external components are required to complete the circuit. Input Voltage, V 12V IN LED Forward Voltage, V 3.5V f CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION LED Current, I 0.35A f Current Ripple, ?I+/- 20% A detailed schematic. AN1138. A Digital

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